All-Season Tires for Sale

This is something we say a lot, and honestly, it is something we will continue to say for as long as we can: your vehicle’s tires are one of the most important parts of your car. Since the tires are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road, they are directly responsible for ensuring you remain in control at all times and that your car does what you want when you turn the wheel, press the pedal, and hit the brakes. If you have been looking for all-season tires for sale, then McCluskey Chevrolet is here to help: our certified service center and parts department are ready to assist you with everything you need.

Whether you need to change your tires as the weather warms up coming out of winter, or it is simply time to replace your current set, our experts make getting new tires incredibly simple. It is vital that you have the right tires on your vehicle at all times, which means the proper type of tire as well as tires in excellent condition so that you are safe on the road. We can help you understand what you need for your vehicle, show you your options, and ensure you drive away with tires securely on your wheels. If your tires are getting worn down, then do not wait – get new tires soon and know that your vehicle is as safe as possible.

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What Are All-Season Tires?

One of the great things about how tires have been designed (and named) is that things are fairly self-explanatory. Winter tires are designed to work best in very cold weather, while summer tires are ideal for use in warm weather and when you want maximum road grip. As you might suspect, all-season tires are designed to work well in all seasons, though they are still not ideal when the temperature really drops. You can think of all-season tires as a great, general-use tire; they are a “jack of all trades” designed to work well in a wide range of conditions.

Living here in the Cincinnati area, you probably do not need summer tires – a good set of all-season tires will last you through most of the year. When the temperature drops below 45 degrees and stays there throughout the day, then you want to use winter tires. We generally suggest just before Thanksgiving to right around tax day in April for using winter tires; the rest of the year, a good set of all-season tires will be your best bet. Summer tires are great for precision driving where you need speed and agility – many of our customers with sports cars prefer a good set of summer tires over all-season ones.

All-season tires are designed to work well in all types of weather, other than when things get really cold and unpleasant outside. You can use a good set of all-season tires throughout wet spring and summer months, plus well into autumn, rain or shine. All-season tires have deep grooves and excellent tread that works well when roads are wet to keep you in control, so you do not have to worry about hydroplaning or losing traction. Due to their all-season design, they are also meant to last as long as possible, though all tires need to be replaced eventually simply due to aging plus general wear and tear.

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What Is Your Best Choice of Tires?

As we said, throughout much of the year, a good set of all-season tires is typically all you need for your vehicle. From mid-November to mid-April, we suggest using winter tires to be safe; even if there is no snow or ice on the road, cold temperatures negatively impact the grip and effectiveness of tires not made for the winter. The right all-season tires will keep you in control throughout most of the year, and since they are great for general use, you are in good shape for long road trips to other areas, city driving, and pretty much everything else you plan on doing behind the wheel.

The one major exception we should mention is a vehicle that you want to hit the trail with and take off-road. All-season tires work great on the road, but they are not ideal for dealing with a lot of dirt roads, rough terrain, and splashing through creeks and riverbeds. You are better off with some durable, purpose-built off-road, all-terrain, or mud-terrain tires (depending on where you plan on going and what you expect to deal with) on your vehicle before you hit the trail. Off-road tires are designed with much deeper tread, engineered to find grip in sloppy conditions or on rocks, and made to handle abuse from leaving the pavement behind.

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McCluskey Chevrolet Is Your Tire Center

No matter what you need for your vehicle, here at McCluskey Chevrolet, we are ready to assist you and get you back on the road in no time. Your tires are incredibly important for remaining in control and safe behind the wheel, so you need someone you can trust to work on your vehicle and keep your tires in great shape. Our service center offers many different types of maintenance and support for your vehicle, including your wheels and tires, so we can keep you safe and running beautifully all year round.

For example, you can come in for a routine oil change, and we will gladly inspect your tires, wheels, and suspension to ensure everything looks good. If your tires are still in good shape but have been using them for a while, then it might be time to rotate them. This swaps your tires from back to front, and one pair will be swapped between left and right sides too, which helps to even out wear on your tires over time. Following a proper schedule and routine for rotating your tires is one of the best ways to extend their longevity and get the most from them for as long as possible – plus, it is a great way to notice any other problems that might be overlooked.

And when the time comes to replace your tires, we are ready to help you and make sure you have the perfect ones on your vehicle. We will ensure the right size, type, and style of tires goes onto your ride to provide you with the proper performance and traction for whatever you plan on doing. Whether you know what kind of tires you want or feel a bit lost with so many options available to you, we will help and have you back on the road quickly. We can swap between winter and all-season tires when the time is right, repair slightly damaged tires, or get a new set onto your vehicle to keep you in control at all times.

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