2019 Chevy Silverado vs 2019 Toyota Tundra – Cincinnati, OH

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  • 2019 Chevy Silverado

    A grey 2019 Chevy Silverado is facing left.

    Starting at


    2019 Toyota Tundra

    A silver 2019 Toyota Tundra is facing right.

    Starting at


    285-420 HPHorsepower310-381 HP
    305-460 lb-ftTorque327-401 lb-ft
    16/21-20/23 MPGFuel Efficiency15/19-13/18 MPG
    7,600-12,500 LBSTowing Capacity6,800-10,100 LBS

    A lot of professionals, especially people who work in trades, find that a mid-size truck is too small for what they need but also see the numbers for a heavy-duty pickup as being much more than what they are looking for. In these cases, a full-size pickup that is not a heavy-duty model is the perfect choice. With so many full-size trucks out there, however, it can be hard to choose, so looking at two trucks like the 2019 Chevy Silverado vs 2019 Toyota Tundra can be quite helpful.

    While these are both excellent trucks that can get a lot of work done, there are quite a few ways where the Chevy Silverado proves itself to be superior. For one thing, the Silverado starts off at a lower price than the Toyota Tundra, while also providing far more options for different engines and overall configurations. Beyond simple options, however, the 2019 Chevy Silverado has more powerful engines available than the 2019 Toyota Tundra, which means it has a higher maximum towing capacity and payload.

    The good news is that both of these trucks have great interior technology and safety features, though there are some ways the Silverado pulls ahead at higher trim levels. In particular, the driver information display is larger in the Silverado and it has an available head-up display, which the Tundra lacks. All in all, these are both great trucks, but the 2019 Chevy Silverado is simply a better choice for a lot of people in need of a powerful full-size pickup without going all the way up to a heavy-duty model.

  • Performance

    A red 2019 Silverado TrailBoss is driving on a dirt road.
    First things first, the 2019 Chevy Silverado has many more engine options available than the 2019 Toyota Tundra does. With the Silverado, there are currently four different engines available to choose from, though of course these are restricted based on different trim levels. Meanwhile, the Tundra has only two different engines, though the better engine is also available with E85 Flex Fuel support on a couple of trim levels.

    The four engines for the 2019 Chevy Silverado start off with a 4.3L engine that includes active fuel management and provides up to 285 hp and 305 lb-ft of torque, with a six-speed automatic transmission. There is also an available 2.7L Turbo engine with active fuel management, which provides up to 310 hp and 348 lb-ft of torque and has an eight-speed automatic transmission.

    From there you can step up to a 5.3L V8 with either dynamic or active fuel management, which offers up to 355 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque and can come with either a six-speed or eight-speed automatic transmission. Finally, the highest trim levels with 4WD have an available 6.2L V8 engine with dynamic fuel management. This beast provides up to 420 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque and has a 10-speed automatic transmission for truly impressive performance.

    The two engines available with the 2019 Toyota Tundra start off with a 4.6L V8 engine that provides up to 310 hp and 327 lb-ft of torque. As you can see, this is superior to the starting engine for the Silverado, but offers less torque than the first upgrade from Chevy. The other engine is a 5.7L V8 that provides up to 381 hp and 401 lb-ft of torque, which falls well short of the best engine on the 2019 Chevy Silverado. It should also be noted that regardless of engine, the Tundra is only available with a six-speed automatic transmission.

  • Towing and Payload Capacity

    A black 2019 Chevy Silverado, which wins when comparing the 2019 Chevy Silverado vs 2019 Toyota Tundra, is towing an enclosed trailer.
    Since the 2019 Chevy Silverado has more powerful engines available than the 2019 Toyota Tundra, you would expect it to offer greater muscle for hauling cargo around; you would be right. While it is important to remember that towing capacity and maximum payload vary with different configurations, engines, and trim levels, looking at maximum values gives you a sense of what each truck can do. Just be sure to verify the actual performance offered by any specific truck before making a purchase to be sure it can handle what you need.

    The 2019 Chevy Silverado, when properly configured and equipped, has a maximum towing capacity of up to 12,200 lbs. By comparison, the maximum towing capacity of the 2019 Toyota Tundra when properly equipped is only 10,200 lbs. To be fair, that is still quite impressive for a non-heavy-duty pickup truck. However, those 2,000 lbs. will certainly make a big difference when loading up a trailer with lumber, drywall, or other building materials.

    In terms of maximum payload these two trucks can handle, the 2019 Chevy Silverado comes out on top again with up to 2,250 lbs. possible. On the other hand, the 2019 Toyota Tundra can handle only up to 1,730 lbs. of payload at its best. That is more than 500 lbs. of difference, which is no small thing when it comes to how much you can load up in the bed and cabin of your pickup. Those 500 lbs could mean the difference between making only one trip or having to make two with stuff in the bed, or make it a lot easier to load up for a weekend camping trip.

  • Interior Features

    The black interior of a 2019 Chevy Silverado is shown.
    Both the 2019 Chevy Silverado and the 2019 Toyota Tundra have solid tech features and options inside, but the Silverado simply offers more. While one or two of these features might not be a huge difference, when taken as a total they make driving the Silverado a much more enjoyable experience. Keep in mind that available and standard features will vary with different trim levels in both of these trucks, but these are the best options they offer.

    The Silverado has an available 8-inch Infotainment system with HD radio and an available Bose Premium 7-speaker sound system. There is an available wireless charging area for compatible devices, 10-way power adjustable driver and front passenger seats, and an available 8-inch digital driver information display. The 2019 Chevy Silverado also has an available 15-inch diagonal head-up display that can project useful information, such as speed and navigation, onto the windshield for easier viewing.

    While the 2019 Toyota Tundra has good features inside, they fall short of what the Silverado has to offer. The Tundra has an available 7-inch Infotainment system with an available Premium JBL speaker system. There is an available 12-way power adjustable driver’s seat, but only an available 6-way power adjustable front passenger seat. The best driver information display with the 2019 Toyota Tundra is only 4-inches in size, half that of the 2019 Chevy Silverado, and there is no option for a head-up display.

  • Safety

    A blue 2019 Chevy Silverado is driving through town near Cincinnati, OH.
    Great safety features are the most important thing any vehicle can have. No amount of power or towing capacity can make up for a truck that cannot keep you and others safe on the road. Fortunately, these are both very safe vehicles with a lot of great features available on them.

    The 2019 Chevy Silverado has StabiliTrak with stability control and electronic trailer sway control, plus numerous airbags. It has available front and rear park assist, an available HD rear vision camera, and hitch guidance for when you are hooking up a trailer or camper for towing. The Silverado also features an available rear cross traffic alert, lane change alert with side blind zone alert, and even a teen driver system. This lets you assign certain keys for a teen driver, which then enables and disables systems to encourage safe habits and gives you an in-vehicle report you can use to address problem areas in their driving.

    On the other hand, the 2019 Toyota Tundra has vehicle stability control with traction control and smart stop technology. The Toyota Safety Sense package includes a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, lane departure alert with sway warning, and automatic high beams. Front and rear park assist, a blind spot monitor, and rear cross-traffic alert are also available with the Tundra and it has numerous airbags, though it lacks the teen driver system in the Silverado.

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