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Welcome to the McCluskey Chevrolet Parts Department

McCluskey Chevrolet is your destination for all things automotive, handling everything from helping you find the perfect car, truck, or SUV to overseeing all your maintenance, repair, and parts needs. But what exactly does this mean for our customers? Especially when they partner with a nationally recognized, award-winning team? We like to call that the "McCluskey Difference."

We're excited to partner with you for every mile down the road. Our promise to meet your needs and exceed your expectations isn't limited to the sales floor but extends to other critical areas, like our state-of-the-art facility. Our parts department is among those, operating with the same integrity and transparency as every other facet of the McCluskey Chevrolet family. These values guarantee an incredible experience every time you walk through our doors.

But how do we redefine the automotive experience with something as straightforward as ordering parts? The McCluskey Chevrolet Parts Department accepts the challenge to introduce you to the best auto service and parts experience in the world. While it seems like a lofty goal, we're here to deliver—starting right now.

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Why Your Chevy Deserves the Best: OEM Parts and Accessories

We here at McCluskey Chevrolet live to provide our customers with a world-class experience, and that extends to your car, truck, or SUV. You deserve to confidently put your vehicle in trusted hands, knowing we will do everything possible to help you protect your investment and heighten its performance and longevity. Most of that work starts with the McCluskey Chevrolet Parts Department and our commitment to keeping genuine OEM parts and accessories in stock.

OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer," which means Chevrolet and its partners manufacture components specifically for Chevrolet vehicles. This distinction is critical and signifies that Chevrolet manufactures these parts for each model, likening these OEM parts to the same parts used on the production line. As a result, OEM parts are of higher quality than aftermarket alternatives, and they don't take a one-size-fits-all approach. For example, an OEM oil filter for your Chevy Silverado is designed specifically for that particular truck; another aftermarket oil filter might work for your Silverado, but it isn't Chevy-specific and can likely just as easily squeeze onto other makes and models.

OEM parts help maintain the integrity of your Chevrolet, which is something we take seriously at McCluskey Chevrolet. Our parts department keeps an extensive inventory of OEM parts and accessories in stock, giving our technicians access to everything they need. Moreover, you have access to the same selection and can rest easy knowing you're only getting the best when you trust the McCluskey team.

A One-Stop Parts Department

McCluskey Chevrolet is a comprehensive automotive center, meaning our parts department is a one-stop shop for all your needs. First and foremost, our team works diligently to ensure we have a well-stocked selection of genuine OEM parts and accessories to fit the needs of our customers and our service technicians. Why is this important?

We know that, when you're ready to independently tackle an oil change from the convenience of your garage, the last thing you want is to come up empty-handed when looking for the right oil filter and oil for your Chevrolet. The same is true for any vehicle-related project, whether you're replacing the battery in your Tahoe or the headlights on your Malibu. With the McCluskey Chevrolet Parts Department, we work hard to ensure we have everything you need when it comes to parts replacement.

A mechanic in Cincinnati, OH is installing Chevy parts under the hood of a car.

Your Custom Parts HQ

Despite our best efforts, there might come a time when we don't have the part you're looking for. However, that doesn't mean we can't help or won't go to every length to help you find it. These situations genuinely allow our McCluskey team to shine as they help you navigate the custom order process, explaining the benefits of ordering genuine parts through our dealership so there's never a question of quality.

Your Chevy Accessories HQ

Did you fall in love with the best-selling Chevy Silverado? Are you excited to add a family-friendly SUV like the Tahoe to your garage? Maybe you brought your Chevy dreams to life with a Camaro or Corvette. Whatever the case, the McCluskey Chevrolet Parts Department is ready to help you customize your ride to your every stylistic, performant, and functional need.

Chevrolet's OEM accessories run the entire spectrum of the automobile and offer everything imaginable for every model in the fleet. Our parts department will help you navigate Chevrolet's extensive catalog of accessories based on your needs. For example, our team takes time to learn more about your vision and what you expect of your vehicle. From there, we'll help you narrow your options, delivering a bespoke experience rooted in respect and integrity. It makes shopping for every accessory—from tonneau covers and assistance steps to cargo management features and trailering tools—a rewarding and hassle-free experience.

Just as crucial as this experience, you'll always have a front-row seat to our expertise. You can order your Chevrolet accessories through our parts department, and know that we're always here to follow through. How so? You can rely on our technicians to install your accessories or offer insights if you plan to tackle the installation yourself. Either way, we're always ready to help.

The McCluskey Chevrolet Promise: A Partnership Like No Other

McCluskey Chevrolet is renowned for serving customers nationwide, rolling out the red carpet for everyone that trusts the McCluskey team with their automotive needs. The same is true when you trust the McCluskey Chevrolet Parts Department, as you're putting your vehicle in our hands, relying on us for your parts and accessories. It's a role we take very seriously, and it's why we offer a partnership like no other.

We know you have dozens of automotive parts stores to choose from, but you chose McCluskey Chevrolet; in doing so, you put yourself and your vehicle first by working with our award-winning team of experts and technicians. Our parts department is part of that team, providing the necessary parts for the specialists that oversee your Chevrolet's routine maintenance and repairs in our state-of-the-art service center and the parts and accessories you need for upgrades, modifications, or repairs you can do yourself from the convenience of your garage. We play an essential role in your car's operability, and we embrace that responsibility and your trust in us.

Working Around the Clock for You

Our partnership with you lasts a lifetime, and our technicians work around the clock to handle all your automotive needs. While it may sound surprising, McCluskey Chevrolet takes the customer experience to new heights, recognizing that our service and parts department hours don't always align with our customer's needs. Instead of asking you to be flexible, we'll accommodate your needs by extending our hours.

Our service department operates on two shifts, with technicians working into the early morning to ensure your vehicle is in and out of our service center as quickly as possible. As a result, our parts department must be readily available to handle those needs, meaning our parts team keeps the same hours to ensure you and our technicians have access to the right parts. It's dedication like no other, and it's all for you.

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