Rhino Lining Bed Liner Courtesy of McCluskey Chevrolet

In the world of truck upgrades, there’s few that can compete with a good bed liner. Especially if you’re an outdoorsman, off-road enthusiast, or use your truck for work. Why? Simply because it protects the bed of your truck. If the bed of your truck starts to rust or gets damaged, you risk exposing your frame (and other important components) to the elements and any material that you might decide to carry. Not to mention, the material that most bed liners is made from can be used to reinforce other parts of the vehicle, such as the truck grille guards, bumpers, and rocker panels.

But, where do you get a good bed liner? The answer is Rhino Linings, a company that’s carved a name for itself in the world of truck bed liners. How would you get in contact with them? Through McCluskey Chevrolet. We’re not just a certified Rhino Lining dealership in Ohio — we’re THE Rhino Lining dealership in Ohio.

A Brief History of Rhino Lining

Rhino Lining was created in 1988, with a sole mission from day one: to create (and evolve) a top-quality proprietary, high performance polymer. In other words, a protective coating product. The company specializes in spray-on coatings, and have since proven to dominate the spray-on lining market when it comes to industrial, retail, and commercial applications.

Now in 2017, Rhino Lining reigns supreme in the sprayed-on truck bed liner market. With consumers and dealerships alike coming to know and trust Rhino Lining to protect their vehicles, Rhino Lining’s network now has more than 2,000 applicators and contractors in more than 80 countries around the world. Globally recognized, thanks to its top-performing polymer formulations, and state-of-the-art application equipment.

In other words, this is the absolute best brand out there if you’re looking for a spray-on bed liner. The formula is so good, that it’s used on military vehicles to help keep them protected. Primarily, on their HMMWV (“Humvee”) models.

Rhino Lining Products

RL products include a range of spray-on material that’s intended to combat different hazards you might experience in the workplace, on the off-road, or simply from exposure to the elements.

Rhino Tuff Grip is slip resistant (good for the back floor of an open-top Jeep), while Rhino HardLine is there to protect against impact, and so is used on the fenders, bumpers, and grille guards. Alternatively, you can also use it in a truck bed in order to protect against logs, gravel, bricks, or cement blocks. If you want to put a salt or sand mixture, dirt, loam, or use your truck for transporting any sort of gritty material, then you’ll want either Rhino Hybrid or Rhino eXtreme – both of which provide impact and abrasion protection. They’ve even developed Rhino SolarMax, which provides UV protection when applied, while Rhino Color Match provides lasting color.

Whatever type of protection you’re looking for when it comes to your pickup truck’s bed, grille guards, and bumpers, Rhino Lining has it.

What’s a Bed-Liner Do?

Let’s talk about the almighty bed liner. A bed liner can be applied to many different trucks and SUVs. But, it has the same purpose: protect the area it’s applied to, whether that’s the cargo area of an open-top Jeep, or the bed of a pickup truck. It will help prevent the bed from being exposed to the elements, and will help protect against abrasion, impact, and even (depending on the formula) provide a slip-resistant surface to stand on and prevent cargo from sliding around in the back.

The primary purpose it to protect. Against what, specifically? It all depends on the formula. It’s as simple as that. What might not be as simple, is choosing between the two types of bed liners on today’s market: spray-on or drop-in.

Two Types of Bed-Liners

While Rhino Lining specializes strictly in spray-on bed liners — and is clearly a very successful company — it’s safe to say that spray-on bed liners are the better of the two. But, it’s still important to discuss the differences between spray-on and drop-in.

There are actually many different types of bed liners. They can range from the complex formula provided by Rhino Lining, to a rubber mat or outdoor carpet material. But, the two most popular types are spray-on and drop-in. Not only are they the most popular, but they both work much more effectively, compared to the others mentioned.


A spray-on bed liner is a formula that’s applied directly to the truck bed. Therefore, it’s also permanent. But, that idea shouldn’t scare you. Because, that also means that it won’t slide around, and you won’t have to worry about removing it for whatever reason — because you can’t. Furthermore, since the spray-on bed liner adheres directly to the truck bed itself, it creates a seal. Meaning that water, dirt, mud, salt, sand, and other loose materials that would end up in your truck bed won’t be able to damage it.

Typically, it’s a gritty substance with a texture that’s similar to sand paper. This texture helps keep objects from sliding around back there. Also, the spray-on bed liner is the material that can be applied to other parts of your truck; whereas, the drop-in bed liner can’t, because it’s one solid piece.


Drop-in bed liners typically lag behind in protection, convenience, and durability. But, they have their uses. Since hard plastic is used to form this piece that just drops into the back of the bed there is no grit. The surface is smooth, which means things will slide around, given the chance. This could be a pain for the most part, but helpful if you are looking to load and unload heavy objects. However, because it doesn’t create that tight seal, water and salt can get stuck between the bed and drop-in liner. Meaning rust can still eat away at the pickup bed. On the upside, a drop-in liner can be replaced easy. Just pop the old one out, and install the new one. Also, you can hide any damage that already exists on the truck bed.

Go With Rhino Lining

Even if drop-in liners are easier to maintain (in a way), Rhino Lining doesn’t make that type — which means you don’t want it. For the best pickup truck bed protection against rust, water, sand, salt, chemicals, weather, dirt, logs, bricks, and anything else you haphazardly toss around, there’s a Rhino Liner product out there for you. Best part is, McCluskey Chevrolet in Ohio is there to get it for you…