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Looking for a summer tire dealer to update your ride's performance this season? Count on the experts at McCluskey Chevrolet to get your tires changed out, so you can get back on the road sooner rather than later. If you're looking for affordable, quality tires to enhance your summertime driving, updating your tires is a perfect way. Summer tires can improve your vehicle's speed and handling, giving you the benefit of a responsive and thrilling drive. These provide more precision on dry or hot pavement, giving drivers more control and increased handling than typical all-weather or all-season tires.

Have your vehicle fitted with summer tires this spring for a rewarding driving experience all season long. Once the temperature stabilizes above 45 degrees, you know it's time to say goodbye to winter and hello to that fresh summer breeze. Long, hot summer days are just around the corner, so don't get caught up in the sunshine and forget. Having your summer tires put on before the heat and humidity get here can save you time and money later on. Beat the rush and come visit us at McCluskey Chevrolet before the mercury starts to rise.

At McCluskey Chevrolet, our job doesn't end when the keys pass to your hand. When you need routine maintenance or your tires updated, stop in and see us! Our highly-trained technicians are ready to make your day a little easier. Enjoy the increased performance of summer tires by having your vehicle fitted with the best of the best right here at McCluskey Chevrolet!

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Increased Performance With Summer Tires

If you're in Ohio, you know how important winter tires are. But what about summer tires? While winter tires have deeper treads and are designed to handle the freezing temperatures Ohio is famous for, summer tires offer drivers increased performance when things get hot.

Our summers can get as hot as our winters get cold. If you've ever burned your feet on hot pavement, imagine how your tires feel! Summer tires are specifically made to increase the handling and cornering of your vehicle while standing up to sizzling temperatures. They are made from a rubber compound that allows for extra grip on clear summer roads. Whether dry or wet, the summer tire's shallow tread allows for great traction when you need it. These are designed to help drivers avoid hydroplaning on wet roads while the special rubber is designed to stand up to the heat of the blacktop.

Drivers who take the time to switch their average tires over to summer tires will notice increased traction, plus improved handling, cornering, and braking. So what are you waiting for? Temperatures are starting to warm up, which means it's time to change your tires and get the most out of your upcoming summertime drives.

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Summer Tires vs All-Season Tires

Summer tires should not be confused with all-season tires. We know, we know—all-season tires are supposed to be great for "all seasons," right? Well, that's not always the case. Knowing the difference between summer tires and all-season tires can improve your vehicle's performance and deliver a more thrilling ride when things start to heat up.

Summer tires are designed with shallow treads and a special rubber compound that makes them perfect for starting, stopping, cornering, and enhanced performance on dry roads. The rubber compound used in summer tires is designed to stand up to high temperatures, and the shallow treads give your vehicle plenty of traction and control while helping to minimize your worries about wet surfaces. Heat, sun, and rain—summer tires handle it all.

So what's with all-season tires? They are built for all seasons, right? That's true for the most part; all-season tires are made from a rubber that fares well in cool or warm temperatures. Think of all-season tires as autumn or spring. They are flexible and offer drivers average performance on warm or cold pavement. All-season tires are good for places that experience mild weather most of the year—but if you live somewhere like Ohio that sees drastic changes in temperatures and fast-moving weather patterns, they're not always your best bet.

Summer tires give drivers the grip they want for a notably balanced performance on hot surfaces. All-season tires can handle the heat but not in the same way as summer tires. With all-season tires, drivers sacrifice performance and grip for the convenience of not changing out their tires.

These two kinds of tires vary in material and tread, so while the all-season tires are fine for everyday driving and moderate weather, they won't increase your vehicle's performance or add as much as summer tires will. Summer tires remain flexible during heat waves to ensure a responsive ride and thrilling performance that all-season tires just can't compete with.

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Quality Summer Tires

You know you want to switch out your current tires for summer tires, but the tire market is relatively large, so—in order to cut down on the overwhelming task of independently researching all your options for summer tires—the tire experts at McCluskey Chevrolet have contributed a few of their suggestions...

If you want some of the best performance tires on the market, it's tough to go past the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S summer tires. These tires were designed for precision handling and control over wet or dry roads, making them the perfect summer tire for rain or shine.

We also love Bridgestone's Potenza S007 tires, which deliver the kind of max performance you want from your tire without the heavy price tag. If you have a sports car and you want to fly over the pavement, these are the tires you're after. Designed for great traction on dry or wet surfaces, the Potenza S007 is your answer to fun summer driving.

Goodyear Eagle F1 tires deliver optimum grip on hot, dry pavement thanks to their Active CornerGrip technology, which helps the tires maintain an even tread pressure on the road and handle sharp corners. Drivers that crave ultra-high performance and an enhanced grip for their summer tires will find it hard to pass on the Eagle F1.

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