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Service Offers and Pricing

We offer competitive prices on popular vehicle services such as oil changes, brakes, and tires.

Service Specials

Lowest Brake Prices*


McCluskey Chevrolet guarantees the Lowest Brake Prices…or they’re FREE! We offer all major brands of brakes for all makes and models. Call Service Now at (513) 697-5200.

  •  Guaranteed Lowest Prices
  •  Open until 3 AM
  •  Free Car Wash
  •  Pick Up & Delivery Service

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Front Brake Special

Starting at $254.00

Replace front brake pads clean and lube caliper slides. Includes machining rotors.

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Tire Rotation

Starting at $19.95

Rotate tires and set tire psi and inspect condition of tires.

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Balance and Rotate 4 Tires

Starting at $59.95

Dynamic balance of 4 tires and rotate.

Transfer Case Fluid Replacement

Starting at $74.95

Replace transfer case fluid.

Rear Differential Fluid Replacement

Starting at $160.00

Replace Rear Differential Fluid and rear gasket.

Brake Fluid Flush

Starting at $96.00

Flush brake system and replace with new fluid

Power Steering Flush

Starting at $89.95

Flush power steering fluid and check fluid levels.

Transmission Flush

Starting at $190.25

Flush Transmission system and check fluid level.

Coolant Flush

Starting at $99.95

Flush coolant system and purge air pockets.

ACDelco Silver (ACDelco Advantage) Front Brake Rotors

12 Months/Unlimited Mile Warranty**

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Service technician installing a new tire.

Need New Tires?

Your vehicle's tires are the first and only contact with the road, so it is important to choose the right set when replacing them. McCluskey Chevrolet has Certified Service experts that will handle all of your tire needs. From checking tire wear to tire pressure our team can help you find new tires for your vehicle.

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Service technician doing an oil change

Need An Oil Change Near Cincinnati?

Your vehicle may be trying to tell you something – Oil Life Monitoring Systems let you know when it’s time for an oil change. And our Certified Service experts can recommend what’s best for your vehicle. Schedule an appointment today.

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Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection

With your Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection, you get a thorough assessment of your vehicle by the Certified Service experts. So protect yourself and your automotive investment with a comprehensive vehicle inspection at your McCluskey Chevrolet Dealer today.

Welcome to the McCluskey Chevrolet Service Center

McCluskey Chevrolet is an award-winning dealership, and we're nationally recognized for our commitment to our customers. As a dealer that serves all fifty states, we're celebrated for offering the world's best car-buying experience. Fortunately, that experience doesn't end when we toss you the keys to your new ride. We're also committed to providing an ownership experience like no other—but what does that mean for you?

Our Promise

We want to be your dealer of choice when you're ready to upgrade your vehicle and for every mile after your purchase. McCluskey Chevrolet promises to partner with you and transform your experience as an owner. We're committed to helping you protect and maintain your investment, overseeing all your automotive needs from the convenience of our state-of-the-art facility.

Our partnership is centralized on fulfilling our promise to deliver the world's best service experience. It's a promise we don't take lightly because we know the inconvenience and stress that occurs when it's time to bring your car, truck, or SUV in for routine maintenance or repairs. Customers expect to waste precious time on services like an oil change and tire rotation or to be inundated with additional service needs that skyrocket their repair costs and leave a gaping hole in their wallets; it's an experience everyone dreads, and it's one we're happy to change.

We offer something unique that redefines the entire auto service experience. We're in the business of exceeding your expectations and making it easier to own and maintain your vehicle. Moreover, we're committed to minimizing inconvenience and stress by operating with integrity, transparency, and accountability. This unique approach has earned us our stellar reputation, proving our focus is entirely on you and your automotive needs.

Our Team

The McCluskey Chevrolet Service Center is a state-of-the-art facility with the best tools and technologies to handle every automotive maintenance and repair need; however, none of this equipment matters without our team. Our world-class technicians are the heart and soul of our service center, showcasing their talents and expertise vehicle after vehicle.

We take great pride in our service department and hold our technicians to higher standards because of the pivotal role they play in the customer experience. They're the individuals that oversee every routine oil change and tire rotation or more complex powertrain repair, which means your safety and your vehicle's longevity are in their hands. It's critical we hire only the best of the best.

Our technicians are passionate about the industry and serving customers, but they're also overachievers. They're constantly looking for ways to improve and expand their skills. In turn, we've fostered a work environment defined by opportunities for growth and advancement, as well as a culture rooted in integrity and respect. It's an incredible combination that our customers experience firsthand when they put their trust in Team McCluskey.

