2023 Chevy Suburban

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  • Overview

    A dark grey 2023 Chevy Suburban Premier is angled left.

    It might surprise you to discover that the Chevy Suburban has a legacy that's one of the longest-lasting in automotive history. Making its debut all the way back in 1934, the Suburban was pressed into military service during WWII and was reintroduced to average consumers in 1946 at the start of the post-war economic boom period. The Suburban has been an essential part of American life ever since, even having its own star on the Hollywood "Walk of Fame." Currently in its twelfth generation, this SUV shows no signs of slowing down as a trusted workhorse and remains the definitive full-size SUV on the market. With so much under its belt, it only makes sense that the 2023 Chevy Suburban would carry on this distinguished legacy. Today, we'll be exploring the attributes that make this SUV wear the title of "large and in charge" with pride.


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    Est. $53,000[a]

  • Performance

    A close up of the passenger side headlight on a white 2022 Chevy Suburban is shown.

    Three Engine Options

    Because of its size, the 2023 Chevy Suburban requires an above-average powertrain to propel it forward and haul the heavy loads. To this end, Chevy has equipped the Suburban with a ten-speed automatic transmission, which happens to be the best in the brand's arsenal. Attached to the transmission are three different engine options, each one providing distinct advantages for the average consumer. It doesn't matter if you have passengers, cargo, or you've been roped into helping someone move; there's a powertrain that's built especially for you.

    5.3L Ecotec V8 - The standard engine for the Chevy Suburban since 2015, this engine is used by Chevy, GMC, and Cadillac on all their full-size trucks and SUVs. When equipped in the 2023 Suburban, it gives the SUV 355 hp and generates 383 lb-ft of torque. One of the most effective and reliable tools in Chevy's arsenal, this engine is equipped with active fuel management to conserve fuel whenever possible.

    6.2L Ecotec V8 - The larger of the Suburban's two gasoline V8 options, this workhorse has also been an option on the Suburban since 2015. The 6.2L has proven itself as a workhorse, being used by several of the same vehicles and brands that the smaller 5.3L Ecotec has. Equipped with 16 valves and dynamic fuel management, this workhorse possesses an impressive 420 hp and generates 460 lb-ft of torque. Consistency is this engine's best friend, as it's only used with a ten-speed automatic transmission and manages to equip all of the vehicles it is applied to with the same rating.

    3.0L Duramax I-6 Turbo-Diesel - If there's any inanimate object that deserves credit for making the most impressive comeback in the new millennium, it's the diesel engine. Duramax spares nothing in terms of performance and versatility, and the 3.0L inline-six is a workhorse that more and more people are relying on for their needs. With the Duramax equipped, the Chevy Suburban is given a generous offering of 277 hp and an impressive 460 lb-ft of torque and gets impressive fuel economy. Remarkably, it achieves both of these specs while operating at low RPMs, proving that diesel power is still alive and well and efficient in the modern era.

  • Design

    A dark blue 2023 Chevy Suburban High Country is shown parked in a driveway.

    Bold and Sleek

    The Chevy Suburban was given a bold and sleek redesign for the 2021 model year. While the Suburban has always been a vehicle that provides more than enough room, part of the redesign that earned praise from industry critics was its bold new multi link suspension that lowers the floor of the vehicle making even more room than previous incarnations. The Suburban's outward design is one that feels like a throwback to previous decades. While it has the modern aesthetic in just the right spots, which is the current look for many SUVs, it still has the boxy feel that was prevalent in early SUVs.

    Much-Needed Storage Space

    The Suburban's cargo capabilities exceed expectations from consumers who might be thinking about having some much-needed storage space for people and objects. With comfortable seating for up to nine passengers, even a fully packed Suburban will afford you a generous 41.5 cu.ft. of storage space, which is almost triple the average trunk space of a four-door sedan. For those days where every inch of available space is necessary to pack it all in, an available 144.7 cu.ft. with the back rows folded makes for one of the most impressive cargo holds attached to four wheels.

    If you're still needing just a little more room or you're the trailering type, fear not. When properly equipped, the Suburban can easily tow up to 8,300 lbs. Of course, if you're worried about losing your load, the Suburban has nine different camera systems to keep a close eye on your cargo. Even if you're new to the world of towing, the 2023 Suburban makes this difficult task easy with all of its advanced trailering features.

  • Technology

    A close up of the dashboard in a 2023 Chevy Suburban is shown.

    Updated Features

    While the Suburban certainly doesn't want for either performance capabilities, storage capacity, and even hauling the occasional trailer, there's much more to it than just those items that are expected with any SUV on the market, especially one with the pedigree and prestige that Chevy possesses. A modern vehicle for a modern era, the 2023 Chevy Suburban features several items since its redesign that make life much easier for the people who depend upon it.

    The biggest technological upgrade concerns the addition of Super Cruise to the upper trim levels of the 2023 Suburban. For those who are unaware of the advantages of Super Cruise, allow us to briefly explain. Super Cruise is the next step in the driver assistance technology known as adaptive cruise control. With over 200,000 miles of pre-programmed roads, Super Cruise allows for hands-free driving that's ideal for long stretches of highway commuting. Equipping a large vehicle such as the Suburban with this technology is an ambitious maneuver on Chevy's part, but that's what technological innovation brings us––the impossible made possible.

    Other Tech Features

    Of course, there are other tech features that Chevy has equipped its largest SUV with. The interior of the Suburban is anchored by an available 10.2" touch screen, with the latest edition of Chevy Infotainment 3. This technology is the ultimate in providing a user-friendly link between your smartphone and your Chevy. Compatible with both wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Chevy Infotainment 3 integrates navigation, music, and more and can even be controlled by voice. Never before has so much been placed at your fingertips.

    Safety Technology

    Of course, the 2023 Chevy Suburban will also come equipped with standard Chevy Safety Assist and Teen Driver systems. Chevy Safety Assist includes a collection of modern driver-assist technologies designed to protect you on the road. These include automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, auto high beams, and more, standard on every trim. If you want even more safety features, then they are available, including cutting-edge technologies like an HD surround vision and a 15-inch Head-Up display so that you can view critical information while keeping your eyes on the road.

    The standard Teen Driver system provides additional oversight on the younger drivers in your household, allowing you to monitor their driving habits and set limitations on the speed they're able to travel and how loud the stereo system can be turned up when the vehicle is being driven. It even provides you with a report card on their driving performance so you can work with them to stay safe on the road. It's just one more way that Chevy looks after its customers. We should also note that while Chevy exists on the cutting edge of driving assistance technologies, there is nothing that will ever replace the habits of a responsible driver.

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