Chevy Malibu for Sale

With superb handling, an engaging ride quality, and a style that emanates elegance, the Chevy Malibu proves its worth with drivers everywhere, which is probably why you have your eye on one of these remarkable cars. Although you’re seeing many SUVs on the roadways these days, the sedan continues its reign, especially when it’s loaded with capabilities and features that make it simply exceptional, and if you’re searching for a Chevy Malibu for sale, let McCluskey Chevrolet help. The Malibu isn’t just graceful and elegant in nature; it’s also efficient, easy to drive, and outfitted with some of the best tech on the market, which are only some of the reasons that it continues to appeal to so many drivers year after year. Whether you buy new, used, or CPO, McCluskey has a selection of Malibu models that will undoubtedly impress you. So, when you want the best deal and the best selection of Malibus, there’s only one place to trust for an unforgettable experience.

A black 2023 Chevy Malibu is shown from the side.

The Rich Legacy of the Malibu

The Malibu of today is a far cry from the Malibu of the past, getting its start in 1964 as part of the Chevelle selection. This nameplate evolved over the years from a muscle car wannabe to a true NASCAR superstar as its third generation launched onto the track with unmatched finesse. Despite a break in production that lasted over a decade, the '90s brought back a need for the Malibu once more, but this time, the sedan would showcase an entirely different feel. Designed for the everyday driver, this front-wheel drive sedan said goodbye to the track and hello to the everyday commute, appealing to the average American driver with affordability and practicality in mind. This shift in its overall personality earned it Motor Trend’s Car of the Year Award, and it was only up from there for this highly respected model.

This midsize sedan is ideal for families, everyday commuters, and so many others, which is why it continues to remain in the esteemed Chevy lineup. Its stylish design exhibits an air of sophistication, while its easy driving dynamics make it a top choice for many frequent travelers. The Malibu is now in its seventh generation, and throughout its lifespan, it has strived to become better as time went on, which makes both new and pre-owned models excellent picks when your ride matters. As technology has improved, so has the Malibu, offering plenty of coveted safety, driver assist, and connectivity features. Plus, with its spacious and refined cabin, getting comfortable inside is effortless––another reason why families and commuters love this vehicle.

A fine selection of trim levels is available, and with its storied history in the industry, you’ll have your pick from an outstanding inventory. It’s clear that the Malibu is a true star in the Chevy inventory, further proving its value in the industry through its alluring design and cutting-edge features. If you’re in need of a sedan and want to enjoy an elevated experience, the Malibu is calling your name.

A white 2023 Chevy Malibu is shown driving on an overpass.

Shop for a New, Used, or CPO Malibu

The Malibu has a rich history in the industry, and whether you’re looking for a new model or a pre-owned option, you have quite the selection to choose from with this highly regarded model. Those who enjoy taking advantage of state-of-the-art features, as well as contemporary styling, are typically drawn to new Malibu models. This may be the right choice for you if you desire the latest tech and safety capabilities, including smartphone integration, advanced safety systems, high-tech displays, and more. You’ll also be able to have added peace of mind that your vehicle is protected under warranty and shouldn’t need any repairs right away, which makes buying a new car the best choice for many drivers. What’s more, is that with modern styling elements and ultra-comfortable cabin materials, new models have some of the most appealing features inside to enhance any type of journey, near or far.

Many drivers want to have options when they shop for a car, which makes buying a used Malibu the right route to take. Since there are so many generations of the Malibu, these types of drivers are able to find the Malibu they really want. Maybe you want to have one of the most luxurious trim levels with top-notch tech and assistance features. Well, buying a Malibu model that’s a year or two old will provide you with these options for a fraction of the price compared to new models. You may be on the lookout for a classic model, and by shopping on the used lot, you’ll be able to find the model you’re looking for at a price you can be confident with here at McCluskey Chevrolet.

For shoppers who are interested in a used model but want the added assurance that they’re shopping from a high-quality selection, the Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) inventory of Malibus will delight. Chevy’s CPO program is one of the best in the business, showcasing models that have less than 75,000 miles on them and are recent model years—six years old and newer. They come with their own warranties to ensure that you’re protected during your travels. They also include a detailed vehicle history report, so you know everything there is to know about a particular model. The Malibu models that are a part of the respected Chevy CPO program have been hand-picked and have passed rigorous inspections to ensure their quality, which makes shopping from the CPO inventory a given for many of our customers.

A popular Chevy Malibu for sale, a white 2023 Chevy Malibu, is shown driving from the rear.

The 2023 Malibu

Chevy changed a few things for the Malibu for 2023, including more advanced driver assistance tech added into many of its trims, as well as a switch-up with its trim level names, with its Premier trim now named the 2LT. You’ll also see only one engine in the current lineup, a 1.5L turbocharged four-cylinder, which provides this midsize favorite with 160 horsepower to deliver an agile and engaging ride. Known for its smooth driving dynamics on the road, the Malibu is easy to handle and cozy inside with minimal road noise. It’s also recognized for its spacious interior, with plenty of room for passengers and a large trunk, providing you with 15.7 cu.ft. of space to load up all of your travel gear.

You’ll find an assortment of new paint colors available, as well as special editions, like the Midnight and Redline Editions, showcasing sleeker styling elements. Plenty of tech is included as well, like parking assistance to help you navigate into even the trickiest of parking spaces with finesse, wireless charging capabilities in certain trims, Teen Driver tech for new drivers, and many more helpful and desirable features to maximize your ride.

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