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Time to replace your current vehicle? Then, you’ve probably been searching for a reputable business that sells used cars in Dayton, Ohio. And if you’re looking for a dealership that offers an extensive used car inventory, there’s one dealer that stands out among the rest. At McCluskey Chevy, we are proud to say that our used car inventory includes hundreds, and we mean hundreds, of high-quality vehicles in a variety of makes and models. A large portion of this inventory is even priced under 10K, and an even larger portion includes our carefully maintained certified pre-owned vehicles. Whether you’re looking for an efficient sedan for your daily commute or a spacious and versatile SUV, you’ll be able to find the perfect used cars for sale in Dayton, Ohio on our lot.

However, the benefits of McCluskey Chevy don’t end there. Drivers who choose to browse for used cars for sale with McCluskey Chevy can also enjoy our haggle-free pricing, superior customer care, and highly trained finance and service departments. Ready to learn even more about what makes McCluskey Chevy the best used cars dealer near Dayton? Let’s take a closer look.

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7 Reasons Why McCluskey Chevy is Worth The Drive From Dayton Ohio

When shopping for used cars, Dayton, Ohio drivers have many good choices, but here at McCluskey Chevy, our team is here to not only put you in the very best car but to connect you with the very best service around. Buying a used car isn't just about spotting it on the lot. It's about making a personal connection with the sales team. These individuals are your connection to either locating the right car on the lot or tracking it down in another location and having it brought into the shop. But whatever you're looking for, here are seven reasons why visiting our team at McCluskey Chevy is well worth the drive from Dayton.

#1 One Of The Largest New Vehicle Selections In The State

There's a reason why people from not only southern Ohio but Kentucky and Indiana come to visit McCluskey Chevy. It's because it has one of the largest selections of new Chevy models in the area. Whether you're looking for a new car, SUV, or you've wanted to check out the latest Chevy pickup; you'll find it all right here. Plus, you can look up the selection online before you make the drive, just to make sure the vehicle is on the lot before you do head on south.

#2 Pre-Owned Vehicles

Perhaps you're looking instead for a solid pre-owned vehicle. The used cars Dayton, Ohio has to offer can't hold a candle to the wide (and ever-growing) selection of used cars here at McCluskey Chevy.

When buying a used vehicle, it is important to purchase one from a location you can trust. That is why we offer a free lifetime powertrain warranty on all new and used vehicles, no matter the miles and no matter the years you drive it. Plus, we offer certified pre-owned vehicles that go through an in-depth inspection by our team of certified General Motors mechanics. This way, you can rest assured that when you purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle from us at McCluskey Chevy, you're buying a vehicle that's as good as new.

#3 Haggle Free Pricing

Don't you just hate showing up at a lot, seeing a sticker price listed on a vehicle, but then you're forced to hem and haw over the price? It's stressful and it makes the car buying process full of anxiety. Nobody wants that. It's our mission at McCluskey Chevy to make the car buying process as simple and painless as possible. That's why the price you see on your vehicle is the price you pay. And, if you see a used vehicle on our website that you're interested in but need to make the drive down from Dayton to do it, you can select the "Free Hold" option on our website. We will hold the vehicle for you, so you have the chance to come on down and check it out for yourself before anyone else is allowed to buy it.

#4 On-Site Financing

You are more than welcome to work with your bank or credit union. If you feel comfortable with your bank or you like the loan they offer by all means, go with them. You should go with the best lender available to you. However, oftentimes, banks and local lenders are not able to provide you with the same kind of financing options as we can right at the dealership. So before you sign off on any loans from your bank, let our finance department work with you to see what all we can do to help get you the best loan possible. After all, your bank has a board of directors to keep happy, which usually means higher interest rates. Here at McCluskey Chevy, we don't have that. Our top priority is to make you happy, which is why we want to connect you with the best loan possible.

