Take the Stress Out of the Holidays with a New Chevy


December is nearly halfway over, winter has arrived in full force, and the holiday season is approaching faster than most people are ready to admit. The happiest and most joyous time of the year is filled with candy canes, gift exchanges, random acts of kindness, and stress. Perhaps more prevalent than the neighbor’s flashing Christmas light show across the street, is the undeniable stress that accompanies the holiday season. Prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications like Xanax nearly triple between November and January each year, proving without a doubt that people experience increased levels of stress and anxiety during the holiday months. While we can’t comment on whether or not narcotics will help you better cope with the added levels of stress this holiday season – we can, on good authority, recommend you visit your local Chevy dealer in Ohio to equip yourself for a smoother second half of December.

Why a Chevy is the Answer to Your Holiday Woes

Feeling glum, haggard, and tired this holiday season? Statistics show you’re not alone, but you can turn that frown upside down with a brand new Chevrolet. The bowtie brand holds the cure to your holiday woes, and what better way to treat yourself this Christmas than with a new model from the capable Chevy lineup? Navigate those crowded parking lots with ease, and load up your armful of groceries without missing a beat. Yes, Chevrolet just so happens to be our favorite automotive brand, but it isn’t just because we sell them at our dealership. The all-American brand has what you need to make this Christmas a breeze, so why not indulge yourself in one of life’s most necessary pleasures?

We can go on and on about how much we love Chevrolet, but unless you have experienced the brand for yourself, you may be having a hard time buying what we are selling. Let’s put our opinions aside for the moment, and explore the reasons why Chevrolet is a brand that can help alleviate some of that holiday stress this month, and for years to come.

  • Plenty of Options: Whether you see yourself driving a subcompact car like the 2017 Spark, a mid-size pickup truck like the 2017 Colorado, or a full-size crossover SUV like the 2017 Suburban – the Chevy lineup has you covered. With over fifteen different models to choose from, Chevrolet is your best bet for finding the perfect car to perfectly suit your lifestyle. When it comes to versatility, the bowtie brand doesn’t just offer a variety of models to choose from, but a range in pricing that suits every budget. From brand new cars listed under $15,000, to high end fully-equipped SUVs in excess of $60,000, no other manufacturer has your exact vehicle, listed at the price you want to pay.
  • Keeps You Safely Connected: No other automotive brand is so keen on keeping you connected than Chevrolet. All of Chevy’s 2017 models offer 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity, which transforms your trusted mode of transportation into a mobile hotspot for up to seven devices at one time. Rather than drag your kids to the store in order to buy your holiday ham, they will already be waiting inside your new Chevy to help conquer the seasonal chore list. The fact that your little elves can stay connected on the go is important, but what about you, the driver? Thanks to advanced smartphone integration through the tech-savvy Chevy MyLink system, you can safely check and respond to messages, answer and make calls, and make shopping lists all without taking your hands off the wheel, or your eyes off the road. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, it doesn’t matter what kind of device you use, your new Chevrolet can keep you safely connected on the go.
  • Storage Solutions You Can Count On: Whether you are heading to your mother-in-law’s with a car full of presents, or are trekking home from the store with a carload of groceries, new Chevy models offer great storage solutions you can count on. From power fold-flat rear seating, to in-floor storage bins for extra cargo capacity, Chevrolet has thought of everything in order to make your life easier this holiday season. The interior storage capacity on Chevy models is great, but even more useful and impressive is the power rear liftgate that is activated by simply approaching the vehicle from behind. Open up the trunk or hatch on your new Chevrolet without having to empty your arms, or fumble around for the keys.
  • Advanced Safety for Packed Parking Lots: There is nothing as maddening than trying to find parking at a shopping mall or grocery store in December. It seems that the faster Christmas approaches, the worse parking lots become. Rather than pull your hair out in a fit of road rage, park smart with a new Chevrolet. Advanced safety features like rear park assist, a rear vision camera, rear cross traffic alert, and side blind zone alert, all make navigating packed parking lots a breeze. Forget about fender benders, or backing into an oncoming car, Chevrolet’s safety tech has you covered from every possible angle. Available low speed forward automatic braking will stop your new Chevy car, truck, or SUV at parking lot cruising speeds if it detects a possible collision that you don’t. That level of confidence is a breath of fresh air, especially during the holiday season.
  • Long-Term Entertainment: While the 4G LTE Wi-Fi mobile hotspot in your new Chevrolet will keep the older kids and adults occupied, the little ones will enjoy longer road trips this holiday season with an available Blu-Ray entertainment system. Capable of playing DVDs as well as Blu-Rays, the Rear-Seat Entertainment System from Chevrolet features up to two flat fold-down screens, digital headphones, and HDMI connectors for attaching devices like video game systems for endless hours of entertainment. Chevrolet may not be the only brand to offer this type of system, but when paired with all of the other incredible convenience features the brand has to offer, a new Chevy is the obvious best choice for overcoming inevitable stress this December.

Come down to McCluskey Chevrolet here in Cincinnati, and discover all of the ways a new Chevy model can help you out this holiday season. Santa Claus gets an army of elves, a sleigh, and eight reindeer to help him get through Christmas, so why shouldn’t you at least get the Chevy “sleigh” you need to conquer your holiday tasks?