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No pickups truck is complete without a truck bed liner. Why’s that? Well, if you tend to use your pickup truck bed for hauling cargo then these spray-in liners ultimately provide drivers with a number of notable advantages. Plus, if you opt for Rhino Liner, you’ll notice that the brand provides a number of unique advantages.

See why you should be opting for this particular liner and see why you should be purchasing this liner (and pursuing potential installation) from McCluskey Chevy.

A closeup is shown of a black spray on truck bed liner from McCluskey Chevy in Cincinnati, OH.

Why Rhino Liner?

If you’re looking to preserve and protect your pickup truck’s bed, there’s no better choice than a spray-in bed liner. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a spray-in bed liner, there’s no better choice than Rhino Liner.

Explore why this liner should be your only choice for your next pickup truck, and understand how the accompanying advantages will improve many aspects of your vehicle.

Secures Cargo

Even if you’ve driven a pickup truck for the majority of your life, we’re sure you’re always worried about the security of the cargo in your truck bed. No matter how long you’ve been driving around your vehicle, you’ll always have that little fear that a toolbox or some other cargo will go flying out of your truck. At the very least, we’re sure you’re not looking forward to hearing the cargo sliding around your bed, banging into the sides of your vehicle.

Well, by opting for a Rhino Liner, you can rest easy knowing that your cargo is constantly on a textured surface that will keep it more secure. Even in the worst weather, your boxes will always remain in place. This should reduce the anxiety of having something fall out of your truck, and it should also eliminate the annoying banging that usually accompanies a standard ride.

Best of all, the liner (and the securing mechanisms) are neither obvious nor intrusive. When you opt for another liner like LineX, the gripping features are obvious, and they ultimately reduce your cargo space. On the flip side, Rhino Liner seamlessly binds with your pickup truck, and the gripping functions don’t compromise any aspect of your bed.

If you’ve had enough of that constant anxiety that accompanies a ride in your pickup truck, then the securing and gripping functions of the Rhino Liner should emphasize why this feature is the right choice.

Resists Impact

After dishing out a pretty penny to purchase a pickup truck, the last thing you’d want to do is dent the surface. Unfortunately, that’s the reality of storing cargo in your truck bed, especially helpful, metal tools.

However, by opting for a Rhino liner, you can be assured that your pickup’s exterior will remain in tip-top shape. The liner is resilient and durable, and it will prevent any old equipment or tool from compromising the integrity of your truck bed.

Now, we’re not necessarily saying that you should be tossing your tools in your pickup truck’s bed at the end of a long work day. However, during that commute home, you shouldn’t be overly worried if some of your equipment suddenly slams against the floor of the bed or slides into the sides. That’s because the liner will assure that your bed will remain in one piece.

A black spray on Rhino truck bed liner from McCluskey Chevy is shown.

Resists Corrosion

Similarly, a Rhino liner will also prevent corrosion from accumulating inside your truck bed. Similar to any vehicle, the exterior of your pickup truck won’t be immune to rust. This is especially true if you don’t keep your truck in a garage, as the elements (including rain and snow) will ultimately impact the condition of your bed.

Fortunately, a Rhino liner will help. The feature is excellent when it comes to resisting corrosion, as the accompanying covering will ultimately protect the exterior from rain and snow. Sure, the bed will end up seeing some signs of age eventually. However, the liner will do everything in its power to slow down that process. Other liners (including LineX) tend to have cracks and leaks, and that allows rain to creep onto the truck bed. And you can probably guess what sitting water will do to a truck bed over time. When opting for a Rhino liner, you can be assured that water won’t get to the truck bed, and that will ultimately reduce the development of corrosion.

This liner will end up increasing the life of your truck bed, which will ultimately be reflected in the resale value of your vehicle. Even if you’re planning on running your truck into the ground, preserving the integrity of your pickup’s bed is never a bad thing and ensures that you’ll have longer to drive it.

Reduces Noises

We’re sure you’re familiar with this: when equipment is sliding around the rear of your vehicle, you’ll hear it in your cab. The noises and vibrations that are emanating from your bed can make one go crazy, and many liners (including LineX) don’t remedy this issue. Predictably, Rhino Liners will.

For starters, your cargo will be sliding and banging against a liner, and that’s naturally quieter than the unprotected aluminum or steel. Furthermore, the Rhino Liner includes sound-deadening features, assuring that you’ll never be bothered by whatever you’re hauling out back.

Preventing the vibrations and noises that are coming from your truck bed may not be atop your list of fixes. However, it’s just another added benefit of opting for a Rhino Liner.

Why McCluskey?

Now that you’ve determined that Rhino Liner is the perfect choice for those seeking a truck bed liner, it’s time to make the purchase. Well, why not visit the premier authorized Rhino Liner applicator in Cincinnati, Ohio: McCluskey Chevy. See why this is the perfect place to make your purchase, and explore all of the other advantages that the dealership provides.

A closeup is shown of a black plastic truck bed liner.


If you’re shopping around for a new truck bed liner, there’s no reason to visit those standard car-parts stores. You’ll have to pay an arm and a leg if you’re opting for a part from these stores, and you’ll have to dish out even more cash if you need the liner installed. Why pay more than you need to?

Fortunately, you don’t have to look any further than McCluskey Chevy’s parts department. The technicians can easily install the liner, and the competitive pricing means you’ll be securing the best deal possible.

Of course, the dealership’s other services will also come in handy. The service department can handle any maintenance or repairs, while the finance department will work with the customer to determine a logical payment plan.


Of course, McCluskey Chevy does a whole lot more than provide parts and services to customers. Rather (and predictably), we also sell vehicles.

McCluskey Chevy’s prices are some of the most competitive in the entire area, and our vast inventory is practically unmatched. With a number of new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles currently sitting on the lot, there are logical options for any types of customers on any types of budget.

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