Windshield Wiper Replacement

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Did you know that windshield wipers were one of the first vehicle enhancements? In 1903, a patent for a manually controlled windshield wiper proposed a new way for drivers to see better as they traveled. From there, the development of automatic wipers came about in 1917—and the Trico Corporation's first electric wipers were not far behind in 1921.

Over time, technology has continued to produce more advances, using new materials, sensors, and qualities like automatic wiping to make driving in bad weather much safer. Our team extends your safety by replacing your windshield wipers and ensuring your system works as it should.

A mechanic is shown performing a windshield wiper replacement.

What All Do Windshield Wipers Do?

Windshield wipers have a specific goal: to help you see better in bad weather, like rain, snow, or even mist and fog. Their ability to clear your windshield of moisture, dirt, and other things that might get in the way makes them one of the most significant vehicle inventions. Still, you might not give them a second thought until they start squeaking or stop working altogether. The following are the benefits windshield wipers offer when they're operating at peak performance.

  • Clearing Rain, Snow, and Ice: The primary purpose of windshield wipers is to clear rain, snow, and ice from the glass. Keeping your line of sight clear is essential since rain or snow can block your view and make driving dangerous. In the tri-state area—where we see a lot of ice during the colder months—having a clear view is key.
  • Fortifying Safety: Keeping a good line of sight is the most important thing for safe driving. When weather conditions make it hard to see, crashes are likelier. Windshield wipers help lower this risk by ensuring you can see the road, other cars, pedestrians, and possible obstacles.
  • Improving Visibility at Night: Windshield wipers are also helpful at night because they eliminate water and dirt, which helps reduce glare from passing headlights. This makes it easier for you to see at night and makes driving easier on your eyes.
  • Removing Debris: Windshield wipers help rid your windshield of leaves, dust, insects, and bird droppings, among other things. If these stay on the glass for too long, they can impede your view.
  • Protecting the Windshield: Windshield wipers are made to move smoothly over the glass without scratching it. They are soft enough not to harm your windshield, ensuring it retains its integrity for a long time.
  • Adjustable Speeds and Intervals: Most modern cars have windshield wiper systems that let you change the speed and time between wipes depending on how hard it's raining or the road conditions. This makes them work better and keeps you from getting too distracted.
  • Supporting Driver Confidence: Windshield wipers do more than just clean the windshield; they help you feel confident behind the wheel. When it's raining or snowing, your ability to see the road clearly will keep you calm and in control of your car.

Rain is shown being wiped away by a wiper blade.

The Different Kinds of Windshield Wipers

You might be surprised to learn that there are many types of windshield wipers. Not only are there specific wipers for your vehicle model, but there are also specialized wipers for certain conditions. In fact, simply taking a walk down the windshield wiper aisle can be overwhelming, with different lengths, arcs, and purposes.

For this reason—and knowing how vital they are to your safety—it would be wise to have our team replace your wipers. We know what type of wipers work best for your car and can explore whether you need something specific. A few of the types of windshield wipers include...

  • Traditional Wipers: These are the most popular windshield wipers that most people use. They are constructed with a rubber blade held in place by a metal frame. These wipers are typically inexpensive and work well in most weather conditions.
  • Beam-Style Wipers: These wipers are known for their smooth and aerodynamic shape. They don't have a typical frame; instead, the blade is made of a single, long piece of rubber or silicone. These wipers fit the shape of the window better, providing better contact and wiping. They are also less likely to get covered with ice and snow.
  • Hybrid Wipers: Traditional and beam-style wipers converge in hybrid wipers. These usually have a low profile like beam-style wipers, but their frames are still hinged to make them more stable. These are a good compromise when you aren't sure which style is best for your car.
  • Winter Wipers: While we typically have milder winters in our area, it's good to know that winter wipers exist when Mother Nature steps things up a notch. These durable wipers have a strong frame and rubber blade that won't crack when it freezes. They are excellent for keeping ice and snow from building up, so you can see well during winter storms.
  • Silicone Wipers: Silicone is more sturdy than rubber and makes a wipe that lasts longer and doesn't leave streaks. These wipers are known for standing up to UV rays and bad weather, making them an excellent choice for year-round use.
  • Aero Wipers: Aero wipers are like beam-style wipers, but they are even more compact, which makes them less noisy and less affected by wind. They are often chosen because they look nice and are effective, providing a clean sweep when you need it most.
  • Automatic Wipers: Many cars now have rain-sensing windshield wipers. These have sensors that can automatically tell when the glass is wet and change their speed and wiping pattern accordingly. They are thought to provide safer driving as you can focus on the road rather than on regulating the correct wiper speed.
  • Flat Wipers: Flat wipers are like beam-style wipers, but they are flatter and have a simpler look, giving the front of a car a clean and modern look. They are also thought to provide better aerodynamics and wiping ability than regular wipers.

As you can see, with the wide variety of choices, it's good to have an experienced team on your side. Next time you're in for service, ask our team about your wiper blade options; we'll take the time to assess your wipers' current condition and review your choices so you can make an informed decision.

A rear window is shown being clear of dirt by a wiper blade.

Signs It's Time for New Windshield Wipers

For safe driving in bad weather, it's crucial to know when your window wipers need to be replaced—and there are a few signs that can help you make the determination. First, watch for streaks or smudges on the windshield when you use your wipers; this means that the wipers aren't making good contact with the glass. In addition, when wipers skip or make a lot of noise, it's a sign that your wiper blades are worn out.

Also, if the windshield isn't cleaned evenly, this could mean that the blades have lost their flexibility. Check the blades for cracks, splits, or other damage that you can see, as these problems will affect how well they work. Your wipers can also be affected by bent arms or broken parts, making it hard for the blades to keep a good grip on the windshield.

Lastly, consider how old your current wipers are. Depending on several things, they usually last six months to a year. If you can't remember the last time you changed them, it's probably due time. It's wise to plan your replacement around seasonal changes, like winter and summer; this way, if we're expected to have a strong winter, your windshield wipers are ready.

Servicing Your Vehicle in Other Ways

As mentioned, we offer various services that keep you safe on the road. Our state-of-the-art service center can help you with oil changes, preventative maintenance, tire rotation, and brake services. We also offer a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection to help you feel confident as you drive. This essential service is great before your family vacation or as we transition into winter to ensure your car is ready for the road.

In addition, we have a body shop and parts department to assist you with any other services you might need for your car and a reliable team who understands how important it is to ensure your vehicle works as it should.

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