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Looking for the best Chevy accessories for your new Chevrolet truck or car? Head on over to McCluskey Chevrolet, where our Custom Car program will get you hooked-up with some of the best OEM upfits offered for Chevrolet models such as the Cruze, Colorado, Silverado, and Camaro. Of course, if you’re looking to buy a new Chevrolet model instead of customize your current one, we can also show you a new Chevrolet model pre-modded and ready to go. Either way, all you’ll have to do is talk to our Personalization Consultants to get the hook-up. Apart from our Custom Cars program that gives you access to hundreds of parts, there’s also plenty of reasons to go with McCluskey Chevrolet for your next vehicle purchase.

Intrigued? Thought so.

A closeup is shown of the gold Chevrolet bowtie emblem on a 2014 Silverado 1500.

Chevy Models and Part/Accessory Options

At McCluskey Chevrolet, we have access to a wide selection of OEM parts and accessories for the most popular Chevrolet models, like the Cruze, Colorado, Silverado, and Camaro.


If you buy a brand new Chevy Cruze, you’re guaranteed to have fun. But, why not have even more fun with it by customizing it?

The Cruze is all about performance and tech. Thankfully, there are parts we can order direct from the Chevrolet/GM catalog that help in both regards. Looking to upgrade the suspension? Check out one of the many suspension packages available. Feel like you need some better brakes? We can order and install those, too.

On the electronics end of things, we can provide you with things like a universal tablet holder, remote start kit, or even some fog lamps.

An orange 2018 Chevy Cruze Hatchback has the liftgate open as a couple gets their bikes and other Chevy accessories ready for a woodland ride.


The Colorado has been making some waves in the midsize truck segment. Mainly because it has a turbo-diesel engine that gives it a highway fuel-efficiency rating north of 30 mpg. Talk about astounding fuel economy. Not to mention, it can still tow a possible best of 7,700 pounds thanks to that 369 lb.-ft. of torque kicked out by the engine.

For such an outstanding midsize truck, it’s important to really make it feel like your own. Need additional utility? Check out the bed products we’re able to install, such as a tonneau cover, or Rhino Lining.

That’s right, McCluskey Chevrolet is the only certified Rhino Lining applicator in the Cincinnati area. What is Rhino Lining? A prestigious bed liner company that develops top-notch polymer spray-on liners to fit truck beds of any shape or size. With the choice to have impact protection, UV protection (for paint), hazardous waste protection, or multiple types of protection, your truck bed will stay in great shape. Not to mention, all those spray-on products create a water tight seal, preventing rust.

We also have performance exhaust for both the Colorado and Silverado if you’re looking to take the performance of your truck up a level.


Speaking of the Silverado, it should be expected that there would be plenty of accessories for one of Chevy’s most famous — if not the most famous — vehicles. Performance exhausts, bed liners courtesy of Rhino Lining, larger mirrors to help with blind spots, exhaust tips, floor mats, seat covers, and more can all be found.

If it’s off-road components you’re looking for, we can install the suspension upgrade provided. However, we suggest taking advantage of the connection we have with Rocky Ridge and getting either a pre-modded and ready to go off-road Chevrolet, or having them install the parts you’re looking for.

How would you go about this? All you need to do is let us know what direction you’re thinking of going, and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that simple.


Ah, the Camaro. It’s easily one of the most iconic vehicles in history, and should therefore have some pretty sweet parts and accessories available. Light-up door sills, underglow (dependent on state laws), and plenty of other fun accessories or parts can be had. Naturally, you’ll find performance exhaust upgrades, hood scoops, brakes, and other parts to help improve performance available as well.

We Can Also Sell a New Pre-Accessorized Vehicle

Looking to trade-in your current Chevy model and just buy a pre-modded one from us? No problem, we can make that happen. All you need to do is talk to one of our Personalization Consultants and they’ll help you make a decision on not only what type of new Chevy model you should get, but what type of mods you want it to come with. Best part is, they’ll be able to roll all of them into a convenient package for you.

Whether you buy a pre-modded new Chevrolet model or mod a Chevrolet model after you buy it (or mod a current one), we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with our Custom Cars program.

Nor will you be disappointed with McCluskey Chevrolet, seeing as there’s plenty of other reasons to choose McCluskey Chevrolet for all your vehicle and parts/accessories needs.

Why Choose McCluskey Chevrolet?

Apart from our McCluskey Custom Cars program, there’s plenty of other reasons to choose McCluskey Chevrolet as your Cincinnati, OH Chevrolet dealership.

For starters, we’re the #1 volume Chevy dealer in Ohio. A lot of that has to do with our guaranteed low prices on all of the cars in our inventory. Along with the free lifetime mechanical protection on all of our new and used vehicles for unlimited miles and unlimited years.

A white 2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2 is kicking up dirt on a desert track, on its way to pick up Chevy accessories.

Access to All the GM/Chevy Parts and Accessories

Along with gaining access to our vast inventory of new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles, you also gain access to all the parts and accessories on the GM/Chevy catalog pages for all new Chevrolet models. That’s access to hundreds of OEM parts/accessories for popular models like the Cruze, Colorado, Silverado, Camaro, and more. Everything from electronics to performance upgrades, McCluskey Chevrolet can make it happen.

Connections with Other Vendors

Thanks to the connections we have with other vendors, such as Rhino Linings and Rocky Ridge, we’re able to go above and beyond when it comes to providing you with the truck of your dreams. That includes getting the perfect type of truck bed liner, or getting the right amount of off-road equipment (or packages/pre-built models) tacked on.

Personalization Consultants

Worried about a complicated process? Don’t be. Our Personalization Consultants make the entire process easy and simple. How? Well, not only will we guide you through the parts you’re looking to buy. But, we will also be able to help you take those parts and accessories, and form them into affordable packages. Much like the optional packages you’d find on different models, such as a Sport or Luxury package.

A Simple and Effortless Custom Cars Program

It’s called custom cars because we deal with cars, trucks, and SUVs. If it’s a Chevrolet model and you want to have us add parts and accessories to it, we can make that happen. Any OEM Chevrolet parts you find in the parts catalog is fair game: it’s as simple as that. Just let our Personalization Consultants know what parts you want so they can get information and pricing for you, and let us do all the hard work.

Why install it yourself when McCluskey Chevrolet has a team ready and waiting to give you the customized car of your dreams, for modest pricing? Keep in mind: if you’re looking to buy a pre-built, new Chevrolet model, we can make that happen, too.

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