The Definition of Irony?

January 1st, 2013 by

The meaning of irony has become diluted over the past decade or so. Now, no one knows who is at fault for this (Alanis Morissette) but it’s been running rampant. So where then can we turn for a real example of irony? Let us here at McCluskey Chevrolet, your home for Auto Parts in Cincinnati, tell you our new favorite example.

In Dorset, Vt., a case involving a man driving drunk is making the news. Luckily, it’s not because he hurt someone or himself, it’s because of the sheer irony of his actions. You see, the man accidentally drove onto a lawn, causing minor property damage and getting caught by the police. The twist? The lawn is a historic home, belonging to the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Here at your home for Oil Change, Cincinnati, we love that this guy got busted!

The driver in question was the strangely named Donald Blood III of Marlborough, MA. His court date is in a couple weeks, but the evidence is stacked pretty strongly against him. When questioned during his arrest, he told officers that he thought the yard was a parking lot. We’re not lawyers, but we’re pretty sure that one won’t hold up in court!

Just a reminder to everyone, drinking and driving is always a terrible idea, and obviously we encourage everyone to think twice before they get behind the wheel after having anything to drink. The holidays can be a crazy time, so lets try to make sure we all get through it safely! Check out this site for more resources on how to keep your friends and family secure!


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