The Oak Tavern; Sports, Craft Beer, Wings, and Fish Tacos

February 24th, 2014 by

Fish tacos at the oak tavern

Trying to find that perfect dish as Spring approaches (homestretch guys!)? Maybe it is time to head on down to the Oak Tavern in Oakley! It occupies the space that used to be the old A&J Chinese Restaurant, but it is quite different than said old A&J Chinese Restaurant! You might come for the five 51″ plasma TV’s on the inside, or maybe you’ll find yourself enjoying the 50″ LCDs out on the patio. Regardless, you will stay for the food and the beer. This is looking like it will be a favorite for Cincinnati car dealerships and local sports fans alike.

Their menu has plenty of unconventional dishes, usually based on the kinds you’d expect in a sports bar. They have some mean chicken wings, but they have a lot more than that. If you are a fan of the fish taco, their take on it is a must have. It is very casual, but boy is it good! Oh… and did we mention they are only $6.50. They come in twos, made with flour tortillas. The tilapia is pan-fried and crispy, and topped with a nice pico de gallo, some lettuce, and accompanied with some limes for squeezing. You can get them with chips, fries, or onion rings. If it is your first time, we would recommend trying the delicious onion rings, as they are the perfect pairing for many of the bars great craft beers.

In typical sports bar fashion, a Friday night at the Oak Tavern is crowded, loud, and fun. With the five TVs playing whatever game(s) might be on, it is what you would expect. In the summer, we’d recommend sneaking onto the patio with your fish taco dish so you can really savor just how good they are! Be sure to check out the Oak Tavern if you haven’t yet. It’s located in Oakley at 3089 Madison Road!