Food Trucks Are Taking Over America One Chevy At A Time


Food trucks have exploded onto the American scene in recent years, taking over busy city streets and food-themed festivals across the country. What was once thought to be a quick and inexpensive lunch solution for the busy businessman or woman, has transformed into its very own category of gourmet tastings from around the world. Not only are food trucks delivering delicious restaurant-quality food to consumers, they aren’t doing it on the cheap. While you will end up paying much less at the window of a mobile food truck than you would at a sit-down restaurant, there is nothing inexpensive about dining on food prepared in a condensed kitchen on wheels. While brands like Chevrolet are most known for delivering cars, trucks, and SUVs for residential use, the bowtie brand has plenty to offer businesses interested in making their restaurant mobile. Move aside Chevy dump trucks, and make way for the newest (and most delicious) trend in commercial trucking.

Food Trucks – A Brief Look Back

Some food truck enthusiasts like to argue that the very first food truck in history was the Texas chuckwagon – we prefer not to think about vehicles delivering cow parts to residents in the Texas panhandle. Instead, we like to think of food trucks as the most lucrative way to get fresh, gourmet cooked food into our mouths – regardless of where we are located.

The mobile food trucks that we know and love, first made their way into the hearts of Americans on busy construction sites, outside of large factories, and on busy city streets. They supplied a cheap and quick way to get a hot bite, without needing to travel by car to a nearby restaurant.

Today, food trucks are owned and operated by successful chefs and foodies, who want to bring their creations to the masses. While restaurants require extensive funding, time, and a staff of employees, food trucks are much more relaxed. Economists claim that the rise in food truck popularity in America is due to past economical crises, and the recession our country entered near the end of the Bush administration.

Regardless of why food trucks are such a big part of our modern day society, we can’t help but be grateful for the delicious cuisine they provide.

The Rise in Food Trucks

Owning and operating a successful food truck is much different than opening up a profitable restaurant. Thanks to Chevrolet, entrepreneurs are able to purchase a food truck for a minimal cost, and transform it into their very own restaurant on wheels. Lara Rabinovitch is the producer for the film City of Gold, which follows the Los Angeles Times food critic Jonathan Gold. Rabinovitch spent plenty of time researching and learning the nuances of the food truck industry, and concluded that, “This model is appealing to young, entrepreneurial types with little money, a good graphic designer for a cool logo and time to dedicate to social media. It’s far less expensive than a brick and mortar restaurant. No overhead. It builds your name. You’re advertising as you drive around the city.”

After an initial investment in purchasing a capable truck like a commercial option from Chevrolet, business owners are able to operate their trucks when they want, and give them a rest when they don’t. This flexibility and relatively low-cost of ownership makes owning and operating food trucks easier, and can even be done on a part time basis. As it is true with any endeavor, the more you put into it, the more you will get back.

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Can You Own a Food Truck? The Answer May Surprise You

After reading some of this information, you may be wondering if buying a food truck and opening up your own restaurant on wheels is a viable option. With a little bit of capital to invest in a capable and dependable truck, and further funding to design and craft a decent menu, embarking on this adventure may be more of an option than you first thought. Some people purchase a bare-bones Chevy truck and then outfit it with commercial kitchen appliances, but there are plenty of more affordable pre-owned options available. When you buy a used food truck, your kitchen is already set, leaving you to work your culinary magic before hitting food truck festivals and busy city street corners when warmer weather hits.

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