Why You Should Expect More from Your Car Dealership


Buying a car is a big deal. Whether your budget is a few thousand dollars, or thirty thousand dollars, it is likely to be one of the largest purchases you will make in your lifetime. All too often, car shoppers end up at a dealership feeling uncomfortable and unsure about their pending new car transaction. Sometimes this has to do with the uncertainty of the vehicle itself, and sometimes it involves the particular dealership as a whole. Chances are you or someone you know have found themselves in this situation, and weren’t sure how to handle it. The sad truth is that some dealerships thrive on making buyers feel insecure, so that they have more power when it comes time to close the deal. The good news is that there are exceptional Chevy dealers in Ohio who genuinely have their customer’s best interest at heart, and are not interested in playing games in order to make more money.

Expect More from a Car Dealership

When you set out to buy a new or pre-owned car, it is important that you feel comfortable with whichever dealership you choose. Too many people sit quietly by as a designated sales person takes advantage of their perceived naïveté, and ultimately end up driving home in a vehicle they aren’t happy owning. Before you head down to your favorite Chevy dealer, take a look at the top reasons why you shouldn’t give in to the pressure of an eager salesman.

  • It’s YOUR Money – As hard as it is to sit across from a relentless sales person trying to convince you to spend outside of your set budget, at the end of the day – it is your money, not his or hers. When you go home that night and eventually sit down to write out your first payment check, it will be you who feels the stress of being stretched too-thin financially, not the sales associate. You are the only person who knows the entirety of your financial situation, so don’t let anyone else convince you that you can spend outside of your predetermined budget. While some car buyers are naturally people-pleasers, it is crucial to remember that when it comes to car buying, the only person you should be concerned with pleasing is yourself.
  • You Have to Drive the Vehicle You Buy – The car that you drive home in is the vehicle you will be stuck with for at least the next few years. For better or worse, you will be tied to that car for either the duration of your loan, or until you trade it in for something else. Rather than commute to work each day in a car you loathe, stand your ground and buy the vehicle you want to purchase. If you go down to your Chevy dealer intending to buy a family-friendly SUV and leave with a new Camaro, your daily life will be impacted. Just as you shouldn’t let the salesman convince you to spend more money than you are able, you also should not let him talk you into a car you don’t need. As awesome as a new Chevy Camaro is, the sportscar style might not be the best fit for your family. Stand up for yourself and your family, and don’t be talked into buying a car you don’t actually need.
  • It’s Ultimately Your Decision – Some of the most successful car sales associates pride themselves on their ability to change the minds of car shoppers. These are the same people who are handing out high-fives for convincing a new mom with a minimum wage job to spend outside of her comfort zone, because it resulted in a larger commission check. At most dealerships in Ohio, sales teams are largely compensated for their time based on the number of vehicles they sell, and for how much. If you find yourself sitting across from an individual with dollar signs in his or her eyes and no regard for your wants and needs, remember that the decision is ultimately yours to make.

Not Happy? Walk Away!

It seems that more and more car shoppers are unhappy with their dealership experience, but the majority of them don’t do anything to stop it from happening. If you ever feel uncomfortable, unsettled, or insecure during your new or used car transaction – walk away! Until you sign that final paperwork, you are able to get up and walk out. No one wants to spend four hours at a dealership only to get up and leave, but wasting a few hours on a Saturday is enormously better than regretting your new car purchase. No one would ever continue with a sit-down meal at a restaurant if it was found to be spoiled, and the same principle should be applied at car dealerships. If your car buying experience is starting to spoil, or you suspect there might be a proverbial hair in your soup, you should absolutely get up and leave. There are highly reputable Chevy dealers near you that are happy to have your business, and who will treat you with respect and dignity from start to finish.

Find the Right Dealership For You

Finding the right car dealership that you feel comfortable with, is just as important as the vehicle you end up buying. Don’t settle for a location that makes you feel anything less than respected and confident, and only drive home in the new vehicle you are happy with.

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