Lease a Chevy? Absolutely!

lease a chevy

Buying cars is not what it used to be. At one point in time, vehicle leases were reserved for higher end models with premium price tags, but not anymore. More and more economical car shoppers are ditching the traditional route to vehicle ownership, and swapping it for a lease on a brand new car, truck, or SUV. There are plenty of reasons why consumers are shifting in this direction, and why more buyers are opting for the fun and excitement of a lease, over the ball-and-chain of a traditional automotive loan. With so many exceptional Chevy lease deals going on right now, there has never been a better time to lease a bowtie brand vehicle. The only question you need to ask yourself is – is a lease right for my lifestyle?

Benefits of Leasing a Chevy

Before we touch on a few of the downsides to vehicle leasing, let’s look at how beneficial leases can be to some drivers. While not for everyone, leases can end up saving you a bunch of money down the road in terms of maintenance costs and other expenses associated with an aging vehicle. Before I get too far ahead of myself, take a look at some of the reasons why you would want to lease a new Chevy model

  • More Vehicle for Less Money: Typically, leasing a new car rather than buying one, will allow you more car than you would otherwise be able to afford. If you are the person who is more inclined toward the finer things in life, but whose budget doesn’t always satisfy that inclination, then leasing a new car might be your dream come true. Lessees typically find that they are able to afford the higher trim level option on their desired new car, while buyers who finance have to settle for something with fewer bells and whistles.
  • Lower Monthly Payments: Even with a minimum down payment, your leased car will end up costing you much less each month than a vehicle you buy outright. This is due to the fact that you don’t actually own the car, and are simply paying for depreciation over the period of time you use it. Not only will a lease get you more bang for your buck, but you can still count on lower monthly payments than the lesser model. That’s what we like to call a win-win.
  • Always Driving the Latest and Greatest Model: The average lease agreement is three years, although some people opt for longer lease durations. Whether you choose a three-year lease, or a longer five-year option – you will always be driving a relatively new car. At the end of any lease term, drivers have the option to turn it in and swap it out for a new model, purchase it from the dealer outright, or turn it in and completely walk away. If you end up choosing a new vehicle lease, then you will always be driving around town in a brand new car, truck, or SUV. If you are the kind of person who enjoys staying ahead of the curve in every way imaginable, then leasing new Chevy models for three years at a time, sounds like the perfect way to drive through life.
  • Less Maintenance Costs: Drivers who end up leasing their new Chevrolet cars rather than buying them, will likely pay very little, if any, money in maintenance costs. Aside from paying for required oil changes, you won’t have much else to pay for during a three-year lease agreement. All new Chevy models come with a 3-year or 36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper limited warranty, a 5-year or 60,000-mile powertrain limited warranty, and complimentary maintenance for your first two visits. Not only will you be covered in case the unexpected happens, you will also receive your first two oil changes free of charge. Buying a car will also come with these perks, but most individuals who finance a new Chevy will end up keeping their vehicle well past the warranty coverage dates. The only way to ensure that you will pay the least amount of money on vehicle maintenance going forward is with a Chevy lease.

Why a Chevy Lease May Not Be For You

As you can clearly see, leasing a budget-friendly car from Chevrolet has plenty of perks. As beneficial as a Chevy lease seems, it may not be the right choice for every driver. There is no right or wrong way to drive your very own Chevy model, but it is important to choose which option is the best for your individual lifestyle. Check out a few of the reasons why leasing a Chevrolet may not be in your best interest:

  • You Like Driving the Same Car for Years: If this is the case, then financing a vehicle would be more beneficial to you in the long run. Drivers who prefer to keep their cars as long as they function properly, will always end up happier owning their cars, rather than leasing them.
  • You Drive Over 15,000 Miles Each Year: If your family enjoys long annual road trips, or your daily commute is longer than average, leasing is not your best option. Most lease terms have a mileage limit of 12,000 each year, and anything after that can end up costing a lot at the end of a lease. If you enjoy being in the car a lot, then stick to car ownership, and skip over a lease.
  • You Enjoy Working On Your Car: Whether you are a seasoned mechanic, or a do-it-yourself-er, if you enjoy working on your own car, then buying a vehicle is highly recommended over leasing. Simply put, any time you perform work on a leased car, you are violating your lease agreement, and will end up with hefty fines down the road. Keep up with your hobby, but only with your own vehicle.
  • You Want to Customize Your Car: If you love applying decals to your car, throaty exhaust valves, or any other aftermarket parts and accessories – a lease is not for you. Lease terms dictate that you cannot add anything to a vehicle that isn’t from the factory, or installed by a certified Chevrolet technician. If you love the pinstriping and baddass sub-woofers in the trunk of your car, then by all means, buy your next car – and don’t lease!

Whether you plan to lease your next new Chevy model or buy it outright, come down to McCluskey. You will receive renowned customer care from the most awarded Chevy dealership in the area. Come down today, and see how easy it is to lease or buy your next Chevrolet car. We look forward to working with you.