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  • Overview

    A green 2015 Kia Soul is angled left.

    The Kia Soul got immediate attention when it was unveiled in 2008. Since then, its Soul has only strengthened.

    Now in its second generation (2014 to the present), the Kia Soul offers a subcompact crossover that’s ideal for Cincinnati natives seeking a used Kia Soul for sale. In fact, second-generation Souls with exceptionally low mileage can be found in and around Ohio… including right on our lot.

    If you’re searching for a vehicle that has been called everything from “exciting” (“Time Magazine”) to “top recommended” (Edmunds), you owe it to yourself to test drive a Kia Soul. Haven’t seen one since the first generation of models? Expect to find differences between the first gen and second gen chassis. Kia definitely ratcheted the comfort level, launching an evolved, mature Kia for the market — and giving you a great dream vehicle to call your own.

  • 2014

    A white 2014 used Kia Soul is shown in front of a pond at dusk.

    As the first-second generation “baby” of the Kia Soul family, the 2014 model received thumbs-up from critics for its steadfast performance, appearance, safety, and functionality.

    Like its forebearers, the 2014 Kia Soul is roomy, not claustrophobic. Additionally, its hatchback design offers just enough room to make it a winner in the cargo department. Plus, it comes in a variety of wildly named colors: kale green, latte brown, Alien II, clear white, shadow black, bright silver, and titanium gray.

    The only significant low point of the 2014 Kia Soul is its inability to daintily sip fuel. Instead, it tends to drink deeply, getting only average gas mileage per gallon. For example, a new 2014 Soul could expect to get 30 MPG on the highway and about six fewer MPGs in the city. However, your used Kia Soul for sale might get less depending upon its engine’s normal wear and tear. While 30 MPG — or a little less — isn’t inherently bad, it does come up shorter than other used cars.

    In terms of tech, a standard 2014 model included Bluetooth capability, satellite radio, USB port, and other similar amenities. If you find a pre-owned 2014 with upgrades (or in the Plus or Exclaim trims,) you may also get the benefit of having at the very least a sunroof or push-button start.

  • 2015

    A blue 2015 used Kia Soul is shown in front of a white wall.

    As the second annual model in the second generation of Kia Souls, the 2015 sticks with the basics. However, it isn’t just a replica of the 2014. Truly, it has its own characteristics that make it stand out.

    First, new owners of 2015 Souls in the Exclaim trim had the opportunity to enjoy another color option: cloud white. Additionally, those living in California were introduced to an electric version of the Soul with an estimated driving lithium-ion based battery range of just under 100 miles.

    The next treat for drivers and passengers in the 2015 Kia is a quieter, more insulated ride. Though the Kia isn’t a viciously noisy machine on its own, models prior to 2015 were known to chatter a bit loudly for some owners’ tastes. The 2015 manufacturing takes care of this issue and makes it more comfortable to hop into a Soul and go cross-town or cross-country in peace.

    At the same time, don’t expect this Kia to perform beyond its four-cylinder engine’s capability. At high speeds, the Soul can sputter a bit. Ease off the speed racing and opt for slower cruising to minimize shuddering while at fast clips.

    Finally, as befits its legacy, the 2015 Kia Soul gets high crash-test and safety ratings. Peace of mind, practicality, and distinction? Yep, this Soul has them all.

  • 2016

    A yellow 2016 used Kia Soul is on a brick road.

    Fuel-efficiency and consistency in an eye-catching package are what the 2016 Kia Soul promises and delivers.

    For this year’s model of the Kia classic hatchback wagon, expect warnings to enhance safety. The first notifies you when you move across a lane, alerting you to stay between the lines. The second tells you when a forward collision is on the horizon, allowing you to make split-second decisions — when seconds count.

    Looking for new colors out of the Kia Soul 2016? You won’t find new hues for your preferred trims, but you will see that two-tone paint is part of the program. And if you find a used Kia Soul for sale from 2016 in the Plus trim, you’ll land yourself a rearview camera as well as fog lights. Discover a Kia Soul Exclaim from this era? Enjoy deeper cushioning with leather seating fit for royalty.

    Although this Soul still feels a little shaky when it hits rougher road surfaces, it’s not terribly noisy or too stiff. However, don’t expect the Kia Soul to turn into a muscle car. Its 2.0-liter engine might be bigger than its predecessors had, but it’s still not enough power to accelerate too quickly… or to feel smooth at high speeds.

    Again, you might find yourself able to snag an electric “EV” trim, even though it was still only available in California as an option in 2016.

  • 2017

    An orange 2017 used Kia Soul is shown parked in front of golden gate bridge.

    What a difference a year can make, especially if you’re a Kia Soul. By the time the 2017 Soul was unveiled, car enthusiasts were ready for a Soul with horsepower under the hood — and that’s exactly what they received.

    With a turbocharged four-cylinder engine boasting 201 horsepower, the 2017 Soul finally turned the corner in the “muscle” department. Instead of being known for getting a bit shaky during high speeds, or having a slower-than-average acceleration, the Soul of 2017 is prepared to compete.

    In addition to this serious change in vitality, the 2017 Kia Soul also included more USB ports, Apple CarPlay, and other technology must-haves. All this and a low starting price make it a great deal as a used vehicle.

    Searching for a particularly colorful Soul that isn’t the typical white, black, or alien green shade? Seek out a pre-owned Plus trim, which came in the basic colors as well as funkier tint choices like mysterious blue, Caribbean blue, inferno red, and red-and-white.

  • 2018

    A gray 2018 used Kia Soul is driving on country road.

    As a nod for making it through another banner year, Kia has introduced the 2018 Soul with infotainment upgrades galore. Now, a UVO3 system (a Plus trim standard) is available for even basic models. And, of course, all the gadgetry is in place for staying connected while on the road.

    Instead of the Primo package, Kia calls its Plus trim upgrade “Primo Lit”, complete with exciting new lighting. Oh, and if you’re wild about orange, you’ll appreciate the way the 2018 Kia Soul allows you to get your craziest orange desires on with a paint job that’s vibrant and oh-so-Kia.

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