The Dangers Of Generosity

June 5th, 2012 by

When you see someone begging on the street, it can be difficult to know what to do. Are they a good person legitimately down on their luck, or are they a lazy leech on the belly of society? There is simply no way to know. We do our best and try to be good people but, like anything else, charlatans ruin it for all the honest folk out there. Not only that, but it turns out being charitable can actually get you in trouble with the law. Let us here at your Chevy Dealer Kentucky tell you how.

John Davis, a middle-aged resident of Elyria, Ohio, got slapped with a 500 dollar fine when he gave a couple bills to a panhandler. Donating money is not illegal though, so why the fine? Turns out, when he leaned out of his car to drop the bills in the beggars cup, some of them missed and fell to the ground. A cop saw this and busted Mr. Davis with the fine for littering.

It is a shame that Mr. Davis was punished for trying to be a good citizen. It wasn’t as though the panhandler was parked in front of a liquor store either. The man in question was in a wheel chair and holding up a sign with a religious benediction. Mr. Davis has a disabled brother and felt for the man’s plight. It’s understandable that a police officer feels the need to enforce the law, but sometimes they should double check if they’re enforcing the spirit, or just the letter.

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