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Saving Your Chevy Silverado With Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are not a highly advertised feature, but if you do any off-road or even back road driving in your Chevy Silverado, they are an invaluable feature. Not only will a good set of mud flaps reduce the number of trips you need to take to the car wash, but they can even prevent real damage to your truck and trailer from pebbles and other road debris kicked up by your tires. While this might not seem particularly important, this debris can easily damage the paint and coatings on your truck, exposing the bare metal underneath and making it more susceptible to rust. And if you tow anything on an open trailer, then your cargo will also be in the path of this flying debris, possibly resulting in damage to more fragile items. Further, mud flaps are an essential courtesy if you are regularly driving around people and other vehicles in an unpaved environment, such as at a job site. So now that you understand the importance of mud flaps, let us get down to business and give you some pointers on Silverado mud flaps and saving your truck from unnecessary damage.

The first thing to know about mud flaps, which are also commonly referred to as splash guards, is that they come in several different types. They can be made from rigid materials such as polymer and stainless steel, or they can be made from flexible materials such as rubber. The designs also range from custom fit pieces that are intended to be permanently attached to a single vehicle, to universal screwless designs that can be easily attached to and removed from a variety of vehicles, to large hitch mounts that hang from the back of your truck when you are towing. While all of these different types of mud flaps serve the same basic purpose of preventing damage to your truck and the world around you, they all have their own specific niche that they are best suited for. So before heading out and buying a set of mud flaps for your Chevy Silverado, pause and consider what you use your truck for and determine what type of mud flaps are best for your needs.

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Flexible vs Rigid

The single most important decision when shopping for mud flaps is whether you are better off with a rigid design or a flexible design. The factory Chevrolet splash guards for the Silverado are a rigid polymer design, which is the most versatile type of mud flap. However, it is not the best design for all purposes. If you have a Silverado 3500 dually, then you will likely be better off with flexible rear mud flaps. Chevrolet even sells a flexible rubber splash guard from LUVERNE for these trucks. A good set of mud flaps are particularly important for dually trucks since they not only have twice as many wheels kicking up debris, but larger items can even be caught between their rear wheels and then thrown out. And while flexible mud flaps are less durable than rigid ones, they do a better job of absorbing heavy impacts, which is why you will see them on heavy trucks.

Another place where you want to avoid rigid mud flaps is on off-road trucks. This is because ground clearance is vital for good off-road performance and a pair of rigid mud flaps reduces your ground clearance. The last thing you want when negotiating an obstacle or working your way out of deep mud is for your mud flaps to get snagged on something or bury themselves in the ground. Such an occurrence could rip your mud flaps right off or even damage your truck itself. A set of flexible mud flaps, on the other hand, will be able to fold themselves out of the way if they hit anything. However, if you do not have a dually and are not planning on doing any difficult off-roading in your Silverado, then a rigid mud flap will probably be your best choice for keeping your truck safe from debris. Rigid mud flaps provide around the same protection as flexible designs but will generally last longer during normal driving.

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How Many Mud Flaps Do You Need?

Another question that you will have to ask yourself is, how many mud flaps do you want? Most mud flaps are available as pairs, and many drivers will only install them for the rear wheels of their trucks. This is because the rear wheels of a truck are the ones that will kick debris far behind you, potentially damaging your trailer and cargo, following vehicles, or even nearby pedestrians and objects. If protecting your surroundings from flying debris is your primary concern, then only installing a pair of rear mud flaps will be sufficient. This is a particularly good role for trailer hitch mounted mud flaps as these designs are usually larger, and some even cover the entire rear of your Silverado, intercepting all debris. Hitch mounted mud flaps also do not require any alterations to your truck and can be quickly and easily removed for normal driving.

However, if you are interested in mud flaps as a way of saving your truck from damage, then you need to install mud flaps for all four wheels. Although debris kicked up from the front wheels will not usually damage your surroundings, that is because the body of your truck is effectively acting as a giant mud flap. This is fine for keeping flying debris contained, but it will result in damage to your truck’s paint and underbody coatings, likely leading to early rusting. Adding a pair of front mud flaps is an easy way to save your truck from this sort of damage and is a cheap investment compared to the potential repair bill. But your front mud flaps do not have to match your rear mud flaps. In fact, it is quite common to use a smaller or less decorative pair up front, and you may see dually trucks driving with rigid front mud flaps and flexible rear mud flaps.

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Aftermarket Options

Even after you have figured out the type and number of mud flaps that you want on your Silverado, you will still be faced with a vast number of options. The easiest route is, of course, to simply visit the Chevy website or your local Chevy dealer and choose a factory set that fits your needs. However, Chevrolet only has a limited selection of Silverado mud flaps, and you might not find any that suit your taste. In this case, you will be forced to venture into the vast world of aftermarket mud flaps. These can range from cheap products found at your local box store or favorite online retailer to expensive custom mud flaps made to your exact specifications by a specialty company. As with any automobile accessory, do your research and remember that you will usually get what you pay for.

One tip is to look for “no drill” mud flaps designed to fit your Silverado model and year. These will have holes pre-drilled in them that match the wheel well screw pattern on your truck. This makes installation a breeze as you can simply remove the screws from your truck, put the mud flaps in place, and then reattach the factory screws. If you instead opt for a set of universal mud flaps, then installation can be more involved and will require measuring and drilling the holes for yourself. On some designs, you will even need to drill additional holes in your truck, so be sure to read over the installation instructions before you buy if you are not comfortable with doing that.

Whichever route you choose to go, visit us at McCluskey Chevrolet in Cincinnati, OH, to discuss the Silverado mud flaps that will work with your truck and your needs.

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