The 2016 Chevy Cruze’s ‘Key Features’


2016 Chevrolet Cruze

If you’ve ever researched a particular vehicle, you probably came across an overwhelming amount of information regarding that particular nameplate. Besides the standard engine and dimension specs, potential customers will also receive information on a vehicle’s interior and exterior amenities, safety features, and warranties. When you’re finished reading through all the information, you may be feeling like you just tackled the encyclopedia.

Luckily, car brands generally don’t expect their customers to absorb all that information. Instead, they focus in on several key features that could entice a buyer. These key facts often pertain to the vehicle’s design, safety, engines, and interior, and brands attempt to appeal to certain markets and demographics with these specific focuses. For consumers seeking fast facts on a particular model, these key attributes are much appreciated.

“The new Cruze is truly one of Chevrolet’s most global vehicles,” said Alan Batey, President of General Motors North America. “With content variations dictated mostly by local market demands, customers in every corner of the globe will enjoy the same fundamental dynamics that are making Chevrolet one of the fastest-growing brands around the world.”


The 2016 Chevy Cruze is certainly full of features and amenities, but like other cars, the brand has highlighted several of the vehicle’s most impressive functions. Let’s take a look at these key features, and you can determine whether the compact car is the right vehicle for you…


Aerodynamic Design

2016 Chevrolet Cruze undergoes aerodynamics testing

Some drivers may assume that a vehicle’s exterior design is solely motivated by style. While this isn’t necessarily incorrect, engineers are looking to get more out of their vehicle’s structure, hoping it will improve the entire operation of the car.

For instance, the 2016 Cruze’s chiseled design was created with aerodynamics in mind. The vehicle is more than capable of cutting through the stubborn wind, and drivers will find that the car’s handling and control are improved when dealing with the elements. With the 2.7-inch increase in length and a one-inch decrease in height, drivers will also experience increased functionality. The engineers of the Cruze certainly recognized what made the vehicle such a success, but they were clearly willing to shake up their design to appeal to a larger market.

“The 2016 Cruze builds on a very successful program that introduced Chevrolet to new customers the world over,” said Alan Batey, President, General Motors North America. “We retained all the attributes that made the original Cruze a hit around the globe and built on them to make this car more sophisticated, more fun and more Chevrolet.”

Specifically, the car delivers an incredibly low .28 coefficient drag, resulting in a 42 mile per gallon fuel efficiency.

“With styling influenced by the acclaimed 2014 Impala and all-new Malibu, the 2016 Cruze brings Chevrolet’s new, expressive global design language to the small car segment,” said John Cafaro, Executive Director of Chevrolet Design. “The Cruze’s approach to proportion and premium details adds to Chevrolet’s elevation of craftsmanship, content, quality, and a fresh interpretation on an identity that is unmistakably Chevrolet in every market around the world.”

The vehicle’s performance and efficiency have also been improved via its lighter body, composed of eight-percent “hot-stamped/high-strength” steels. This results in a 27-percent improvement in body stiffness, and it also reduces overall body weight by 53 pounds.

With these revisions, the efficiency is accentuated, as are the power specs. The Cruze’s 1.4-liter turbo engine can pump out 153 horsepower and 177 pounds-feet of torque, and these numbers will feel a whole lot higher thanks to the lighter body. Ultimately, drivers can expect a segment-best zero-to-60 time of 7.7 seconds.

“The Cruze’s chassis system is perhaps the most mass-efficient in the segment,” said Ron Arnesen, the nameplate’s Executive Chief Engineer. “It is at the core of the car’s dynamic driving character, which is designed to deliver fun with an enhanced feeling of connectivity.”


Roomy and Comfortable Interior

2016 Chevrolet Cruze Rear seat

Drivers want to be comfortable, and they prefer that their passengers are as comfy as possible (thus avoiding any complaints). Well, the Cruze offers plenty of room, allowing each of these passengers to spread out.

The 2016 Cruze sees a dramatic increase in legroom, including a two-inch bump in rear knee room. With the ability to stretch their muscles, occupants can better appreciate the inclusion of soft-touch upholsteries, as well as the “animal-grained, micro-etched surfacing.”

If buyers truly want to transform their ride, they can opt for a number of premium features. These include heated front seats, resulting in optimal comfort from the driver’s standpoint. Buyers can also opt for a heated (and leather-wrapped) steering wheel, so it won’t feel like they’re gripping an icicle on those freezing winter mornings.


Numerous Safety Features


Regardless of all the capabilities and amenities delivered by a particular nameplate, the potential purchase is negated if the vehicle doesn’t offer reliable safety features.

The 2016 Cruze is equipped with a number of preventative safety functions that should prevent an accident from occurring in the first place. The Rear Cross Traffic Alert uses sensors to determine when another vehicle or moving object is about to cross your path, while the Forward Collision Alert uses sensors to determine if you’re approaching a stationary object too quickly. Meanwhile, the Lane Keep Assist uses sensors to determine when you’re unintentionally swaying in and out of your lane, and the vehicle will automatically help the driver readjust.

If a driver is in an accident, he or she can rely on the class-leading 10 standard airbags to cushion them from the impact. The unit also provides side-impact and knee air bags, providing additional protection for those vulnerable body parts. The energy from the crash should be absorbed by the high-strength steel safety cage, so neck and head injuries will be kept to a minimum.

In the event of an emergency, drivers utilize the vehicle’s Automatic Crash Response system. The Cruze’s built-in sensors will determine when an accident has occurred and the airbags have been deployed, and the car will automatically notify an OnStar Advisor. This person will connect with the Cruze to communicate with the driver, and then send emergency services if necessary.

Now that you’ve got a taste of the 2016 Chevy Cruze’s main features, you may be itching to learn more. In that case, you might appreciate a detailed list of specs and amenities. Of course, it’s likely that these key features are enough to convince you to go out and pursue this compact car.