2025 Chevy Tahoe

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  • Overview

    A black 2025 Chevy Tahoe Z71 on a white background.

    The ever-popular Chevy Tahoe will return for the 2025 model year, continuing a legacy of excellence in the full-size SUV space. For three decades, drivers who need seating for up to eight passengers, an ultra-smooth ride in rough terrain, terrific safety features, strong towing capabilities, and optimal comfort features have turned to the Tahoe.

    For the 2025 model year, Chevy has fine-tuned many of the features that drivers already loved, making the Tahoe a truly stand-out model in the full-size SUV arena. They’ve also added some new features that we would be thrilled to show you. So, if you’re looking for one of the most trusted names in the full-size market, check out the 2025 Chevy Tahoe.

    For now, let’s take a look at some of the highlights drivers can look forward to in the 2025 Chevy Tahoe. We think Tahoe loyalists will still recognize the model they’ve always loved, while drivers new to this nameplate might convert to the Tahoe for the 2025 iteration.




    Towing (lbs)


    Cargo Space (cu.ft.)

    Starting at

    $59,000 est. [a]

  • Performance

    A teal 2025 Chevy Tahoe Z71 driving on a rocky beach.


    Chevy pulled out all the stops in the performance category this year. The Tahoe has always been known for its powerful and dynamic engine options, and the 2025 model will be no different. Well, actually, it will be better than ever! That’s because drivers will get access to the available second-generation 3.0L Turbo-Diesel engine.

    The re-tuned turbo-diesel engine will increase horsepower by 10% and torque by 7.6% compared to the 2024 model. So, if you plan on utilizing the Tahoe’s impressive towing power, you won’t feel a lag when going uphill or pushing it to its limits. Of course, as a diesel engine, this powertrain gets solid fuel economy figures. If you’re an adventurous driver who needs a vehicle that’s both powerful and easy on fuel consumption, you’ll love this new engine option. The re-tuned Turbo-Diesel will be paired with a ten-speed automatic transmission and is available on all 2025 Tahoe trims.

    Chevy is sticking with what works on the other powertrain options. Drivers can still get the 5.3L V8 and the 6.2L V8. Drivers have a nice variety of powertrains to choose from between these three engines, meaning you can decide what capabilities you prioritize.


    You’ll always enjoy a smooth, controlled ride in the Tahoe because Chevy has kept the popular Air Ride Adaptive Suspension and Magnetic Ride Control system available. The Air Ride Adaptive Suspension offers automatic load-leveling and ride-height adjustment, so you can increase the ride height to tackle off-road environments with ease or decrease it for better aerodynamics at high speeds. Plus, you can adjust the height to make passenger exit and entry easier.

    The Magnetic Ride Control constantly monitors the road, adjusting the damping response appropriately according to road conditions. What you and your passengers experience, then, is a totally smooth ride, even on uneven roads. It can also reduce body roll and pitch during sudden maneuvers to boost safety.

    Those interested in off-road performance will like knowing the Z71 trim remains, and it has skid plates and a high-approach fascia. You can tackle uneven surfaces with more confidence, knowing the undercarriage will remain protected with these features. Feel secure, powerful, and comfortable in the 2025 Tahoe—a performance superstar.

  • Technology

    The black interior of a 2025 Chevy Tahoe Z71.


    We know drivers are always eager to check out the tech in new Chevys. The 2025 Tahoe is rich with great tech features. One of these is the best-in-class 17.7-inch infotainment system, an ultra-wide display screen where you can see your navigation, incoming calls, playlist info, and so much more. This is larger than some laptops, bringing a truly elevated in-vehicle technology experience.

    The large infotainment screen will be paired with an 11.0-inch driver information center, where you’ll see important vehicle, journey, and navigation information. It feels as if everywhere you look in the Tahoe, you’re greeted with sleek and massive screens.

    Chevy has also redone some design elements to make the driver’s headquarters feel more modern and spacious. One of these includes the position of the infotainment screen, which has been slanted for better visibility. You’ll also find a nice balance of physical and digital controls that make every system feel easy to command, both for you and your front-seat passenger.


    Now, let’s talk about the new camera system. Chevy has added a new Connected Cameras array that empowers drivers to monitor the interior and exterior of their Tahoe remotely. This means that you can record incidents such as theft, vandalism, and collisions that happen when your vehicle is parked, and this will increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve from your insurance company or responsible parties.

    The 2025 Tahoe will retain the standard Chevy Safety Assist suite of driver assistance features. That means having features like lane keep assist, forward collision alert, lane departure warning, front pedestrian detection, and other features that can help reduce the chances or severity of a crash. Chevy’s hands-free driving system, Super Cruise, remains an option, too, to take over steering, braking, accelerating, and lane changing on compatible roads. Enjoy the peace of mind you’ve always loved in the Tahoe on a whole new level with the 2025 model.

  • Interior

    The brown leather interior and seatback media screens in a 2025 Chevy Tahoe.


    Seeing that the Tahoe is a people-hauler at its core, we have to look at its comfort and convenience features. The 2025 Tahoe will not disappoint drivers. Chevy fully redesigned the Tahoe's interior to make it feel more roomy and sophisticated. They intentionally lowered the instrument panel and created sweeping lines for an airy cockpit feel.

    There is also a redesigned center console with new storage possibilities for keeping road trip and carpool essentials nearby. Plus, the wireless charging pad has been put in a more convenient place for cord-free powering of your devices.

    Depending on the trim you select, you might get some of the refreshed style details, like the Victory Red stitching on the RST trim and the Jet Black and Sky Cool Gray interior on the Premier trim. Throughout the trim lineup, you can find things like more soft-touch parts and chrome details for an aesthetic that’s modern but inviting. The luxury High Country trim gets authentic wood decor and perforated leather seating, too.

    If the cabin sounds super quiet, that’s because it is. Chevy added new sound absorption materials to the 2025 Tahoe for the ultimate peaceful driving experience. Whether you have kids trying to nap or adults trying to unwind, everyone will appreciate the serene interior.

    As has always been the case with the Tahoe, the 2025 model can be ordered in a seven- or eight-person configuration. Opt for a second-row bench seat for the full eight seats or second-row captain’s chairs for a spacious center aisle and seven seats.

    On days your arms are too full to manually open the trunk, the AutoSense liftgate will automatically open for you. All you have to do is have your keyfob on your body; the vehicle will sense it and activate the trunk. The 2025 Tahoe retains the classic comfort we love with design touches that bring it into the current year for a vehicle that’s great for riders of all ages.

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