Out with the Old, in with the New


Many Chevy cars have become classics throughout the years. Cars like the Corvette have made their mark on automotive history due to their consistent, reliable performance and driving experience. More than that, however, these cars put their owners in a unique group of people who value the things Chevy embraces through their automotive design. Since the start of the company in 1911, this has never changed.

Still, Chevy long realized you have to change to survive. With new styles and technologies always on the horizon, any company that doesn’t mix things up every now and then will be left behind. With that in mind, Chevy has once again introduced a set of small and large changes to each model in its lineup for 2018.

Don’t expect any major, mindblowing updates for this year. Chevy has taken the time to update some features and trims for most of its cars, but it is already working with a successful recipe from the past couple of years. From the popular trucks to family-friendly sedans, the whole lineup is more streamlined and geared towards what customers, new and old alike, want from these reliable vehicles.

Here are some of the changes you should expect from Chevy for 2018.


Out with the Old, in with the New

Having a vehicle lineup is like running a football team. Every now and then, before or during the game, you need to switch things up in order to get the most from your team. While Chevy has kept all of its star players such as the Camaro, Silverado, and Corvette, it has taken the time to make a subtle-but-important shift with two of its models.

First, Chevy is now saying goodbye to the SS (Sports Sedan). This four-door coupe never received the same amount of attention as other cars, but it did manage to carve out a small piece of the Chevy pie for itself. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to survive. Due to poor sales over the past few years, the car has now gone to that place in the clouds all automotive relics will eventually end up.

To replace the SS, Chevy has shrunk the Equinox into a compact crossover that virtually turns it into a brand new vehicle. With a smaller engine, greater fuel efficiency, and a design geared for the daily commute, the Equinox offers many of the same benefits of the SS with a more successful model history. The price tag is also affordable for people wanting an SUV with the budget for a normal sedan.



Chevy has started this habit of introducing performance-oriented trims of the already powerful and agile Camaro trim line in recent years. For 2018, the car company continues this trend while tidying up previous introductions. The new ZL1 1LE combines the previous ZL1 And 1LE  to provide a combination of excellent traction and maneuverability with quick acceleration.

Using a supercharged 6.2L V8 engine, this Camaro will output around 650 horsepower and pound-feet of torque all at once. Carbon fiber components and accents around the exterior lighten the chassis to maximize fuel efficiency and acceleration as well. The interior comes with leather and sporty touches, which remains comfortable to drive as you cruise down the highway.



A minor cosmetic facelift greets the Colorado for 2018. Contained in a new appearance package, the vehicle gets a number of design changes on the ZR2. Under the chassis, larger 31-in tires and beefier shocks, springs, and control arms improve the suspension to provide a solid and flexible base to drive on while off road. Overall, these changes make the Colorado a great contender for anyone feeling the need to get off of the beaten path and into some unexplored nature without a massive truck or SUV.



Similar to the Camaro, Chevy has taken the time to roll out a couple of special versions of the Corvette. In this case, they have reason to celebrate. Marking its 65th anniversary, the Corvette has officially reached retirement age. Despite its advancing years, however, this car is planning on speeding up for the foreseeable future.

The Carbon 65 Special-Edition Grand Sport and Zo6 models both offer a special exterior package that darkens the overall appearance of the car. A grey coat mixed with carbon fiber accents make these models sleek, almost stealth-like day or night. Of course, no special edition would be complete without the appropriate model badge on the exterior to mark the occasion.



Here is a van that hasn’t received much attention for years. Always content with the “same old, same old,” the Express finally gets some love from a minor update for 2018. The outside still remains the same, but some significant additions can be found under the hood. With a new 2.8L four-cylinder engine added to the engine lineup in 2017, Chevy has thrown one more option into the mix with a 4.3L V6. These engines won’t turn the Express into another Chevy pickup, but at least it will have some more kick during the daily commute.



A new Rally Sport Truck kit is the most obvious and meaningful change for the Tahoe. To spark imaginations everywhere about the off-roading potential of this truck, this kit gives a sporty look to the Tahoe that is similar to the official rally trucks the company has in off-roading competitions. These changes won’t improve overall, daily performance, but there is enough to entice off-road enthusiasts who need more grip.

The new kit adds 22-inch wheels and a new paint job to the exterior of the Tahoe. Combined with other upgrades like the optional Performance package, it is possible to turn this truck into a real contender off road. A better engine like the 6.2L V8, upgraded suspension, and a 10-speed automatic transmission will offer more power, grip, and stability while cruising off-road at high speeds.



The new Traverse is slightly longer this year with the chassis creeping out a few more inches in the front. Most of the important changes to this vehicle, however, are in the interior. The redesigned interior offers more passenger space by extending the first and second rows. Overall cargo room and legroom in the third row has shrunk as a result. A new infotainment system will also provide more features and entertainment, especially for young kids in the back rows.


The Leftovers

Everything else in Chevy’s lineup either received little love or none at all in 2018. Some models like the Silverado 1500, 2500HD, and 3500HD got a little makeover to the front grille design. Others had minor trim revisions and reworkings to improve the total offerings with which  Chevy wants to entice new customers. Even more models, like the Bolt, Spark, and Volt, remain unchanged from the previous year.

2018 might not be the year of dramatic changes in the Chevy lineup, but there is still enough to get people excited for the potential of a new vehicle if it has been a while since you upgraded your ride. More importantly, the lineup retains the same level of high quality, high-performance vehicles that have reinforced Chevy’s reputation as a top performing automotive company time and time again