Doscher’s Candy Canes: The Artisinal Way Into The Holiday’s Heart

December 3rd, 2013 by

Enjoying Some Candy Canes

What would Christmas be without candy canes? Well… it’d still be a lot of things, but it wouldn’t have candy canes! They are such an iconic piece of the festive holiday, and their arrival usually signals the fast coming approach of good ‘ole Saint Nick! Have any of you ever been to Doscher’s Candies on Court Street? Amazing place. You walk in there thinking about how you really need that oil change… and then you walk out humming carols and thinking of how to improve upon last years light show of a house. The place has the absolutely pleasant aroma of peppermint, and the smell belongs to Doscher’s candy canes. Keeping to strict holiday tradition, they do keep with the red and white stripes.

Doscher candy canes are different than the mass produced lot, not unlike several other Cincinnati business that are valued for their sticking to the old way. While we know Doscher’s for their French Chews, there is something about these candy canes. For those people obsessed with the “artisinal” or “craft” foods, these fall right into your realm. Most canes are made out of the U.S., where old fashioned sugar and labor are cheaper. You know the kind, with the uniform painted stripes, that “non-al dente” tooth-cracking bite, and the shrink-wrap that nearly always gives you a problem.

Doscher uses a 100 year old taffy-puller, and a roller from the 40’s. The result is a wonderfully crisp candy, with an amazing airy, almost hollow texture that shatters in your mouth and melts on your tongue. You can pick some up at Kroger, Remke and Meijer. If you aren’t from the Cincinnati area, pick a pack up and enjoy the taste of this Cincinnati specialty! Well, that’s if we don’t get to all of them first. Ready… set… GO!

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