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2022 Chevy Bolt EV for Sale in Cincinnati, OH

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  • Overview

    A white 2022 Chevy Bolt EV 2LT is angled left.

    Chevrolet has staked out a position as one of the automotive industry's leaders in the development of alternative fuel vehicles, especially electric vehicles (EVs). Going back to the introduction of the Chevy EV1 in 1997, Chevy has been at the forefront of building advanced electric vehicles to reduce gasoline usage and protect the environment. The company took a great leap forward in 2017 when it introduced the Bolt EV, its first fully electric vehicle available for public sale. This sporty and spacious electric hatchback is now ready to enter its second generation with the fully-redesigned 2022 Chevy Bolt EV.

    The new Chevy Bolt EV continues the tradition of technological innovation, active safety features, dependability, and affordability that are the hallmarks of the Chevy brand. The new Bolt EV has a sleeker and more futuristic look, as well as a number of other enhancements that are sure to delight drivers looking for an EV. This redesigned vehicle provides all the features you desire at a price that is much more affordable than the EVs from Chevy's competitors.


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  • Performance

    Two pale blue and silver 2022 Chevy Bolt EVs are driving on an empty highway.


    The 2022 Chevy Bolt EV operates off of a 65 kWh lithium-ion battery pack with 288 active fuel cells. This battery pack powers a permanent magnetic drive motor capable of producing 200 horsepower and generating 266 pounds to feet of torque, providing you with solid acceleration on the highway. Chevy utilizes an active thermal management system that uses vehicle coolant to keep the Bolt EV's battery at the proper operating temperature.

    The Bolt EV utilizes a new electronic transmission selector to switch between drive, reverse, park, and neutral. However, it does not actually have a transmission. The electric motor has direct gearing to the drive wheels, so you will never feel the vehicle shifting between gears.


    The 2022 Chevy Bolt EV has an estimated range of 259 miles on a fully charged battery. This will allow you to use your Bolt EV on long road trips without worrying about having to spend too much time locating available charging stations. Nevertheless, Chevy offers Energy Assist with the all-new Bolt EV, a smartphone app that helps you locate the nearest charging station in real-time, as well as calculate the most efficient path to get there.

    While there is a paddle on the Bolt EV's steering wheel, it is not a paddle shifter for the transmission. Instead, it activates Regen On Demand, allowing you to convert kinetic energy into charge for the battery. Simply pull on the paddle, and energy will be redirected to charging the battery as the vehicle slows down.


    Chevy has made DC Fast Charging standard on the 2022 Bolt EV, so you will have access to the over 4,400 DC Fast Charging stations operating in the United States today. When using DC Fast Charging, you can add up to 100 miles of driving range to your Bolt EV in just 30 minutes of charging. However, you will most likely find yourself charging your Bolt EV at home in your driveway or garage.

    The included Dual Level Charge Cord is compatible with standard 120V outlets (Level 1) as well as easily-installed 240V outlets (Level 2). Chevy has teamed up with Qmerit to offer eligible customers Level 2 charging capability at their homes, a great benefit when owning an EV. For those who charge at home, Level 1 charging will add 4 miles of range in roughly one hour of charge time, which means charging overnight is enough to cover the average daily commute. If you choose Level 2 charging, you can give your Bolt EV's battery a full 259-mile charge in only 7 hours.


    The 2022 Chevy Bolt EV rides on a set of Michelin Energy Saver A/S 215/50R17 all-season tires fitted to its 17-inch aluminum wheels. The front suspension is independent MacPherson struts with a direct-acting solid stabilizer bar, giving the Bolt EV's front-wheel drive more traction and control. The rear suspension is a compound crank torsion beam with coil springs, making for a soft and pleasant ride for you and your passengers. The Bolt EV has a 102.4-inch wheelbase with a 34.8-foot turning radius, giving you excellent maneuverability in your Bolt EV and makes it easy to park.

