9 fixes for you credit score

October 10th, 2011 by

1. Get a credit card if you dont have one: Dont fall into the myth that you have to carry a balance to have good scores, you dont and you shouldnt. But having and using a credit card or two can really build your scores.

2. Add and installment loan to the mix: You will have the fastest growth with your credit if you can show that you can handle both kinds of credit, revolving (credit cards) and installment loans (auto, mortage, and personal loans)

3.Pay down your credit cards: paying off your installment loans can help but not as quickly as paying down or paying off revolving accounts.

4. Using your credit cards lightly: You dont want to totally stop using your credit cards but dont want to carry high balances all the time.

5. Check your limits: Make sure the limits on your revolving accounts are reported correctly and that you are not at or over your limit

6. Dust off an old card: The older the credit the better, if you havent used a credit card for some time use it and pay the balance quickly.

7. Get some good will: If you have been a good customer, a lender may help with erasing some past due payments providing you are in good standing currently

8. Dispute old negatives: Some companies will simply remove old negative reporting if you can show them reported in error.

9. Blitz significant errors: The major errors that have been reported to you credit can kill, If you think something has reported in error that is the major focus for you and rebuilding the credit.

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