Add the Chameleon of Commercial Vehicles to Your Small Business Lineup


If you are a business owner, then you know first hand just how difficult it can be to find a reliable way to move your product, ensuring that it reaches its proper destination on time, and without incident. Depending on how much your business relies on transportation services, it may be time to consider adding a commercial vehicle to your lineup. Finding box trucks for sale is the first thing you should do in the process of purchasing a commercial vehicle for your business.

Why A Box Truck?

The name of these trucks says it all. With a box-like appearance designed to efficiently move products from one destination to the next, box trucks are a must-have for any productive business enterprise. Not only are these trucks good at what they were engineered to accomplish, but they are capable of adapting in order to better serve your various needs. If you are intrigued, then consider a brand new Chevrolet Low Cab Forward truck. New to the bowtie brand’s versatile lineup of commercial trucks and vans, the Low Cab Forward, or LCF, is the truck that business owners are flocking to local Chevy dealers to purchase.

The Chameleon of Commercial Trucks

One of the most desirable aspects of Chevrolet’s new LCF truck, is its Cab Over design. This particular cabin style allows drivers and passengers to quickly and easily get in and out of their seats, making deliveries and transports more efficient than ever before. This design also delivers maximum visibility, making it an incredible asset on crowded city streets. The cab design on the Chevrolet Low Cab Forward truck is only the beginning of the seemingly endless perks that this commercial vehicle offers to business professionals across the United States. Let’s check out some of the other inspiring features on the Chevrolet Low Cab Forward truck, that help make it the true chameleon of commercial vehicles.

  • Power Options: Just like any other Chevrolet truck, the LCF is available in a variety of power and performance options, which are sure to meet the unique needs of every business owner. With a gross vehicle weight rating that ranges from as little as 12,000 pounds, to as much as 19,500 pounds, the Chevrolet Low Cab Forward truck is capable of hauling whatever you need it to, and then some. Both the LCF 3500 and 4500, utilizes a 6.0-liter V8 gasoline engine, while the rest of the truck’s lineup relies on the power of diesel to get the job done right. Whether you need a truck with light hauling capability, or one with maximum potential – the Chevrolet Low Cab Forward truck has you covered.
  • Size: The overall size of Chevrolet’s LCF truck was carefully configured by industry experts. With an overall length that allows for plenty of cargo space for hauling large and bulky items, drivers will be able to fit everything they need, without wasting time and energy going back and forth to get the job done. The length of the truck also makes for an impressive turning radius, another benefit for businesses who regularly make deliveries in urban areas. Bottom line – this commercial truck can do what you need it to do, wherever you need it done.
  • Interior Space: Just as functional as the cargo hold is on the Chevy LCF truck, so is the interior cabin where the driver and passenger spend most of their time. Fold down trays transform the cabin into a convenient work space, making it easy for employees to finish paperwork and sign contracts, without missing a beat. To make things more accessible, Chevrolet added plenty of small and large storage areas throughout the interior cabin, which only adds to the already impressive convenience factor.
  • Versatile Utility: Whether you are in need of a landscape vehicle that can haul tall trees and wide shrubs, or require a closed-off cargo area for transporting finished products from your warehouse to the consumer – the Chevrolet Low Cab Forward truck has you covered. The wheelbase on the LCF truck series ranges from 109-inches to 212-inches, allowing it to accommodate a variety of body applications. From box trucks, to flat beds, to dump trucks, the Chevrolet LCF lineup has everything you need, to see your small business endeavors succeed.
  • Pre-Wired Chassis: For business owners who aren’t sure which truck type they need for their particular business, all Chevrolet Low Cab Forward truck chassis come pre-wired for a trailer harness and brakes. Not only does this make your decision of which truck brand to choose easier, but it also keeps the cost of uplifting at a minimum.

Check Out a Chevy LCF Truck at McCluskey

McCluskey Chevrolet is a proud Chevrolet Business Elite Dealer, and is available to help you find the perfect commercial vehicle for your small business, right here in Cincinnati. We are the dealership that local residents turn to when they need to outfit their small businesses with exceptional commercial vehicles. From box trucks, to trailers, to dump trucks, McCluskey Chevrolet is here to serve all of your unique business needs.

For twenty years, McCluskey Chevrolet was the number one big truck dealer in the country, and now we want to help smaller businesses reach their full potential in the same exact way. Whether you need just one commercial truck, or ten, McCluskey Chevrolet wants to help. Our Business Elite Dealer designation means that we  have a dedicated dealer representative who specializes in all things having to do with Chevrolet’s commercial vehicle fleet. With extended service hours, work-ready loaners for when your truck needs servicing, and the Chevrolet Complete Care program designed to keep your vehicle running as it should, McCluskey Chevrolet is still the best choice for Cincinnati residents looking for a commercial box truck or van.

As a small business owner, you are dedicated to seeing your organization succeed to its fullest potential. McCluskey Chevrolet understands that, which is why we put your needs first, in every possible way. Come down and see how a Chevy box truck can help transform your business into a full-blown success. We hope to see you soon.