The Dos and Don’ts of Tire Buying

July 3rd, 2015 by

When it comes time to change our tires, it is usually sudden, unexpected and costly. Your tires are undeniably one the most important parts of your car. In fact, experts will argue they’re the most important.

Yes, engine and steering wheels, but when you strip all that down, the car isn’t moving without tires, well unless you Flintstone it around, but really. The wheels are what remove us from the road. They obey the driving commands we give them. What happens if by our own neglect they cannot react the way they used to?

Here’s a list of some definite dos and don’ts of buying tires in Cincinnati.

Do Pay Attention

Start making it a habit to check your tires at least once a month. Keep a mental note of the condition they’re in. Are they wearing evenly or is one side worse than another? This may mean that you need your alignment done.

Do Be Educated

At the risk of sounding like my parents, you are the only one responsible for knowing how to best keep you safe. For what the average American spends yearly on their car and what we expect it to provide for us in terms of safety and transportation, it seems foolish to not know as much as we can about it.

Do your research. Use the internet, look up your make, model and which tires are a best fit. Compare the tires on your car so others online. Read reviews. Consult your car manual.

Do Buy And Replace All Four Tires Together

Yes, it’s going to cost you more, but in the long run, it is saving you. All four tires should wear evenly, unless there is a suspension or alignment issue.

If you have two different, or worse, three different, brands of tires on your car, the tread will wear unevenly mostly likely even unsafely and cause more problems which will cost you more money.

Don’t Be Taken For a Fool

Because you’ve done your research, you know what tires are the best fit for your car. Also, because you’re an informed consumer, you know a couple different brands that will suit your car given weight, size and climate.

Asking experts for advice is always sounds, but don’t be swayed into purchasing a tire you know nothing about just because they tell you so. Knowledge really is power.

Don’t Purchase Cheap Tires

Cheap tires just means you’ll be spending more money sooner. There is value in quality tires and quality tires do not come cheap.

Also watch out for ‘bargains’ or ‘discounts’. Does your safety come at discounted importance?

Don’t Take Advantage

Just because you bought excellent tires (good choice!) doesn’t mean they will last forever. Consider your climate, how often you drive and what the conditions are that you drive in. Having healthy expectations on our tires will help us remember not to ignore them and take proper care of them.

We are only as safe as the world we make for ourselves. Let your tires give you that peace of mind.

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