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2024 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD ZR2

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  • Overview

    A grey 2024 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD ZR2 is shown angled left.

    Chevrolet continues to surprise us, redefining our idea of what a pickup truck should be. For decades, trucks were utilitarian workhorses with functional designs meant to get a job done. They weren't designed for luxury and didn't offer innovative technology to heighten our experience behind the wheel. At the time, drivers were simply happy to have an alternative to the trusty steed. Fortunately, these bare-bones models starkly contrast models like the 2024 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD ZR2, a truck that offers brute strength on and off the pavement.

    The Silverado's history in the Chevy lineup began in the late 1990s when Chevrolet introduced the Silverado as the more modern alternative to the C/K Series. Today, the 2024 Silverado 2500 HD ZR2 marks another chapter in the truck's history by blending the capability expected of a heavy-duty workhorse with the ability to passionately and excitedly answer the call of the wild. As a result, Chevrolet doesn't ask drivers to choose or settle between a work partner and an adventurer. Instead, the Silverado 2500 HD ZR2 offers the best of both worlds.

    With its race-proven off-road technologies, rugged design, affordable price tag, and many comforts, the 2024 Silverado 2500 HD ZR2 is the complete package. It marks the first time in history that a heavy-duty truck gets the ZR2 treatment in the Chevy fleet, and drivers will never look back. It's everything you imagine a heavy-duty truck should be and more because it knows few limitations, never breaks a sweat, and is always ready for what's around the corner. Here's a closer look at what makes it so extraordinary, from its potent powertrain and the iconic ZR2 treatment to its functional and tech-savvy features, all promising to transform your time in the driver's seat for every rugged mile ahead.


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  • Off-Roading

    A grey 2024 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD ZR2 is shown from the side while off-roading.

    The 2024 Silverado 2500 HD ZR2 is Chevrolet's flagship heavy-duty adventurer, rolling off the production line with everything you need to get the job done before exploring the great outdoors. Built on the same high-strength steel frame as the rest of the heavy-duty fleet, the Silverado HD ZR2 is available as a Crew Cab and is powered by a standard 6.6L V8 engine or 6.6L Duramax Turbo-Diesel. These powertrains ensure the truck has the horsepower and torque to venture off the pavement—but the real magic happens behind the scenes with the truck's off-road components.

    Chevrolet partnered with Multimatic to develop the racing-inspired spool-valve dampers for the Colorado ZR2. The 2024 Silverado HD ZR2 enjoys the perks of that partnership, with the Multimatic DSSV dampers heightening the truck's performance in every condition. Rather than relying on shim-style dampers, the spool valves offer more variability and are responsive to the situation. As a result, the Silverado HD ZR2 delivers the same exceptional performance regardless of the terrain. Moreover, it keeps you in control as you move from the pavement to the trail—a feat few other automakers have accomplished.

    The Silverado HD ZR2's off-road components extend beyond its dampers to its upper and lower front control arms, exclusive steering knuckles, and rear e-locker that improve its agility and articulation off the pavement. Chevrolet gives you the confidence to push the Silverado HD ZR2 to its limits in these conditions by outfitting the underbody with skid plates, protecting vital components like the transfer case. Moreover, 35-inch Goodyear Wrangler Territory MT tires and the factory-installed 1.5-inch suspension lift heighten the truck's ground clearance to 11.6 inches, with an approach angle of 32.5 degrees, a departure angle of 25.7 degrees, and a breakover angle of 21.2 degrees, all proving the Silverado HD's readiness to explore the unknown.

  • Performance

    A red 2024 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD ZR2 Bison is shown from the front at an angle.

    The 2024 Silverado 2500 HD ZR2 is, first and foremost, a workhorse, with Chevrolet designing the truck to live up to its heavy-duty name. However, Chevrolet also proves that the truck's brute strength gives it an advantage off the pavement and can help drivers answer the call of the wild. As a result, the Silverado HD ZR2 is an all-around road warrior that never falters when it's time for work or adventure.

    Chevrolet guarantees as much by equipping the 2024 Silverado HD ZR2 with its proven 6.6L V8 engine and Allison ten-speed automatic transmission. The Allison transmission ensures smooth gear changes as the V8 produces 401 hp and 464 lb-ft of torque, an impressive output that makes the heavy-duty truck agile and responsive at any speed. Moreover, the gas powertrain gives the Silverado HD ZR2 its highest payload capacity of 3,397 lbs and a trailering maximum of 16,000 lbs with a conventional trailer or 18,070 lbs with a fifth wheel or gooseneck hitch. As a result, you can tow heavy equipment for work throughout the week and then pull the family camper to the lake for the weekend without missing a beat. It's the embodiment of "work hard, play harder."

    The Silverado HD ZR2 with its gas powertrain is impressive, but Chevrolet's proven Duramax Turbo-Diesel easily outperforms it. This 6.6L V8 diesel powerplant takes the Silverado HD ZR2 to the next level, churning out 470 hp and a staggering 975 lb-ft of torque. With a higher torque output, the Duramax ensures the Silverado HD ZR2 can easily handle heavier loads. Those loads range from an 18,100-lb fifth wheel trailer to an 18,500-lb conventional trailer. With a larger towing capacity and a slightly lighter payload of 3,193 lbs, the diesel-powered Silverado HD ZR2 is the ultimate work partner and adventurer.

  • Functionality

    The black interior of a 2024 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD ZR2 is shown from above the center console.

    The Silverado HD is renowned as one of the best-selling heavy-duty trucks in the industry. Chevrolet ensures the 2024 Silverado HD ZR2 lives up to that reputation by outfitting it with a host of functional and tech-savvy features that heighten your experience in the driver's seat. These features run the entire spectrum of the Multi-Flex tailgate and class-leading DuraBed to expansive digital displays and trailering technology.

    As a workhorse, the Silverado HD ZR2 offers the most functional and versatile bed in the segment with the DuraBed cargo box. The DuraBed design utilizes every inch of space to improve how you use it, from offering a dozen standard tie-downs to a corner step rear bumper and a 120-volt power outlet for charging small equipment and tools. In addition, the bed complements the available Multi-Flex tailgate, a revolutionary feature that offers six unique functions to improve how you access and use the bed. For example, the inner gate folds into a flat work surface and features a load stop to secure second-tier items. You can also unfold the gate into a full-width step that can support 375 lbs or use the primary gate load stop to hold longer items—like lumber, pipe, or rebar—in place.

    These functional features work with the Silverado HD ZR2's expansive suite of technology, from the camera system that provides various views around the truck and your trailer to the 15-inch Head-Up Display (HUD) that keeps your focus on the road and offers an off-road inclinometer to give you more insight into the ZR2's performance on the trail. You'll also enjoy an expansive 13.4-inch digital touchscreen display and a 12.3-inch configurable driver information center. The infotainment system keeps you connected and informed, offering Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, Bluetooth capability, SiriusXM entertainment, built-in navigation, and trailering tools that give you the confidence you need when towing heavy loads.

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