2022 Chevy Corvette

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  • Overview

    A red 2022 Chevy Corvette 3LT is angled left.

    The Chevy Corvette has a long history of variances, the Stingray being one of the most well-known. With that said, the “Stingray” title is not news to the Corvette fanbase. The original Corvette Stingray lineup began years ago with the second-generation or “C2'' Corvette, which ran from 1963 to 1967. These models were known to hit 60 MPH in as little as 5.8 seconds, so it’s easy to see that the Stingray packed a punch from its start. By 2014, the Corvette Stingray stepped up the game, reaching 60 MPH in as little as 3.8 seconds. As impressive as these stats are, we can’t wait to tell you what the 2022 Chevy Corvette can do now.

    Since we’ve seen how quick that older Corvette models were, it comes as no surprise when we tell you that the new 2022 Chevy Corvette can hit 60 MPH in only 2.9 seconds, making it the most powerful model yet. This 2022 Vette packs 495 horsepower with 470 pound-feet of torque, ready to blast the doors off its competitors. As exciting as this is, the Corvette’s aerodynamic design, mixed with its performance specs and killer good looks, are only part of what makes it an ideal sports car.

    That’s what leads us to its technology. Another important factor that makes the 2022 Corvette so special is its unique technological advances. When you opt for a new Vette, you gain a Data Recorder, up to 12 different drive mode variations, and Front Life Technology. Your money is NOT being spent on performance and aesthetics alone. There are many more handy tech features to go along with these.


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  • Performance

    An orange 2022 Chevy Corvette is shown driving over a teal bridge.

    It's Not a True Sports Car Without Good Performance Specs

    When you’re buying a sports car, nothing matters more than performance specs do. The 2022 Corvette was designed specifically with performance in mind, so while it’s fun to look at from the outside, it’s even more fun to be behind the wheel. While the Chevy Camaro comes with multiple engine options to appease differing crowds, the 2022 Chevy Corvette is designed specifically with speedsters in mind.

    No matter what trim you choose, you get the same standard 6.2-liter V8 engine. While this model’s top 0 to 60 speed is recorded at 2.9 seconds, test drives have seen it go as low as 2.8 seconds when paired with the Z51 Performance Package. Despite its large engine, the Corvette can still reach around 24 MPG on the highway, averaging out at 19 MPG combined. While these stats are important, the 2022 Chevy Corvette offers several performance perks in addition to its speed and fuel economy.

    First off, let’s take a look at its Magnetic Ride Control feature. Put simply; this feature is a General Motors-specific suspension technology. Every 5 milliseconds, Magnetic Ride Control reads the road conditions, adjusting suspension accordingly. For example, when you hit a bump, your suspension will automatically adjust to better handle the impact. When the roadways are smooth, the Vette’s suspension will detect this condition just the same and adjust accordingly.

    Optimize Your Driving

    This is only the beginning when it comes to the Corvette and road conditions. There are also up to twelve available “drive modes” that come with the Vette, including an option to personally customize your own settings. The 6 standard modes include the following:

    • Tour Mode
    • Weather Mode
    • Z-Mode
    • Track Mode
    • Sport Mode
    • “My Mode”

    Each of these modes includes specific settings to match certain conditions, with the exception of “My Mode.” When you go with “My Mode,” you can adjust 12 different variables on your own to create your ideal driving condition. Just make sure you know what each variable means, as this mode is designed for sports car extraordinaires.

    Tour Mode is essentially your “Normal Mode.” It’s best for casual cruising and everyday driving. As expected, Weather Mode is made for slick roads, whether the culprit is rain, snow, or ice, and even standing water. Just make sure not to go through high waters or floodwaters, of course. This drive mode is designed for preventative measures rather than emergency-related conditions, so don’t use it if the Corvette gets stuck in the snow or mud.

