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Ok, so you have your new vehicle home from the dealership, and you love everything about it. Still, there might be some personal touches you'd like to add to make it your own.  Perhaps your car needs some upgraded headlights or roof racks to carry the bikes and a kayak, or your truck would be aided by some side steps to make getting in and out easier. No matter what kind of modification you are looking to make, there are two options for you when you visit a car parts store. You can go with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or aftermarket parts manufactured by a third party. The pros and cons of each can be a hotly contested debate amongst drivers, so let's take a closer look at both and examine why choosing OEM parts is a better overall solution in the long run.

The front grille of the 2015 SEMA Chevrolet Silverado SpecialOps is shown with led lights you can get form the car parts store in Cincinnati, OH.

What are OEM Parts and Accessories?

In a nutshell, these parts and accessories come straight from the manufacturer of your vehicle and are the exact same parts that are used on the assembly line. These could range from a simple oil filter to more complicated parts like suspension and exhaust systems. When you have an original OEM part installed in your vehicle, you'll know you'll be getting the same exact part used in the original manufacturing process, and that it will be the right match. This is one of the reasons why so many customers come to McCluskey Chevy in Cincinnati, OH, for their repair needs. Our certified service technicians only use genuine OEM parts to ensure the highest quality performance and reliability.

What are Aftermarket Parts and Accessories?

These parts and accessories are manufactured by third parties and not the maker of your vehicle, and are mostly used by independent garages and are sold in major auto parts retailers. The major advantage here is lower cost but at the sacrifice of quality. Aftermarket parts aren't certified by the manufacturer, nor do they have a seal of approval. Installing such parts is riskier than using OEM parts, as they could have been manufactured anywhere and don't meet the high-quality standards of the automotive maker.

So you're rolling the dice a bit here with choosing aftermarket parts. In some cases, they could match the quality and fit of an original OEM part, but they could also end up being of poor quality. Both OEM and aftermarket parts have their pros and cons, but choosing OEM is always a better option to protect the vehicle you've worked hard on and made a significant investment in.

Aftermarket parts are shown under the hood of a 2017 SEMA Chevrolet Silverado Performance build.

Benefits of OEM Parts and Accessories

The major advantage of OEM parts, as stated above, is they come directly from the same manufacturer who built your vehicle. These parts can be obtained from our service department here at McCluskey or directly through GM. This is a tremendous boon for our customers, as they can walk in and ask for any part and know they'll be getting the original equipment straight from the manufacturer. We can easily get whatever you need, and you won't have to worry about the quality as opposed to third-party aftermarket parts.

This level of high quality also extends to the part being guaranteed to work exactly like the part that's being replaced. It's an exact duplicate of what you're working with now. If you've purchased an OEM accessory, then you'll know it will be the perfect fit for your vehicle. This provides you with peace of mind because you won't have to worry about whether the accessory will be compatible or not. If it's an OEM accessory, it's guaranteed to work.

OEM parts and accessories also come with a warranty, which is another major advantage over aftermarket parts. Hopefully, you'll never need to use it, but it's there in case something ever goes wrong. If it does, you're completely covered for a replacement. Also, if you have the replacement work done by us, the cost of labor may also be covered.

Benefits of Aftermarket Parts and Accessories

Aftermarket parts are more widely available than OEM parts, which are only available through a dealer or the automaker directly. They can be found in most major auto parts retailers as well as in independent garages and chain auto service centers. For the consumer, this can provide more options on where to obtain both parts and services.

Along with this also comes great fluctuation in price and quality, which means more work for you when you have to hunt around at auto parts stores for the right part at a price you can afford. You'll also need to take a bit of a chance with aftermarket parts once you find them. They could work just fine, but they could also present problems later on down the road, unlike OEM parts which are guaranteed and warrantied to last. If you like to gamble with your vehicle, choosing aftermarket parts could be the way to go in order to save some money.

A tan Chevy Suburban, shown from the back, has aftermarket accessories for a 2017 SEMA build.

OEM Parts and Accessories are the Best Choice

As you can see in what has been described above, there are some choices to consider when looking for replacement parts and Chevy accessories. Aftermarket parts will save you money in the short run but may end up costing you more money in the long run. There's just too much variance in quality to know for sure what you'll be getting. On the other hand, choosing OEM parts ensures you'll be getting original equipment that will fit and work perfectly with your vehicle. There's just no guesswork involved. These parts will simply just work.

OEM parts are also much simpler to buy. Just walk into the dealer or order them straight from the manufacturer. No jumping from auto parts store to auto parts store to find the right part or the right price. Not to mention that even if you do find the right aftermarket part, you still then need to find a mechanic to do the repair job. Choosing OEM parts from a dealer like McCluskey provides a one-stop shopping experience.

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