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If it’s OEM truck accessories and parts you’re looking for, then McCluskey Chevrolet’s got you covered. With our McCluskey Custom Cars program, there’s truly 1,000,000 ways to make your truck your own. With a wide selection of OEM truck accessories, and a handful of non-brand parts, we can install anything and everything you’re looking for. Since we’re the #1 Ohio Chevrolet dealer, we have plenty of connections (like with Rocky Ridge), if you’re looking for something more intense than just tacking on some extra vehicle parts.

Our goal with this program is simple: to provide you with a vehicle that’s uniquely your own, through the installation of extra parts and accessories to personalize your ride. Whether that’s a GM/Chevy truck, sedan, van, SUV, or another model from another brand. We make the installation of these parts easy, and the overall process is simple and transparent.

McCluskey Chevrolet is all about making the car-buying (and upgrading) process simple and stress-free.

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What’s the Goal of the Custom Cars Program?

The goal is simple: to upgrade your ride the way you want it, with parts and accessories from GM/Chevy, along with a few of our other connections. If you’re looking to beef-up your truck or SUV for off-roading, we have connections to make that happen. Along with some OEM parts that could be a quick and easy install, and possibly help. Primarily though, it’s more to provide you with the ability to add parts and accessories like roof racks, bed-liners, custom door sills, etc. to your vehicle.

The program is there to give our customers a way to make their new models uniquely their own through customization and personal choice, with affordable prices and parts for everyone.

It all works in unison towards the “1,000,000 ways to make it your own” slogan, thanks to our access to the GM/Chevy accessories page.

GM/Chevrolet Truck Accessories We Offer

While trucks were originally designed for working, things are different in 2017. Now, consumers are buying trucks because they enjoy the extra storage space offered, four-wheel drive capability for winter, or just prefer the way they look and handle. Because of this, we guarantee that we’ll be able to get anything you want or need from the GM/Chevrolet truck accessories page. All you need to do is tell us what parts you want for your new GM/Chevrolet truck or SUV, and we’ll take it from there.

For a new Silverado, for example, we’re able to order whatever you’re looking for from that GM Accessories page. Assist steps (retractable or non-retractable), bed side rails, body side molding, door handles, decal/stripe packages, fender flares, and even mirror caps, are all possibilities.

On the inside, you can get things like door sill plates (illuminated or non-illuminated), floor liners, assist handles, floor mats, seat covers, sunshade packages, and a smoker’s package.

Bed extenders, mats, nets, carpet, and liners are also available, as well as exhaust systems and exhaust tips. That’s only a fraction of the OEM parts we offer for the Silverado, and there’s many more for our flagship truck, and the other models we offer.

Not Just OEM Accessories and Parts

We can also get our hands on plenty of other accessories for non-Chevrolet/GM models.

If you’re in the market for a stand-up bed-liner for your Ford, Chevy, or Ram, for example, you’ll be happy to know that we are the only dealership in Ohio featured on Rhino Lining’s website. Meaning, we have the hook-up to their legendary brand of truck bed-liners.

Rhino Lining has established quite the reputation over the years. It’s a spray-on bed-liner that has the capability to withstand extreme environments, and whatever object you decide to throw in the bed. This bed-liner is so effective, that it’s the military’s bed-liner of choice for vehicles — and we can get it for you.

We can also get parts from companies like LCF and Galpin, two other highly-revered auto accessories and parts vendors.


Access to Rocky Ridge Models

While we focus on installing parts and accessories with the McCluskey Custom Cars initiative — not building performance or off-road rigs — it’s worth noting that we have the capability to get you a pre-modded, off-road truck.

That’s right, McCluskey Chevrolet is a certified Rocky Ridge dealership. If you want an off-road truck, just let us know. We’ll put in an order for a Rocky Ridge Silverado, and let Rocky Ridge build it. When it’s ready, they’ll ship it over and we’ll sell it to you.

We’ve sold Rocky Ridge Silverado models to many people in the Ohio area, including a few Bengals players. We also know plenty of celebrities that use Rocky Ridge lifts (Garth Brooks is one of them) and whole-heartedly praise their capability.


With Us, Installation is Easy

For the McCluskey Custom Cars program, we wanted to make sure it was something everyone could take advantage of and afford. That’s why we made the installation process easy, and our prices low and transparent. What you see is what you get, and there are a lot of accessories to choose from.

Simply tell us what it is that you want installed on your new truck or car, and we’ll take care of it for you. Our technicians are all more than capable, and will have no problem installing anything from assist steps to seat covers.

Personalization Consultants

If you are considering taking advantage of our program, then you’ll want to talk to our personalization consultants. 1,000,000 ways to make it your own might be more overwhelming than you think, thanks to all the accessories and parts we offer. If you’re looking for a few more parts to tack on to your truck or car, and aren’t sure what would pair well with those truck bed rails, then our personalization consultants can help.

Not only will they give you the low-down on the parts you’re already looking at, but they will also be able to help you group different parts together to create a “package.” That way, you know that they’ll all work together.

You can still customize your new vehicle the way you want to, and they will by no means tell you what to do. They’re just there to lend a helping hand if necessary.


Simplicity At McCluskey Chevrolet


From our Custom Car parts and accessories installation program, to selling new and used cars — it’s all about simplicity and transparency at McCluskey Chevrolet, which is why we have things like instant and guaranteed credit approval. Ensuring that everyone can shop with us shows our commitment to the simple way of selling cars. No hassling when you walk through the door, or questioning stares when you tell us about your credit score. We’ll get you in a car, and get you in one fast.

Other dealerships don’t always have what you’re looking for, which can also create hassle and stress. At McCluskey Chevrolet, we’ve eliminated that courtesy of our Nationwide Car Search, which gives us access to over 100,000 new and used vehicles across the USA. In other words, we’re guaranteed to find a car that works for you.

Being Ohio’s #1 car dealer also means affordable prices and clear-cut sales. There’s no dancing around the price or haggling here — because our prices are consistently low, which is typically another stressful encounter at the dealership that you don’t have to worry about.

With the Tri-State’s only Exclusive Lifetime Mechanical Protection guarantee on the vehicle you purchase, our service department will be there to help you even after you’ve left our dealership.

At McCluskey Chevrolet, we truly care about our consumer satisfaction. It’s not just a point of pride – we honestly believe that it’s a necessary component of a successful car dealership.

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