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Oil changes are a necessary part of being a car owner, but that doesn’t mean they have to be a hassle. The more you understand about oil changes, the smoother the process and the smoother the ride. At McCluskey Chevy dealership we believe that just selling you your next Chevy car isn’t worth anything unless we also give you the tools to give it a long and healthy life. No self-respecting animal shelter would give you a dog without making sure you understood the proper way to feed it, and similarly, McCluskey Chevy wouldn’t feel right selling you a car without being sure you understand how to take care of it – and that means getting its oil changed. With that said, it’s time to give all of you responsible, or soon to be responsible, car owners a quick crash course in quick oil changes so that you can care for your car in a way that it allows it serve you in good health for many years to come.

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Quick Oil Change


Importance of an Oil Change


It is entirely unreasonable to expect a driver to do something without even attempting to explain to them the importance of why they are doing. First things first, you need to understand why getting your oil changed regularly is important and even necessary when it comes to car maintenance.

Engine Lubrication

Just imagine your engine as the Tinman begging for his oil can, and you should get the idea if what happens to machinery without lubrication. Easily the most essential thing a quick oil change will do for your vehicle’s health is to keep the engine lubricated so that every moving part in the engine from the valves to the pistons will continue to move and move smoothly.

Engine Cooling

Here’s a little elementary science for you: when things move they create friction, and friction creates heat. An engine has a lot of moving parts that create friction causing the engine to overheat unless it is it is somehow reduced. A quick oil change is a solution to that.

Engine Mileage

With proper lubrication from regular quick oil changes, your vehicle could probably run on a whole gallon less a year just because you are doing your duty as a car owner. This is because the more your engine has to work due to strain, the more fuel it is forced to consume.

Engine Cleaning

As oil ages, hard particles build and sludge forms, and neither is good for your engines health. So, unless you want a sludgy or dirty engine that performs just as unpleasantly as it will look, it is essential that you always perform an oil change when at regular intervals as recommended by your owner’s manual or a professional.

Engine Longevity

Your engine will always be the most important part of your vehicle so it makes sense that treating it well will increase its overall longevity. Routine maintenance with a quick oil change is not just an annoying choir, but a way to keep your vehicle living long and healthy by preventing unpleasant buildup and unnecessary strain. Even if you don’t plan on having this vehicle for long, taking care of its engine lubrication with oil changes will keep its resale value in the green.


When to Check Your Oil Level


Every model is a little difference, and you can’t be expected to memorize them all; so when in doubt always check the bible of cars, also known as the owner’s manual. This little book is more helpful than anyone gives it credit for, and will have all the answers you need including when the best time for a maintenance check. If you want an average mileage though, check it every 3,000 miles will be a safe time frame.


How to Check Your Oil Level


Lucky technology has grown to the point where a large number of newer automobiles will be set to give you an alert when the oil is in need of a quick oil change, but for those they don’t the process isn’t that straining.

  • Park the car and wait for the engine to cool
  • Open the hood and find the dipstick near the oil tube and wipe it clean
  • Insert dipstick all the way in and pull it out again
  • Look at the indicator marks on your dipstick and depending on where it hits you should see whether it has a low or high level of oil (also note the darkness of color and consistency)
  • If its low, add oil or get a quick oil change as soon as possible as letting your engine run oil run low will have disastrous and costly implications.


What is The Right Oil?


Again the most straightforward answer to this is your handy-dandy owner’s manual which will usually be something like 5W-30 or OW-20 to note things like viscosity which is generally just gibberish to most drivers. It may also even recommend a type with extended performance or advanced fuel economy which confuses things more. There is also synthetic oil and synthetic blend which unless recommended you should avoid since they cost more. Let’s just say there are a lot of factors when it comes to oil, but luckily the manufacturer has already done the research for you.
If you want to keep it simple, note the number and type recommended and skim through the oil shelves at your local auto store until you see a match. If you want to keep it REALLY simple, get a quick oil change done by a professional.


How Much Does an Oil Change Cost?


An oil change done by a professional will cost around $45 dollars when using conventional oil and $65 if using synthetic oil. Honestly, it is not much cheaper to just pay someone to do it for you, but if you did want to feel that thrill of self-reliance, then you will probably pay around $35 for the oil and filter and still have to do the labor yourself.


How Long Does it Take to Get an Oil Change?


Oil changes are extremely quick, hence the term “quick oil change”, and will only cost you about 15 minutes of your precious time, and that is only every 3,000 miles you drive, making this a chore not even a blip on your busy schedule.


How to Change Your Own Oil


Oil changes may seem difficult, but they really can be simple enough for anyone who doesn’t mind getting a bit dirty and loves that feeling of independence.

  • Buy oil and new filter
  • Drain old oil by going under the vehicle with a pan of some sort and unscrewing the oil plug
  • Plug it back up
  • Remove the oil filter with oil filter wrench
  • Head back up to under the hood and add the fresh and recommended oil

Or, head to McCluskey Chevy and let our experts choose the right oil, take care of the labor, and perform a quick routine inspection of your vehicle.


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McCluskey Chevy is a full-server dealership that desires to continually engage with the automotive community and listen to their needs so that we can provide a more satisfying service for everyone who trusts us with their automotive needs. Every member of the McCluskey Chevy staffing family is resourceful and well-informed so that you have never to feel insecure about what you are buying ever again. Please give us the honor of your consideration next time you need a new Chevy vehicle or want to learn more about automotive, and we will be excited to assist.

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