Used Car Lots in Cincinnati

Rows of cars are shown lined up at a used car lot in Cincinnati.

The process of deciding which used luxury vehicle to purchase is often an overwhelming and frustrating task. You could visit twenty used car lots in Cincinnati, peruse thirty used car websites, and talk to ten people in the business about what you’re looking for and you’ll likely walk away with sixty different opinions. With so many factors to consider when buying a car in general, there are at least twice as many when shopping for a preowned vehicle.

We will never claim to have discovered the automotive Fountain of Youth, but with our extensive market research combined with many years of experience in the business, we can help narrow your search. Here are our top ten most favorite used luxury car models:

#10 2016 Tesla Model S

Gas prices in Cincinnati are rapidly approaching $4.00 a gallon at the time of this writing and are far exceeding $4.00 in other parts of the country. Because of that, we would be remiss to exclude an electric vehicle from our list. Nobody does electric like Tesla. All Tesla models, both new and used, are in high demand, but our research concluded that, in the used market at least, the 2016 Model S is your best bet.

Buying an electric vehicle is a different ballgame than buying a gas or even hybrid vehicle due to the range a given model’s battery has to offer when fully charged. Regardless of which model Tesla you end up purchasing, it is always recommended that you purchase one with the longest range you can afford.

The 2016 Model S offered eleven trim levels, distinguished by battery size and given a “D” at the end for AWD models. With mileage ranges varying from 210 for battery only in the base level RWD and 60 to 315 miles in the higher-end and much more zippy AWD P100D, there are many options in the nine trim levels in between. We chose the Model S over other Tesla models because it has the highest overall satisfaction rating among consumers due to its roomy cabin, ample storage, overall “feel” on the road and general reliability. The biggest consumer complaint was the price, which for a 2016 Model S P90D (the most popular trim level), will still run nearly $70,000.

#9 2018 Infiniti Q50

Our 9th pick for used luxury vehicles is the 2018 Infiniti Q50 and among Q50s, we ONLY like the 2018. Consumer satisfaction ratings for other years read like a topographic map of the Rocky Mountains.

What we love about the 2018 is the overall luxury feel, sleek exterior, and low sticker price for cars in its class. Loaded with options and offered in six trim levels (including a hybrid model), there is something for almost everyone in the Q50. The most popular of these is 3.0t LUXE Sedan 4D with a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine capable of 300 hp. A used Q50 3.0t will still go for upwards of $29,000 in today’s market, but with so much bang for your buck, you’d be hard-pressed to find a comparable make and model at that price point.

#8 2018 Acura TLX

Acura’s best-selling sedan, the TLX, is a favorite among luxury car buyers. With the long-overdue updates given to the 2018 model, it continues to be a highly sought-after vehicle. Among consumers and experts alike, 2018 remains the favorite year for the model, with somewhat ho-hum reviews for years on either side.

Known in previous years for its performance, technology, and resale value, the updates to the appearance of the 2018 TLX are what give it that “wow” factor. The lines are sleeker, it has a slightly lower profile giving it a more sporty look, and the front end has been redesigned with a clean pentagon grille and more modern LED headlights. The interior got a make-over as well with updates to its styling, infotainment, and optional creature comforts such as a heated steering wheel and heated rear seats.

As with the Infiniti Q50, the 2018 TLX sticker price is apt to be a pleasant surprise. The 3.5 sedan 4D is going for around $28,000 in the current market, and with its dazzling new look, it can finally keep up with the competition in its class.

A grey 2017 Lincoln MKZ is shown in front of a brick building.

#7 2017 Lincoln MKZ

More than anything, it’s the facelift and power boost we love about the 2017 Lincoln MKZ. With the arrival of the 2017 model comes the option of the new 400hp 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 in addition to the new, more aesthetically pleasing exterior. Modeled after the Continental show car, the new body style certainly gives the 2017 MKZ plenty of reason to flaunt itself proudly as a luxury car. With eight trim levels to choose from, including a hybrid, a variety of engine options, and top-notch safety ratings, we believe that die-hard Lincoln fans will agree that the 2017 MKZ offers the best value for their money. A base model can be found in the $21,000 range—not too shabby for such a nice car.

#6 2019 Lexus ES

We struggled with which year to choose for our favorite used Lexus ES, since the 2012 model was also pretty spectacular. The reason we chose the 2019 model is really just that it’s a more attractive vehicle in general. As an entry-level luxury sedan, the Lexus ES really can’t be beat in many areas. The price is what you’d expect for a car in its class, averaging around $40,000 for a pre-owned 2019.

As a brand, Lexus could be compared to the handsome, quiet guy in the corner who slips in from out of nowhere and steals the beefy football jock’s girlfriend with a Nietzsche quote and a shy smile. You know the type. Still unassuming but attractive, the 2019 ES does dip a toe into the more sporty end of the pool with a redesigned exterior that gives it just a bit more “edge” than in previous years. Available in four trim levels, including a hybrid, the 2019 ES has something for everyone.