Don't worry. The loan application process is pain-free, quick, and easy. So whether you're just itching to get behind the wheel of your new vehicle or you have a Dayton Flyers game to get to, you'll be on the road in no time at all.

A salesman is handing keys to a buyer with paperwork on the desk.

#5 Trade-In

If you're shopping around for new or used cars in Dayton, Ohio, and decide to visit us at McCluskey Chevrolet, you may want to swap out your current vehicle for one on the lot. If you are interested in selling off your current vehicle we do offer a trade-in service. And if you're curious as to what your vehicle is worth before you come on down, don't you worry. We have a link right on our Value Your Trade page that connects you with the AutoTrader evaluation service. This way, you'll have an excellent idea of what the vehicle is worth before you even arrive at the dealership. Combined with the no-haggle prices listed here on our website you'll have a good idea as to what your final cost will be.

#6 We're Always Offering Specials

Are you looking to score a great deal on a new or used vehicle? If so, check out our latest specials. We're always offering special discounts on a number of vehicles. This way, you have the opportunity to pay under what the MSRP is. It doesn't matter if you're shopping around for a full-size truck or a compact coupe, visit our special discount page to know exactly the kind of deals we have going on before you hop on I-75 and pay us a visit.

#7 Service and Department Specialists

After you purchase your vehicle, you'll want to take it into a service department you can trust. At McCluskey Chevrolet, you have GM certified mechanics at your disposal. They understand the inner and outer workings of your entire vehicle, no matter the make or model. With all your information on file, it's easy to maintain a service schedule, so your vehicle remains in optimal shape.

You might also want to upgrade different areas of it over time. Perhaps you want to install a new stereo system, or you've been eyeing a rear spoiler for that used Corvette you purchased. With the parts department on hand, a service member can work with you in finding the best part for your vehicle. From third party parts manufacturers to material manufactured specifically for General Motors, we're here to help connect you with the right parts at the right price.

The McCluskey Chevy Advantage

Choosing to shop with McCluskey Chevy for your next vehicle has many advantages. As your local Chevy dealership, we are proud to offer high-quality used cars in Dayton, Ohio paired with the service and convenience our customers deserve.

Customer Service

At McCluskey Chevy, we strive to offer unmatched customer service to each and every customer that steps on our lot. When you visit McCluskey Chevy, you can feel confident that you’ll be greeted by a warm and friendly staff that is dedicated to helping you find the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle and budget. Our team will happily guide you through our extensive inventory of used vehicles, answer any questions that you may have, and even get you a beverage to enjoy while you shop. No matter what department you’re working with, you can look forward to a kind and knowledgeable team that is happy to help you take care of all of your automotive needs.

Flexible Financing

If you’re worried about getting approved for financing with less than ideal credit, don’t be! The finance team at McCluskey Chevy is expertly trained to secure financing for all types of credit backgrounds. Whether you have poor credit or perfect credit, you can feel confident that our finance team will set you up with a loan that you’re comfortable with. Our finance team will listen to your monthly budget and keep you informed through every step of the financing process, while trying to find a loan with terms that suit your needs. We have several options for drivers with low credit and are more than happy to discuss them with you. When you’ve completed your financing through McCluskey Chevy, you can drive off the lot in your new vehicle in confidence.

On-Site Service Department

One of the most convenient features of McCluskey Chevy is our on-site service center, staffed with certified experts in everything Chevy. Whether you need to schedule routine maintenance or have a complex repair completed for your vehicle, the technicians at our service center can handle it with ease. Our technicians are properly certified to work on Chevy vehicles, and receive regular training to keep them up to date on any new vehicles that enter our lot. If you’re interested in purchasing accessories for your next used car in Dayton, Ohio, the technicians at McCluskey Chevy will happily assist you in picking them out and even installing them for you. And to ensure that your new-to-you Chevy vehicle remains as dependable and reliable as when you purchased it, our service center will even help you create a personalized maintenance schedule.

