Fun Ways to Pass the Time During an Oil Change

December 3rd, 2014 by

We’re all pressed for time these days. We get up early, we stay up late, and we never seem to have a shortage of things to do. It can be hard to find the time to take care of errands like an oil change and other car care, especially if we have to wait with the car while the work is being performed.

Getting a quick oil change can help limit the time you are there, but you’ll still have some time to kill while you wait. If you’re going to be without a car for that time, you might as well find some other fun ways to fill the time. Here are a few ideas:

Do Some Holiday Shopping

If the service center is near a shopping area, you can simply walk to some stores and do a bit of holiday shopping while you wait. Not only will you be crossing something off your to-do list, but you’ll have a bit of fun while you’re at it. Maybe you can even pick up a little something special for yourself while you’re out. We’re sure you’re on Santa’s “nice” list!

Call Friends

Many people find it hard to keep in touch with family and friends. A quick e-mail or a mention on social media is usually all most have time for on a day-to-day basis. Use the time that you are waiting for your oil change to call some friends and catch up. They will love hearing from you in person, and you’ll be doing something important to stay connected.

Write in a Notebook

Creative exercises are good for the soul, but so few people have time to do them. Enjoy this time to practice a little creativity. Get out a notebook and write a quick short story. Look at the people around you and let them inspire characters or story lines. If you aren’t into writing fiction, write a short journal entry instead or write some affirmations. You won’t even notice the time passing!

Play Games

Take a little time to decompress and just have some fun. Pull out your phone or a tablet and play some games online or through apps. You’ll relieve some stress, and the time will pass quickly. You may even finally beat your high score!

Don’t let the time you spend for your quick oil change go to waste. Consider that your “me time” and do something a little fun. You’ll get a little bit of time to enjoy yourself without feeling guilty about all the other things you should be doing instead. Plus, it will make the wait more fun!

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