#5 2016 Volvo XC90

As the only SUV on our list, the 2016 Volvo XC90 made the cut due to its overwhelming consumer satisfaction ratings. The all-around redesign that the 2016 model underwent proved to be the perfect combination of form and function to kick off their second generation. In keeping with Volvo’s stellar safety ratings and capable of seating seven people, this SUV offers elegant comfort and peace of mind. Combined with excellent fuel efficiency, AWD, and priced at around $25,000 used, the 2016 XC90 would be a fantastic option for families on the go.

#4 2017 BMW 5 Series

Most of the luxury sedan models in this list fall under the “entry-level” banner and it was another tough call deciding whether to offer the number four spot to BMW’s entry-level 3 Series, or to give it to the heavier-hitting mid-sized 5 Series sedan. The 5 Series won the coin toss by offering an overall more prestigious feel.

We chose the 2017 5 Series specifically because it does a great job of defying the “never buy used” rule so often associated with the BMW brand. Buyers of a used 2017 5 Series can expect to save an average of $25,000 when compared to purchasing brand new.

In addition, the 2017 came completely redesigned to offer a feature-rich vehicle in classic and elegant style. With 7 styles to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding what you want and need, including a self-parking feature on the 540i. A beautiful, elegant, fully-loaded, luxurious, reliable BMW that drives like a dream and parks itself? Yes, please!A silver 2018 Cadillac CTS is shown driving on an open road.

#3 2018 Cadillac CTS

The second to last year for the Cadillac CTS is, we think, the best one. We would agree that the 2019 model is equally great since very few changes were made between the two years, but you’ll find the 2018 model at a lower price than the 2019. Sadly, it was removed from the Cadillac lineup after 2019.

For someone whose taste in luxury sedans trends toward the all-American, red white and blue, look no further than the The 2018 CTS. It’s the Caddy you’re likely envisioning—especially if you take pride in how deftly your luxury sedan can out-perform European and Asian cars of the same year and class.

What we love the most about the CTS is that it stands out, in every way, against other luxury sedans. Even when compared side by side with the Lincoln MKZ, another American beauty of the same ilk, it’s clear there was no copycatting happening. Somehow, this car manages to be loud and proud without the boastful ostentatious feel of many other luxury vehicles. Even the base model’s 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 cylinder engine offers an impressive amount of pep along with better than average fuel economy. Retailing for around $34,000, the 2018 CTS is a solid bet if you want to bask in all American luxury.

#2 2019 Audi A6

Much like their rivals in the German market, the folks at Audi have brilliantly designed a car for every budget and every desired level of luxury. Marketed as an executive sedan, the Audi A6 stands somewhere in the middle of that lineup.

The 2019 Audi was chosen for our number two position on this list because it’s drop-dead gorgeous, reliable, and loaded with features. This includes a top-view camera which enables drivers to toggle 360 degrees around the vehicle via four wide-angle cameras to assist in parking in tight spaces. Redesigned in 2019, the A6 was given a new turbocharged engine and 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Considered a somewhat sportier version of its predecessors, the 2019 A6 is definitely not lacking in tech or style.

Available in five trim levels, you can expect to pay $41,000 and up for a pre-owned 2019 A6. Not inexpensive but certainly comparable to other cars in its class. Have we mentioned it’s gorgeous?

#1 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The number one position couldn’t possibly be taken by anything but a Mercedes-Benz. Narrowing down which model and year within that model was a nearly impossible task. While they all have a huge list of reasons to purchase them, this spot was taken by the vehicle with the least reasons not to purchase it and was curiously followed most closely by the 2011 E-Class.

With several 2017 models of assorted makes on this list, one would think they could predict what the Mercedes-Benz version of their 2017 mid-sized E-Class sedan would look like—you’d only be partially correct. This car looks like someone carefully extracted every attractive feature of every 2017 luxury sedan, kneaded them all together, sent the results to a subterranean laboratory deep in the Alps. An automotive alchemist took these features, and after spending six months underground meticulously building, emerged with the E-Class.

With the 2017 E-Class sedan, Mercedes-Benz opted for a look in line with their more sleek S-Class and C-Class sedans. Accurately touted as the safest and most accommodating car in its class in 2017, the E-Class sedan boasts state-of-the-art safety features, including the Drive Pilot suite of driver assistant features.

There is no such thing as a cheap Mercedes-Benz, so it’s no surprise a brand new base model 2017 E300 retailed for $53,000. These days, you should be able to find one at around $29,000. It’s not exactly pocket change, but a pittance to pay for the reliability and incredible overall style you’ll enjoy in a pre-owned 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan.


Whether you see the luxury vehicle you were looking for in the list above or not, our staff here at McCluskey Chevrolet would LOVE to talk with you about your needs and help guide you through purchasing your next head-turner. Whatever the make or model, we will do our best to find exactly what you’re looking for. Stop in anytime and chat with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team.