2017 Chevy Volt: Tech-Packed Power For Everyday Enjoyment


2017 Chevy Volt Front Driving


These days, everybody wants an astoundingly efficient vehicle – and with so many amazing hybrid, electric, and efficient models available out there, there’s never been a better time to find a vehicle that offers unmatched road-ready efficiency with all the best of what modern vehicles have to offer. That means top-tier tech, which is becoming more and more of a standard requirement on any new model as years come and go. But for those drivers looking to get the greatest of what the automotive tech world has to offer, plus all the efficiency that comes with a hybrid electric vehicle, there’s simply nothing that can match the 2017 Chevy Volt.

Built with both long trips and short drives in mind, the ever-impressive 2017 Chevy Volt brings some of today’s best entertainment, convenience, and safety tech to the table, which, together with a highly-effiecient hybrid powertrain, delivers one seriously amazing ride that today’s drivers simply won’t forget. Whether you’re looking for awesome tune-blasting capabilities or all the safety that comes with advanced tech, the 2017 Volt has got it all – and maybe even a little something extra.

Here’s a look at some of the advanced tech that drivers can expect to find in the 2017 Volt, and just why this impressive new Chevy might be the car that the consumers have been waiting to drive.


Advanced Entertainment Tech For Your Driving Pleasure


2017 Chevy Volt Cockpit


Whether you’re the type to put on some gentle background music for long trips or are more likely to blast your favorites at high volume while winding through city streets, the Chevy Volt makes it easier than ever to bring all your favorite entertainment along for the ride. Just check out the all-new dual 8-inch LCD color displays, including the ergonomic touchscreen in the center stack with access to Chevy’s enviable MyLink system. From here, you and your passengers can stream all your favorite music through some of your most familiar streaming apps, meaning endless entertainment no matter how far you may roam.

Passengers can also utilize two major developments in connectivity tech: Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. With Android Auto, you can seamlessly connect your Android-powered smartphone or tablet to the MyLink system for easy access to all your favorite apps, Google features, and contacts for touchscreen or hands-free selection. That means you’ll never have to leave your world behind just because you’re in the car and on the road.

Similarly, Apple CarPlay lets you and your guests connect any Apple device, including your iPhone, to the MyLink system, meaning easy access to your apps, your calls and texts, and even navigation, all with the seamless wireless connection that only a Chevy can offer.

Plus, with 4G LTE Wi-Fi available throughout the cabin, you and your passengers will be able to connect online from anywhere in your 2017 Volt, with access for up to seven devices at a time for easy entertainment no matter where you’re sitting. Whether you’re a busy executive or bored backseat passenger, having Wi-Fi on the go can be an invaluable tool for staying in touch and never losing your cool even when taking a drive.


2017 Chevy Volt Dash


Depending on your needs, you can blast all your favorite tunes through the highly-capable standard 6-speaker audio system – although those looking for seriously high-quality audio might instead want to choose the premium 8-speaker sound system from Bose, including a powerful subwoofer for full-bodied sound wherever you may be. That means you and your passenger will be able to bask in concert-quality sound, all without leaving the comfort of your new 2017 Volt.

And for those who suffer form separation anxiety when walking away from your beloved Chevy, have no fear – Chevy is ready to keep you connected through the innovative myChevrolet mobile app. Available on any smartphone, this impressive app helps you keep tabs on your Volt even from a distance, working as a mobile command center and giving you updates on everything from diagnostic information to parking reminders. Drivers are able to remotely send destinations to the Volt’s impressive navigation system, and with the available remote starter and lock/unlock functions, you can get your Volt warmed up and ready to go before you even step out of your office at night. That means better accessibility to your Chevy, and an easy connection to give you total peace of mind.


Built For Advanced Safety


2017 Chevy Volt Rear


If there’s one area where the Volt’s technology truly shines, it has to be in safety – and with so many advanced tech-based safety features found throughout, it’s no wonder the 2017 Volt is one of the best choices for safety-concious drivers out there.

Between its standard airbags and seatbelts and its high-strength lightweight steel frame, the Volt also manages to pack in a host of advanced tech-based features like Lane Keep Assist to prevent drifting out of your lane on the highway, Rear Cross Traffic Alert to make backing out of tight spaces all that much easier, and Forward Safety Awareness to scan for sudden stops up ahead and apply the brakes as needed to keep you and all your riders safe and out of harm’s way.

Plus, with Automatic Crash Response as part of the standard OnStar safety package, you’ll have help on the scene as soon as possible in the event that an accident does occur, with an OnStar representative standing by at all times to send help your way and make sure everything goes just fine. That’s the peace of mind offered by a Chevy – and you won’t find it on other hybrid vehicles out there.

Got a teen driver hitting the road for the first time? The 2017 Volt features Chevy’s all-new Teen Driver safety tech, which allows you to input a PIN into the MyLink system and activate a host of safety tech designed to prevent teen driver accidents and make for a safer environment on the road. Whether it’s muting audio when front seat occupants aren’t wearing their safety belts, giving audible and visual warnings when the vehicle is traveling over predetermined speeds, limiting audio volume or informing you if safety features like available Forward Collision Alert were triggered, you’ll be able to better monitor your teen’s driving and keep everybody safe for miles and miles to come.

So whether you’re a longtime Chevy lover or simply looking for a capable hybrid with all the latest tech, the 2017 Volt features an impressive array of all of today’s most desirable gadgets. Check one out at your local Chevy dealer today, and see for yourself just how much this impressive hybrid has to offer.