4 Reasons Why Economy Car Leasing is IN


New car leasing. What was once thought to be reserved for high-end luxury models has made its way into every automotive brand in America. What can practically be described as a nationwide lease epidemic, more Americans are opting to lease their vehicles than ever before. With crazy low Chevy lease deals on the rise, more economical car brands are attracting drivers who prefer to lease, rather than buy. Not only are brands like Honda, Ford, and Chevrolet bringing seasoned lease buyers to their side, they are also turning car shoppers onto leasing who have never considered the option in the past

New Vehicle Leases On the Rise

Experian Automotive conducts State of Automotive Financing reports each year, which look into car shopping trends in the United States. In March, the group’s study found that more cars were being leased than they ever have in the past. This isn’t anything new, as similar findings have been reported each year since the leasing boom back in 2014. Experian Automotive’s report, released in March of 2016, found that in the final months of 2015, one-third of all new car and truck transactions were leased, and not financed. This is huge, especially considering that new car leases were once viewed for only high-end shoppers with luxury-sized budgets.

With more people leasing new cars than ever before, it is obvious that the leasing trend is shifting into the economy vehicle segment. Chevrolet is a great example of this fact, with more shoppers opting for leases over purchases of new Chevy models. Drivers aren’t necessarily going away from luxury leasing, but new car shoppers are better understanding how an economical car lease can help them in the long run.

Why Drivers Are All About Economy Car Leasing

Whether you are on the fence between buying or leasing your next new Chevrolet car, or are ready to take out your second or third economy car lease, then you already know some of the perks that come along with leasing compared to buying. Let’s take a look at four reasons why more people are signing lease agreements with budget-friendly car dealerships, and why you might be the next in line to take advantage of these incredible lease offers in 2017.

  • It’s Money Saving: Owning a car costs a lot of money, no matter which way you slice it. The fact of the matter, however, is that leasing a car will leave you with lower monthly payments, and more money to put in your savings account at the end of each month. If your new year’s resolution was to save more and spend less, then leasing your next new Chevy is the most logical way to meet this worthwhile goal. Don’t get stuck with a negative balance in your checking account and a car you can’t afford parked in your driveway. Balance the two out with a vehicle lease deal from McCluskey Chevrolet.
  • It’s Less Stressful: Some people may argue the opposite of this, but I tend to believe that leasing is much less stressful than buying a car – regardless of whether it is premium or budget-friendly. A new vehicle lease typically means that the only maintenance costs you will end up paying over the course of a three-year agreement is for routine oil changes and tire rotations. Aside from those minimal bills, you will not be stressed out from footing large maintenance costs like transmission flushes and brake replacement. These will all be covered under warranty, and won’t be an issue until well past the three years of your lease. Low monthly payments, and not having to worry about getting your money back when it comes time to sell your car or trade it in, are also ways to reduce stress. Luxury leases also come with these warranty protections, but that high-end brand comes with even higher monthly payments. Sticking to a budget-friendly automotive brand like Chevrolet makes car ownership completely stress free.
  • It’s Practical: As handy as power-adjustable foot pedals may be, we tend to believe that those extra amenities are flashier than practical. Sure, your leased Mercedes-Benz or Aston Martin may come chock-full of fine wood grain detailing and the most supple leather seating surfaces that money can buy – but at the end of the day, it’s a car. Rather than overindulge in silly pleasures, leasing an economy car from Chevrolet means that you have everything you need, and nothing you don’t. If your kids benefit from the rear-seat entertainment system, then by all means – lease your next Chevrolet with that feature included. And if you enjoy heated and ventilated seats, go for it! Leasing a car on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make sacrifices, and the monthly payment savings means that you can get a few extras without breaking the bank. In economy car leasing, practicality always beats out frivolity.
  • It Makes You Feel Like a Million Bucks: Who doesn’t feel like king of the road when commuting to the office in the newest model year car, truck, or SUV? Leasing a budget-friendly car means that you will always be rocking your daily errands from behind the wheel of the newest model year car available. Most lease agreements last for three years, which means that after it ends, you can lease the latest model available. Simply put – you will always feel like a million bucks because your car will always be the newest one on the block.

Lease Your Next Chevy With McCluskey

McCluskey Chevrolet is Cincinnati’s top choice for new car leasing in the tri-state area. With exceptional lease deals on new Chevrolet models, you will always find what you need, at a price you can afford with McCluskey Chevrolet. Family owned and operated, our dealership is geared toward the ultimate satisfaction of our customers, and nothing else.

Whether you are absolutely certain that your next new Chevy will be a lease, or you have more questions regarding how the process works, come down to McCluskey Chevrolet and learn more from our friendly and knowledgeable team. We will walk you through your options, and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for your unique circumstances.