The 2016 Chevy Impala vs. The 2016 Dodge Charger: Head-to-Head




The full-size sedan is a thing of beauty, and a real American hallmark of auto ownership. This is not the land of small, diesel ultra-compact cars, but one of big, bold machines we can drive proudly through town. In this market, a high-quality full-size sedan can explode onto the scene and make a big splash among consumers looking for the efficiency of a sedan with all the luxury of a full-size vehicle.

That’s why we’re so torn between two of this year’s most promising full-size models, each bringing with it decades of experience and automotive excellence synthesized into the amazing modern machines we see today. Here’s our comparison between the 2016 Chevy Impala and the 2016 Dodge Charger, part of our effort to see which is truly the better full-size sedan.


Driving In The Lap Of Luxury

The modern driver is not an easy one to impress. Nowadays, it seems as though every new car comes with a host of safety and style upgrades, as well as a new round of tech to keep passengers entertained and connected from anywhere. This all comes alongside a push for greater performance power as well as more efficient vehicles, culminating in some highly impressive feats of auto engineering.

That’s why we’re so blown away by these two models, since they appear to have taken on these challenges and come out very far ahead indeed. Both the Impala and the Charger have emerged as impressive contenders on the full-size sedan stage thanks to their advanced designs combined with their impressive performance capabilities.


Style and Design – Exterior

Chevy Impala



Driving the Impala is, as Chevy describes it, like “walking tall with shoulders back” – and the Impala’s wide, tall, forward stance all work to this end. Boasting a wide base to cover a good chunk of the road and swept, defined character lines along the body to give the eye a natural path to follow, this model is a supremely attractive member of an already impressive family of vehicles.

With added features like power-adjustable mirrors and 18- or 19-inch wheel options, the Impala offers the standard level of luxury for a full-size sedan without too many of the bells and whistles.

Dodge Charger


Boasting a wide, athletic stance and a sleek style from front to back, the new Dodge Charger is certainly a sight to behold. With its classic scalloped door panels and aggressive sculpted hood, the Charger seems to come at you hard with its iconic crosshair grille and keep you looking with its seamless racetrack LED taillamp.

A power sunroof, capless fuel tank, and available spoiler give the Charger the impressive details that make it such a looker. And with over a dozen wheel options, 11 color possibilities, and three custom hood options, you’ll definitely be able to make your Charger uniquely yours, inside and out.


Comfort and Connectivity – Interior

Chevy Impala


The Impala’s updated interior promises to be so comfortable and tech-friendly that you’ll feel like it was built just for you. Among a driver-centered cockpit with available heated and ventilated seats, a spacious dashboard with available detailed wood and chrome accents, and Bose Active Noise Cancellation technology with triple-sealed doors and acoustic-laminated glass to keep the cabin nearly silent for the duration of your drive.

Featuring plenty of interior space and seating for five, the Impala is full of hidden goodies like charging ports, hidden trunk storage, an umbrella holder, and even a secret compartment behind the touch screen display where you can store and charge a smartphone.

Being a Chevy, the Impala comes with Chevy MyLink technology, commanded through the available 8-inch touchscreen. This system features plenty of apps for phone and MP3 connectivity, streaming music and radio, and even Apple CarPlay. The 2016 Impala boasts 4G LTE Wi-Fi throughout the cabin and access to Chevy’s RemoteLink technology, which allows users to remotely lock, start, and monitor their vehicle’s diagnostics.

Dodge Charger

Underneath all of that metal and muscle lies a soft interior, waiting to surround you in comfort for the duration of your stay. In the Dodge Charger, this comes in the form of a spacious and luxurious driver-centered cockpit and its heated, ventilated front seats and available LED ambient lighting. Premium interior materials like cloth and leather promise ultra comfortable seating, while available dual-zone climate control promises to keep you at the right temperature no matter where you’re sitting.

Drivers can stream music, connect to apps, make calls and texts, access a Wi-Fi hotspot, and play radio, CDs, or MP3s through the 8.4-inch touchscreen with voice recognition. This comes thanks to Dodge’s UConnect infotainment system, which allows for total connectivity from just about anywhere on the road.


Performance – The Heart And Soul

Chevy Impala


The Impala hides some pretty serious power under its sleek exterior, boasting a standard 2.5L four-cylinder engine with stop/start technology to yield an impressive 22 miles per gallon city and 31 miles per gallon highway. Or, for those in the market for some serious power under the pedal, there’s the available 305 horsepower 3.6L V6 engine with direct injection and variable valve technology. This impressively powerful engine delivers plenty of power while maintaining an impressive 29 miles per gallon highway.

With an electric rack-and-pin steering system that promises premium handling, a high-strength steel frame and plenty of included safety technology, the Impala drives about as great as it looks – which is seriously saying something.

Dodge Charger


The Charger boasts four of the most powerful powertrain options available in a modern muscle car, from the basic 3.6L V6 engine capable of 292 horsepower at a best-in-class 31 miles per gallon highway, through to the jaw-dropping Supercharged 6.2L HEMI SRT Hellcat V8 engine, capable of an unmatched 700 horsepower and 650lb-ft of torque. With these kinds of options, the Charger certainly offers plenty of power under its hood – but it’s going to cost you.

Three driver-selectable steering modes are available through the power steering: Normal, Comfort and Sport, each adjusted for various levels of efficiency and power. The Charger offers plenty of highly-impressive brake and suspension packages to greatly improve handling as well as a high-tech launch system designed to maximize take-off speed – but again, it will all add significantly to the price. The base level options are impressive to be sure, but pale in comparison to their more expensive, more highly-tuned counterparts.


Final Verdict – Chevy Impala’s Where It’s At


There’s no denying that the Charger is an amazing car – it offers unparalleled power in a highly luxurious body. The focus, however, seems to shift to the higher end models more than the basic options, and so the base level Charger might leave a little to be desired.

That’s why we chose the Chevy Impala as our winner. With great, comparable features available at a better price, the Impala offers plenty of impressive performance and undeniable luxury to beat out the Charger. Next time you’re in the market for a full-sized sedan, consider the 2016 Chevy Impala.