    Z-Mode is essentially the same thing as My Mode, except it lets you choose your powertrain settings as well. This is a way to further customize your driving experience. Track Mode is obviously used for track driving and racing. This is not a mode you want to use on the road. It’s designed specifically for circuit driving, as it helps the Vette manage tight turns at high speeds. Outside of a track setting, it is not safe to test the Corvette’s limits.

    When you want to handle tight turns on public roads, kick it into Sport Mode. This keeps the clutch in a lower gear while you utilize the Vette’s strengths. The best part about this mode is that it won’t hog all your gas power if you’re not actively using it. When you stop using the Sport Mode’s features, the Corvette will automatically go back into its normal Tour Mode, saving from unnecessary fuel usage.

  • Technology

    A close up shows the center console, gear selector, and buttons on the center console of a 2022 Chevy Corvette.

    Technology Beyond the Expected

    All modern vehicles include handy tech and convenience features that make driving fun and entertaining. While the 2022 Chevy Corvette includes several common tech features such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a touchscreen infotainment system, its Performance Data Recorder is what makes it stand out from the crowd.

    Remember those racing video games from the late 1990s and early 2000s? You could see the road view straight from the cockpit and watch recaps of your performances? Well, those memories just became realities. The Corvette’s Performance Data Recorder or PDR brings your childhood dreams to life through its built-in dashcam with customizable metrics. Not only does this system monitor your distance and time, it can record specific lap metrics when you’re on the track. Using location data, this feature knows exactly when you cross the finish line, and it keeps track of each lap, delivering time stamps, speeds, RPMs, and more. When you don’t want data overlay, though, you can go without it by choosing “Touring Mode” and using the system as a basic dashcam.

    The best part of it all? You get to feel like a real-life NASCAR driver, thanks to the PDR’s built-in microphone feature. You don’t have to wait and record overlay later with the ability to add real-time commentary during your laps. The PDR’s standard SD card slot allows you to record up to 13 hours of driving which can be easily transferred to your computer or mobile device for editing.

    Ingenuitive Design and the Comfort Features You Want

    Sports cars are known for their low-profile design, which is great on the highway but may cause issues on backroads and bad roadways. This is why the Corvette’s Front Lift technology is another handy feature that is available as an option. This feature monitors the area and, when necessary, will lift the Vette’s front end up to two inches. This helps prevent scraping and front-end damage due to uneven roadways and unexpected bumps.

    The 2022 Chevy Corvette includes several comfort and convenience tech features as well, including three different seating options, heated and ventilated seating, and USB ports with an audio input jack. Unlike regular vehicles, the Vette’s interior is based on a fighter jet design, making it easy to navigate. This unique design also gives the driver more space, which is used to make the cabin feel less compact.

  • Exterior

    A blue 2022 Chevy Corvette is shown from behind parked on tarmac.

    Classic, Aggressive, Sporty, and Cool

    Second to performance, a sports car’s exterior appeal is one of its most important assets. The 2022 Chevy Corvette's exterior matches its classic style while adding three new colors into the mix. The 2022 Vette’s three new colors include Hypersonic Gray, Amplify Orange, and Caffeine Metallic. However, the Corvette also includes the unique IMSA GTLM Championship Edition package. This package is only available on 1,000 2022 Chevy Corvette models, and it offers a yellow and gray aesthetic.

    Buyers can choose from either Hypersonic Gray with yellow accents or Accelerate Yellow with gray accents, with the first color being the dominant and the second being the accent color. The mirrors offer Carbon Flash rather than Hypersonic Gray, which is a much darker shade. The package also includes black wheels, skulls on the center caps, and yellow brake calipers to match the package’s Accelerate Yellow shade. Overall, the new 2022 Corvette Stingray comes with several color customization options.

    The new Corvette also includes two different wheel sizes on one model, with 19-inch front wheels and 20-inch rear wheels. Part of what makes this car so unique is its absence of visual hatch and hood handles. These handles are still easy to access, but they’re hidden, giving the Vette an even sleeker appearance. So, you have plenty of options to enhance the already unique and sleek styling of the Corvette to fit your tastes.

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