Psychic Gets Sued

June 17th, 2013 by

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How do you feel about psychics? We’ve talked about them before, but we just find the subject endlessly fascinating. It can’t be real, it just doesn’t make any scientific sense, but we want to believe so badly. The part of us that grew up watching superhero and even horror movies thinks that psychic powers would be totally awesome. Too bad real life never lives up to the dream. We here at your Cincinnati Ford dealers want to share a story about one psychic who aimed a little too close to the sun and got burned hard. 

Her name is Rhonda (that’s her stage name anyway) and she is being sued for nearly $7 million dollars. In fact, she already lost the case and has been ordered to pay 6.8 million to the unwitting couple that she ruined. Apparently, she called some gullible sheriff and told him that there was a mass grave containing tons of dismembered bodies buried at the couple’s home. The sheriff took this as evidence enough to accuse the couple and search there home. We here at your Cincinnati car dealerships aren’t surprised to report that there was nothing found, and the psychic had to pay big to repair all the damages.

Do psychics ever really help? Lets hear it from an expert:

Psychic information often wastes police time and resources following up on false leads. Despite popular belief and claims to the contrary, there is not a single documented case of a missing person being found or recovered due to psychic information. Psychics have consistently failed to find missing persons, including high-profile disappearances like Natalee Holloway and Holly Bobo (the Tennessee woman abducted in April 2011 who remains missing despite efforts by dozens of psychics).