Finally! A Car Shopping Tool That Actually WORKS


It’s 2016 and the Cubs and Indians are battling it out to take home a long-awaited World Series victory. As hard as it is to believe that these two underdog teams are the last standing in major league baseball, it seems that car shoppers are having a harder time believing that local dealerships will help them find the right pre-owned vehicle to take home. Cincinnati area car dealers might have great intentions when it comes to providing local residents with a large selection of quality pre-owned cars, but intentions don’t always equate to reality. As a premier car dealership here in the Queen City, McCluskey Chevrolet has created a used car finder tool aimed at solving this common issue.

The Problem that Led to the Solution

If car shoppers were happy with what dealerships had to offer in terms of used vehicles for sale, then the need for a used car finder would not exist. Unfortunately, a lot of potential car buyers are skipping out on purchasing used vehicles, simply due to a lack of viable options. This might be a reasonable solution for some drivers, but the majority of people are not content keeping the car they have, simply because area dealerships don’t have what they want within their limited inventory.

McCluskey Chevrolet is one of the most comprehensive new and used dealerships in the tri-state area, but even they can’t deliver the perfect used car for every buyer. Let’s face it – your used vehicle requirements are much different than those of the person sitting next to you. With such a diverse list of possibilities, there is no way for even the most customer-focused car dealership to deliver exactly what every driver wants and needs in a used vehicle.

With an obvious problem existing in the Cincinnati used car buying industry, the team at McCluskey Chevrolet decided to do something about it. Rather than continue the same way they always have, McCluskey Chevrolet recognized that change needed to happen in order to better accommodate the growing needs of area drivers. The result? A used car finder tool that is connecting Cincinnati drivers with the exact used vehicle they have dreamed of owning for so long.

The Solution that Led to Satisfaction

All it takes to make a change in the world is to recognize an existing problem and come up with a workable solution. McCluskey Chevrolet took the existing problem that faced so many used car shoppers, and came up with a used car finder service. Quite unlike anything else available in the area, McCluskey’s used car finder tool is an absolute game changer in the pre-owned vehicle marketplace.

Let’s pretend for a moment, that you are a current resident of Cincinnati, and that you have been searching for the perfect used car, to no avail. Perhaps this describes your current situation, and you don’t have to pretend at all. Either way, for the past few months, you have spent every moment of your limited free time searching through local dealership inventories online and in person. You have visited so many locations with promising prospects, only to find out that the used car you have been searching for was sold just prior to your arrival. The number of websites you have visited, online picture galleries you have viewed, and vehicle descriptions you have studied is so vast that you have lost an accurate count. After months of the same fruitless pursuit to find your dream new-to-you car, you have finally waved the white flag in exhausted surrender and defeat. You have come to accept that the vehicle you currently own, will be yours for much longer than you prefer. For better or worse, till death do you part. You would rather spend time commuting, running errands, and transporting your kids in a car that you loathe, then subject yourself to another round of the same ridiculous used car search.

Now that you have put yourself in the shoes of so many frustrated used car shoppers, let’s take a look at the solution. Imagine that you have been searching for a great used car, but have not yet found it on any local dealer lots. With each location you visit, another salesman promises they will contact you as soon as the car you are hoping to find magically appears in their inventory. As you return his empty promise with a blank stare, you imagine that with each word escaping his mouth, his nose grows a few inches. Before you head home, you make one more stop at McCluskey Chevrolet. After describing the used car you are looking for, the dealer representative informs you that the vehicle is currently unavailable in their local inventory. As you turn toward the door with the same numb feeling you left the last dealership with, the same voice continues to tell you of a new nationwide used car finder service available at McCluskey Chevrolet. Your ears perk up with hope, as you pivot back around to hear more.

You learn that the team at McCluskey Chevrolet has access to an exclusive nationwide used car finder database, that is able to search through over 100,000 vehicle options from dealerships across the United States. With your full attention and interest piqued, the next words out of the salesman’s mouth are music to your ears – You can complete the entire process online, and we will match you with the perfect used car within 24 hours. After heading home, you fill out the concise online form, and are contacted the next day with the exact used car you have been searching to find for so long.

It’s Not Too Good to Be True

Whether you are the person in the first scenario, or the second, is entirely up to you. If you haven’t yet started your used car search, you can be the third kind of person, who skips the headache altogether and utilizes the used car finder service from the start.

There is no need to go through an endless ordeal of trying to find a used car for months, but without any luck. Check out the McCluskey Chevrolet used car finder tool on their website, and discover the solution to a problem that has plagued this city for far too long.