Making Tough Decisions at Your Chevy Dealer


Prospective car buyers aren’t all seeking the same attributes from their targeted vehicles. In fact, even if they’ve limited their choices to Chevy’s crop of vehicles, the offerings are too diverse to make a quick and easy decision.

Fortunately, all of Chevy’s vehicles share one common trait: they’re incredibly safe. Regardless of what vehicle you pursue when you shop at a Chevy dealer in Columbus, you can be assured that your new ride will provide industry-best prevention, protection, and responsive safety technologies.

Let’s take a look at all the brand has to offer…

Prevention Technologies

While some car manufacturers will focus on a vehicle’s ability to keep passengers safe during a collision, Chevy looks to avoid those accidents altogether. The brand’s host of preventative safety technologies will do everything in their power to keep the vehicle and its occupants out of harm’s way.

Safety was clearly a top priority for engineers of the 2018 Chevy Equinox. The compact SUV provides drivers with a number of features and amenities that should keep the vehicle’s occupants safe and sound.

The brand’s Stabilitrak Electronic Stability Control System has the biggest influence over safety, as the technology helps protects drivers and passengers in multiple ways:

  • Lane Keep Assist
    • Uses cameras to monitor a vehicle’s path. When drivers begin to unintentionally drift out of their lane, the system will send a reminder to adjust. If drivers don’t pick up on the warning, the vehicle will even manipulate the steering to keep everyone safe.
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
    • Radars on the outside of your vehicle will help the driver anticipate any vehicle or person that may cross your path. These alerts are particularly helpful in parking lots, and drivers will notice that the technology will help prevent at least a handful of minor collisions.
  • Forward Collision Alert
    • It can be tough gauging your speed when you’re driving, especially in relation to other drivers. Fortunately, this technology (when coupled with the Front Automatic Braking system) will alert the driver when they’re heading towards an object or vehicle at too great a speed. In fact, the technology can even manipulate the brakes, preventing an accident or lessening the overall impact.

When it comes to preventative safety technologies, you’ll find top-of-the-line innovations at any Chevy dealer in Columbus.

Protective Design

If you’ve been driving for some time, you probably understand that accidents aren’t completely avoidable. Fortunately, Chevy’s vehicles are specifically designed to withstand major impact.

The high-strength steel body helps to maximize protection, as the sturdy design should keep the vehicle’s occupants in one piece. Furthermore, the steel should help to absorb the energy from a collision, which will help reduce injuries like whiplash. Best of all, this steel has been installed without compromising the performance of Chevy’s vehicles.

Meanwhile, the 360-degree airbags will provide cushion to all of your most vulnerable body parts. The 10 standard air bags team up with an advanced sensor system, which will help determine where the airbags are needed most. The units can even inflate based on the severity of the impact! Chevy also offers the industry-first front center side-impact air bag, helping to eliminate any collisions between the driver and front passenger. If you’re shopping in the Crossroads of Ohio, you’re not going to find these technologies anywhere accept a Chevy dealer in Columbus.

Responsive Technologies

If you do find yourself in an emergency, Chevy is there to help. The OnStar Automatic Crash Response will connect the driver with an advisor, who will then send emergency personnel to the site of the crash. The system can even use your GPS to pinpoint your location, so you can rely on the technology even if you’re injured. The majority of Chevy’s vehicles come equipped with a three-month subscription to this vital service.

What to Expect from Future Chevys?

The 2018 Chevy Equinox has already given us a clue as to what we should expect from the brand’s future vehicles. As a result, when you go shopping at a Chevy dealer in Columbus, you should already understand the available safety capabilities.

“The Chevrolet Equinox ramps up its awareness and protection capability with an even broader range of available technologies designed to assist drivers in everyday situations,” said Ray Kiefer, General Motors’ Active Safety technical fellow. “From daily driving to parking and crash avoidance, it can help the occupants avoid trouble altogether.” 

The vehicle’s new radar- and camera-based technologies will help add an extra set of eyes. These sensors will team up with several interior technologies to alert the driver of imminent danger. These features include:

  • New Safety Alert Seat
  • New Surround Vision
  • New Forward Collision Alert with Following Distance Indicator
  • New Low-Speed Forward Automatic Braking
  • New Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning
  • New Rear Seat Reminder
  • Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert 
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Each of these systems should help prevent a minor collision, and they’ll certainly assist a distracted driver. The new Surround Vision technology will also influence safety, as the system provides drivers with a 360-degree view of the outside of their compact SUV. This means drivers can better anticipate cars and obstacles when they’re driving, towing, or parking. Furthermore, the IntelliBeam headlamps will allow drivers to better see on those dark and stormy nights. 

Of course, the vehicle offers six standard airbags, including frontal driver and passenger units, a roof rail-mounted head curtain side unit, and front-seat-mounted side-impact air bags. The vehicle is also composed of a high-strength steel, which should help dissipate the energy caused by a collision.

The interior will also offer drivers:

  • Front passenger sensing system (will prevent airbag injuries)
  • Rollover sensing and protection
  • Collapsible pedals (will prevent injuries during a collision)
  • Three-point safety belts in all seating positions
  • Safety belt retractor pretensioners/lap pretensioners
  • Front safety belt load limiters
  • The LATCH child latching system
  • Tire pressure monitoring system

Best of all, parents can equip their Equinox with the Teen Driver technology. This allows parents to monitor their child’s driving habits, and the system will also help influence teens to practice safe driving.

These details may not have helped make your car-buying predicament any easier. However, you can at least relax knowing that all of Chevy’s vehicles offer top-of-the-line safety capabilities. This is surely something you should keep in mind the next time you’re shopping at a Chevy dealer in Columbus.