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When you’re shopping for your household’s next vehicle, there are several reasons you might choose to go with a certified pre-owned car or truck from McCluskey Chevrolet. Some buyers aren’t in the market for a new car from the beginning: They know what they want, and it’s a used vehicle without the guesswork and risk of purchasing from a private seller or buying a used model that isn’t certified. Some buyers may find that with the state of the economy, the loan they qualify for is the right size for purchasing certified pre-owned. Then there are those shoppers who choose certified pre-owned for the peace of mind that comes with knowing their car has been inspected and passed with flying colors.

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While a certified pre-owned vehicle will run you just a bit more than your standard used car, the increase in price comes along with big reasons to choose certified pre-owned. Each car manufacturer has its own standards it follows, but you can trust a certified pre-owned vehicle from McCluskey Chevrolet has met the following criteria.

  • Age and mileage limits: Certified pre-owned cars and trucks can’t fall outside certain age and mileage limits, making them the cream of the used-car crop.
  • Comprehensive inspection: When you choose a certified pre-owned vehicle, you know it’s passed an extensive and careful inspection.
  • Manufacturer-backed warranty: You can rest easy knowing that if you need repairs, the manufacturer-backed warranty covers them for its specific period.

These programs were created to take advantage of the late-model trade-ins that dealerships started receiving in the 1990s. Many such vehicles were coming in at the end of their leasing periods. These trade-ins had few mechanical problems, low mileage, and were relatively new vehicles. That’s why auto dealerships started to look for ways to resell these cars with some attractive common-sense bonus features, such as warranties, inspections, roadside assistance, and other extras. Now that you know the basics let’s take a look at some other reasons a driver might choose to buy certified pre-owned.

You don’t want your purchase to suffer from steep depreciation.

The minute you buy a new car and drive it off the lot, its value begins to depreciate. In fact, the first year you own a new vehicle, it loses an estimated 19 percent of its value. Depreciation is the biggest expense that goes along with purchasing a new car. Whether you want to retain resale value or protect your investment, it makes sense to avoid depreciation with a certified pre-owned vehicle.

You want to know your vehicle has never undergone a severe collision.

Sure, there’s always the Carfax report or other ways to check the history of a used vehicle, but when you choose certified pre-owned, you know your car or truck has a stable history. No need to worry whether the one you’ve got your eye on has been rebuilt after being totaled or, despite its brand-new looks, has been crumpled in a crash. The comprehensive inspection a certified pre-owned vehicle goes through means it’s never been in a major accident.
You see the value of paying a little more now to protect against repair costs later.
As we’ve mentioned, selecting a certified pre-owned vehicle means you’re choosing a slightly more expensive option than you’d get with other used cars. Certified pre-owned cars and trucks are usually a few hundred to a few thousand dollars more than their plain used-car counterparts. However, these costs aren’t there for no reason. What you’re paying for is the inspection, warranty, and other features, which are meant to save you money. So if you’d rather pay a few dollars more a month for a safer ride than wake up one day with a car that won’t run until you pay a surprise repair bill, certified pre-owned may be for you.
You see the benefits of new-car benefits—even without the new car.
The exact benefits provided with a certified pre-owned car or truck vary with the manufacturer that provides them. Find out what they are, and be sure to consider the value of these benefits when you’re weighing the options for your next purchase. Roadside assistance can save you hundreds in towing costs or locksmith charges. Some have extended warranties that offer protection beyond what we already do here at McCluskey Chevrolet. Many come along with a vehicle history report to tell you how many owners a car has had, along with any other bits of information a potential buyer should know. Some even allow a return or exchange after you’ve made your purchase—giving you the ultimate in peace of mind. The real worth of each of these benefits depends on what you as a consumer are looking for.
You want to participate in finance and leasing promotions.
The promotional sale opportunities here at McCluskey Chevrolet can be tempting. Most of the time, used cars aren’t eligible for all those sales and promotions. However, certified pre-owned vehicles can be eligible to participate in these special deals. That means you get to take advantage of our great deals along with getting all the other benefits of choosing a certified pre-owned vehicle.

You want to take the guesswork out of used-car ownership.

For people who know lots about cars (or maybe are able to service their vehicles themselves) and those who have plenty of time to spend making their used-car choice, there are absolutley deals to be had on the McCluskey lot. However, when you decide to go with a certified pre-owned car, you take a lot of the stress and guessing out of the equation. No more wondering about a car’s history and mechanics; the comprehensive inspection has that covered. No need to wonder whether the car will eventually break down (and whether you’ll have the funds to cover its repair); the extended warranty has your back.




Now that you’ve decided you want to purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle at McCluskey Chevrolet keep these tips in mind to make sure you get the best deal.
Research each brand you’re considering, so you’re aware of known issues. Some models tend to need transmission repairs. Some are known for durability and resilience. Before you buy (and before you start comparing vehicles against one another), know where the models you’ve been researching fit in.
Know what the warranty covers. In a similar vein, be familiar with the differences between the factory and the dealership warranty. That way, if your purchase includes one but not the other, you know what you’re really missing out on. This works in conjunction with the previous bullet point: If a model is known for durability, the extended warranty may not be needed.

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