Armless Woman Got License To Drive…With Her Feet!

September 13th, 2012 by

Feet of Young Girl From the Window of a CarHave you ever been cut-off, or had someone merge blindly into your lane, and wondered how did this clown get his license? Somehow, there are people with no discernible issue who can’t manage to drive. That’s what makes this story so incredible. Let us here at McCluskey Chevrolet, your home of the Chevrolet Cruze, tell you all about it.

There is a young woman who, after the loss of her arms, learned to drive entirely with her feet. This inspirational figure, who goes by the YouTube name Tisha unArmed, actually got her license and is an amazing driver. You can see her in action in her video below, but lets go over the handicap modifications that make her mobility possible.

There are three main adaptations to her car:

1. Her accelerator has been modified for use with her left foot, leaving her right foot free to steer.

2. She has an additional turn knob she can use when not steering directly with her foot.

3. She has her car wired for voice commands. This enables her to operate the turn signals, wipers, etc.

Here she is! We like to stress that she passed the regular license test and truly an amazing figure!

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