Five Must Have Chevy Silverado Accessories

When it comes to Chevy Silverado accessories, you have quite a few options out there. The five I’m going to discuss in this article all come from the Chevrolet Silverado accessories page, and can be ordered direct from the manufacturer through your dealership. Dealers like McCluskey Chevrolet can then install them for you quickly and easily. Now, I’m not saying these are crucial truck accessories for your Silverado. They won’t improve the performance or engine of your truck, but they are still considered must have. Why? Well, four out of five of these items either increase storage space, promote utility, or help protect your truck. The remote starter? Who doesn’t have a remote starter nowadays, especially if you need to endure some harsh winters.

They might not be crucial, they might not be related to one specific purpose, but they are all must have accessories.


Let’s start with the bed-liner, which is extremely important when it comes to work. What’s a bed-liner do? It lines the bed with either a carpet or other type of material, and helps protect the truck bed from damage that might occur when transporting certain objects. Those objects could be furniture items, like a sofa or box spring, construction materials, like sheetrock, cinder blocks, bricks, or wood – no matter what, they can all cause damage to the bed of your truck. That damage can evidence as dents, dings, scratches, or even punctures. Regardless of the type of damage done, it will cause sever wear on the truck bed overtime, possibly leading to even more severe damage.

There are a few types of bed-liners you can get out, but the most prominent is carpet. The carpet liner simply adheres to the bed, and is great if you’re transporting more delicate materials, such as antique furniture or anything else you’d want to protect from scratches or dings that might happen if you transported it in a metal truck bed. Also, carpet prevents objects from sliding around while you’re on the road, which is another huge plus. Alternatively, you could get a drop-in hard plastic liner. This liner doesn’t adhere to the truck bed, and simply drops in to provide a protective shell. But, it might cause issues if you’re going to transport dirt and other fine, gritty material, which could fall in the cracks and still scratch up the bed.

There are also third-party bed-liners like the Rhino Lining bed liner, which McCluskey Chevrolet has access to. This is a little more upscale than carpet or a drop-in bed liner, and is a spray-in bed liner that creates a water-tight seal, resulting in extremely durable protection. Rhino Liners can be bought for many different uses, and you can focus on slip-resistant, heat protection, hazardous waste spills (corrosion protection), or get a liner that does a little bit of everything.

Fold-Up Tonneau Cover

If a bed-liner is there to protect your Silverado’s bed, a tonneau cover is there to protect the materials you’re transporting. It is, quite simply, a cover that is put over the truck bed.

On the Chevrolet Silverado accessories page, you can find a few different types of tonneau covers. The first (and most common) is a rubber material that simply rolls up when you don’t need it. This is more flexible, but doesn’t provide nearly as much protection as the hard-plastic fold-up tonneau covers that are available. These are good if you’re worried about the weight of snow, or if you’re worried about a minor impact at a job-site. With a hard-plastic fold-up tonneau cover, you can be confident that you tools and any other objects in the truck bed are protected.

The other upside to a tonneau cover is that it provides you some privacy. When you close the tailgate, the truck bed is completely sealed off, making it impossible for people to see what’s inside your truck bed. If you need a way to deter unwanted eyes or discourage a thief looking for an easy steal in the parking lot, then you should consider a tonneau cover.

Best part is, you don’t even lose out on storage height. Need to transport something tall? Simply fold back the cover and get access to all that extra air space.


A toolbox might hinder the overall cargo space of your Silverado, but man does it increase the truck’s utility! Instead of throwing your tools on the back floor of the cabin or on the passenger seat, why not store them neatly and securely in the truck bed instead?

With a toolbox that fits snug towards the front end of the truck bed, that hope becomes a reality. Not only does a toolbox provide you with a great way to organize tools and keep the cabin space open, it also helps protect them from weather conditions. Since the toolboxes on the Silverado accessories page are made from heavy-duty materials, wind, rain, or snow won’t be able to get at them. Furthermore, you’ll also have a secure place to store your tools. Simply lock the toolbox, and rest easy knowing that if someone wants to steal your tools, they’ll have to take the whole toolbox out of the truck bed.

Even if you don’t have a surplus of tools to store, a toolbox is still a good place to keep other important objects locked up as well.

Splash Guards

I know; you’re saying to yourself, “Splash guards? This guy really put splash guards on the list?” Hear me out: they do more than you think, primarily because they protect your truck and others around you from any loose debris on the road.

It doesn’t matter if that debris is glass, pieces of metal, pebbles, sand, dirt, loam, water, oil, whatever; the splash guard will catch it.

Two pairs, one for the front tires and one for the back, are what you’ll need. They mount directly behind the tires, and are simply rubber flaps that hang freely. When the front tires hit a rock or piece of metal (that is hankering to mess-up the body paint on the lower-side of your Silverado) that bit of debris will hit the splash guard instead, and fall harmlessly away. The ones for the back tires? They will simply catch any objects the back tires kick up — objects that would either splash, splatter, ping, (insert any other abrasive verb you can think of), off the hood or windshield of a vehicle behind you.

Remote Start Kit

A remote start kit is more of a convenience feature, but it’s the only must have convenience feature I can think of. It allows you to remotely start, stop, lock/unlock, or warm-up your Silverado from inside the comfort of your home during a cold winter morning. On a hot summer day, you can do all this and turn on the air-conditioning instead. Also, this remote start kit is compatible with Chevrolet myLink, which means you’re more connected to your Silverado than ever.

Perhaps the biggest reason these five features are all considered must have, is because they provide benefits without getting in the way of the truck’s functionality. The tonneau cover can be rolled up, and if you need extra space with a tool bed just lower the tailgate and use straps, or get a bed-extender. The remote start kit provides nothing but benefits, and the splash guards protect your truck and other vehicles on the road. The bed liner simply protects your truck bed from damage, with no downsides or drawbacks. Wondering how to get these? Just ask McCluskey Chevrolet to order them for you, and the team of technicians will walk you through the rest of the process, and even take care of the installation for you.