Amazing Singer Has Superhuman Ability!

August 28th, 2012 by

You’ve heard about people who can sing notes so high that they break glass, but what about singers on the opposite end of the spectrum. It turns out that the shrill don’t corner the market on impressive pipes, low voices can do amazing things as well. Let us here at McCluskey Chevrolet, your Chevy Dealership Cincinnati, tell you about one man’s incredible gift.

U.S. singer Tim Storms can reach notes so low that they cannot be perceived by the human ear. If they can’t be heard, how do we know he’s not just making it up? I mean, can’t we all make weird shapes with our mouth and pretend to be singing at a superhuman frequency? Yes, but scientists actually back Mr. Storms up on his claim, so it’s probably legit. According to one experiment, he can hit notes as low as G-7, eight full octaves below the deepest G on a piano.  The sound is so incredibly low the even the singer himself can’t hear it.

‘I can feel them though,’ Tim said. ‘I kind of hear them in my head as far as the sound my vocal chords are making but, as far as the frequencies, it’s something more or less that I feel.’

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