Our Services

Finding a reputable automotive center is one of the many challenges owners face, particularly one that can handle all their automotive needs. Quick lubes can handle routine oil changes, but you have to find someone else to repair your air conditioner or help you find the perfect set of tires. It's time-consuming and stressful for even the most organized—but it doesn't have to be.

McCluskey Chevrolet is your one-stop shop for all your automotive needs, from finding the perfect model to overseeing every maintenance or repair. In other words, our world-class technicians can handle everything in one convenient location, meaning you no longer have to shop around for reliable auto service.

Oil Changes

Our technicians can handle the most basic maintenance needs, like routine oil changes and tire rotations. The oil in your car, truck, or SUV is critical to its longevity and performance, lubricating and cooling the engine's many moving components. As the oil lubricates and cools, it also picks up dirt and debris that can damage the engine; over time, this debris turns the oil into sludge, making it less effective.

During a routine oil change, our technicians will drain the old oil, replace the oil filter, and add new oil based on the manufacturer's recommendations. Once we've finished the oil change, we'll rotate the tires to extend their longevity and promote even tread wear. By handling both services at once, we save our customers valuable time and minimize inconvenience.

Tire Services

McCluskey Chevrolet is your tire destination. Our world-class technicians are tire experts and are excited to showcase their expertise by helping you shop for new tires that match your driving and performance needs. Fortunately, our expertise doesn't stop there and includes many tire-related services beyond routine tire rotations. For example, we can repair flat tires, handle alignments, and balance your tires to heighten your vehicle's performance and handling.

Multi-Point Inspections

Knowledge is power, and our job as a nationally recognized service center is to keep our customers informed and aware. Multi-point inspections are integral to our efforts and are an essential component of every service appointment. During these inspections, our technicians access the major parts of your vehicle in terms of operability and performance. We then give you access to our findings, outlining areas that need immediate attention or those that will require attention soon. As a result, you have more insight into your vehicle's operating condition and can plan for upcoming repairs.

Wiper Blade Replacement and Fluid Checks

Our expertise runs the entire spectrum, from transmission and brake service to basics like wiper blade replacement and fluid checks. While these essential services are often overlooked, they're just as critical to your safety behind the wheel. For example, worn wiper blades can impact your visibility, and low transmission fluid can lead to costly repairs if left untreated. McCluskey Chevrolet is always here to help, checking the quality and level of the oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, windshield washer fluid, and power steering fluid anytime your vehicle is in for service.

Brake Service

Our comprehensive suite of services also includes brake inspection and repair. Whether you drive a best-selling truck like the Sierra, an SUV like the Yukon, or another make and model, the brakes on your vehicle are critical to your safety. If you notice any issues when you engage the brake pedal—like your car is slow to respond or the brake pedal is soft—don't hesitate to bring your vehicle in for service. Our world-class technicians will inspect every component in the brake system, diagnose the issue, and oversee the repairs.

Partner With Us for All Your Automotive Needs

What does it mean to trust the McCluskey Chevrolet team? It means partnering with an award-winning team dedicated to handling all your automotive needs and exceeding your expectations. It guarantees an experience like no other—one we like to call the "World's Best Auto Service Experience."

We recognize the responsibilities of owning a vehicle and are dedicated to lightening the load by partnering with you for every mile ahead. Our state-of-the-art facility and world-class technicians offer a new level of convenience that saves you time and money—and our transparency and integrity guarantee it. Moreover, our technicians operate on two shifts, meaning you have access to our expertise every day of the week until the early morning hours; this means your car spends less time in our trusted hands and more time meeting and exceeding your needs on the road.

Experience the McCluskey Chevrolet difference yourself. Put your trust in an award-winning dealership dedicated to redefining the customer experience long after the sale. We can't wait to partner with you and show you everything it means to join the McCluskey Chevrolet family.

Service technician replacing brakes

Hearing Brake Noise?

Stopping power is crucial to a safe and successful driving experience. When you need brake service, visit McCluskey Chevrolet and our GM Certified Service experts will recommend quality new brakes.

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A closeup shot of a service technician's hand replacing a car battery

Battery Trouble?

Your vehicle’s battery provides energy to start the engine, plus it supplies power to accessories when the engine is not running. The cold of winter and the heat of summer can affect your auto battery. See us for your vehicle’s battery needs.

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