Our Used Car Inventory

At McCluskey Chevy, we offer an extensive amount of used cars for sale in Dayton, Ohio. Sport sedans? Versatile SUVs? Powerful pickup trucks? No problem. As your local Chevy dealer, we have it all! In fact, we have hundreds of vehicles for sale in our used car inventory alone. Not sure what type of vehicle you’re interested in? Here are a few of our most popular used cars for sale:

A white 2016 Chevy Malibu, popular among used cars in Dayton, Ohio, is parked in front of a white wall.

Considering other brands of used cars during your search? We also carry a variety of other brands, including:

  • Ford
  • GMC
  • NissanM
  • Kia
  • Toyota
  • Jeep
  • Hyundai
  • and many more!

In fact, the makes and models of our non-Chevrolet brand vehicles make up a large amount of our total used inventory. So, no matter what kind of vehicle you’re looking for, you’re sure to find a perfect match among our massive used car inventory. And no matter what make and model you choose from McCluskey Chevy, you can feel confident that the vehicle has been well-maintained and is of the highest quality. Every member of the McCluskey team is dedicated to caring for each and every vehicle on our lot, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our inventory. In addition, we strive to make our prices easy to understand and haggle-free, meaning the low price that you see is the price you pay.

If you’re looking for high-quality and affordable used cars for sale in Dayton, Ohio, McCluskey Chevy is the best place to shop!

Used or Certified Pre-Owned?

At McCluskey Chevy, we also offer a wide selection of certified pre-owned vehicles for sale as well. If you aren’t sure exactly what a certified pre-owned or CPO vehicle is, don’t worry! We’re about to fill you in. A CPO vehicle is a used vehicle, however it has undergone an incredibly strict inspection and qualification process in order to achieve its certified status. A used vehicle can only qualify for the CPO program if it is of a recent model year, has low mileage, and is in like-new condition both aesthetically and mechanically. Certified pre-owned vehicles will also come with an excellent warranty, which often features roadside assistance, and are even preferred by many financing institutions compared to used vehicles. It should be noted that CPO vehicles are more expensive than used vehicles and may result in higher monthly payments. However, either option is still less expensive than purchasing a new vehicle.

Overall, deciding whether a used or CPO vehicle is the right choice for you depends on your budget, lifestyle, and vehicle preferences. To learn more about the certified pre-owned vehicles available from McCluskey Chevy, be sure to visit our website or give us a call.

How to Find Us

At, McCluskey Chevrolet we’re grateful to be the dealership of choice for so many people from Dayton. Whether they’ve come looking to buy new, used, or GM Certified Pre-owned, we never tire of hearing how the combination of a short drive, expansive selection, customer-centered service, and welcoming environment make it worth the quick trip to Cincinnati!

Directions From Dayton

You're in luck as the drive from Dayton to McCluskey Chevy on Automall Drive is just about all on I-75 South, so it's a straight shot (and while you're in town, make sure to stop on by Skyline Chili for a heaping bowl of chili mac).

When leaving downtown Dayton, you'll want to take West 2nd Street and hop onto I-75 S (or wherever you're leaving from, just make sure to catch i-75 S).

Stay on I-75 S for 30 miles and take exit 22 (Tylersville Rd in West Chester township). For another 8 miles, stay on Tylersville Road. Then take a right onto Mason Montgomery road (it'll eventually turn into just "Mason Rd." Take a left onto Fields Ertel Rd and take another left on Kings Automall Dr (you'll pass Arby's on the right).

Finally, turn right onto Kings Auto Mall Rd, and in less than a half-mile, you'll be at McCluskey Chevy.

If you're interested in a new car, want to see what kind of used car options are available, or your current vehicle needs servicing, now is the perfect time to make the drive from Dayton to McCluskey Chevy in Cincinnati. Come visit us, and we’re certain that you’ll come to quickly understand why McCluskey Chevrolet has become such a popular destination for those Daytonians in search of a truly satisfying car-buying experience.


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