    One of the most enjoyable performance features on the 2022 Bolt EV is One Pedal Driving. This allows you to speed up or slow down without having to step on the brakes. You can slow the Bolt EV down or even bring it to a complete stop simply by taking your foot off the accelerator pedal. This is not only convenient but also helps the charging system recapture energy.

  • Features

    The black dashboard and interior of a 2022 Chevy Bolt EV is shown.


    The all-new 2022 Chevy Bolt EV comes with a surprisingly low price tag. The MSRP on the base model Bolt EV 1LT is only $31,995. This is a $4,500 price drop when compared to the 2021 model. It is a testament to Chevy's dedication to its customers that it is actually offering a new generation with more features at a lower MSRP than the last version of the prior generation.

    The Bolt EV 1LT features LED headlights, the Chevy Safety Assist suite of active safety features, and the Chevy Infotainment 3 system on a huge 10.2-inch color touchscreen. This is the largest touchscreen offered as standard equipment on any Chevy model, tying with the 10.2-inch screens in the redesigned 2021 Tahoe and Suburban. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on the Chevy Infotainment 3 system now connects wirelessly with your smartphone, so the connection is automatic. The higher trim 2022 Chevy Bolt EV 2LT adds leather seats, a power 8-way driver seat, and additional active safety features, for an MSRP of $35,195.

    Passenger Capacity

    Many people associate alternative energy cars and EVs with a compromise where passenger space comes out on the short end of the stick. They think that EVs make you put up with cramped space and little legroom in order to get the benefits of better fuel economy and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, this is not the case with the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV, which has plenty of room for up to five passengers to sit comfortably, even on the longest rides.

    There is a full 93.9 cubic feet of passenger space in the interior of the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV. This translates into 40.1 inches of headroom, 44.3 inches of legroom, 54.6 inches of shoulder room, and 51.3 inches of hip room for the two front-row passengers. The three passengers in the rear row will also be able to stretch out, as the 2022 Bolt EV provides 37.9 inches of headroom, 36 inches of legroom, 52.8 inches of shoulder room, and 50.6 inches of hip room in the Bolt EV's back seat.

    Cargo Space

    The 2022 Chevy Bolt EV provides a sizable 16.6 cubic feet of rear cargo space in a trunk that is easily accessible through the vehicle's hatchback. This space expands to a spacious 57 cubic feet by folding down the rear seats. While it may be a compact electric vehicle, the new Bolt EV provides more cargo space than many SUVs.

  • Safety

    A pale blue 2022 Chevy Bolt EV is parked on a beach.

    Chevrolet has truly gone the extra mile when equipping the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV with standard safety features. In addition to a full complement of airbags, anti-lock disc brakes, and a standard rear vision camera, Chevy has given the Bolt EV the Chevy Safety Assist suite of six advanced active safety features standard.

    Active Safety

    Automatic Emergency Braking will allow the system to engage the brakes when it detects an imminent impact. Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning will help you keep from drifting into other lanes when driving your Bolt EV on the highway. It will gently provide steering wheel nudges to keep you in your lane while also providing an audio alarm if you drift over the lines. The Following Distance Indicator will tell you the stopping distance between you and the car you are following so that you can adjust your speed to avoid a collision.

    Forward Collision Alert will sound an alarm if the system detects a potential collision with a vehicle in front of you so that you can take evasive action or brake to mitigate the effects of a crash. Front Pedestrian Braking will automatically apply the brakes if the system detects a pedestrian in front of the past of your Bolt EV. Finally, IntelliBeam Auto High Beam Assist will automatically turn your high beam headlights on when the system detects you are driving in a particularly dark area. It will then turn them off again if it determines there is sufficient light or detects oncoming traffic.

    Optional Features

    The 2022 Chevy Bolt EV 2LT adds three additional safety features. HD Surround Vision provides more areas to view on your touchscreen, making lane changing and parking more convenient. Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone will alert you if there is any traffic in your blind spots when you are changing lanes on the highway. Finally, Rear Park Assist makes parallel parking easier by helping guide into even the tightest spots. All of these features enhance the already exceptional standard safety systems on the Bolt EV, better protecting you and your passengers.

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