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Considering how much time, energy, and money you spent on your vehicle, we probably do not have to tell you that taking care of it is important. And the best way to take care of your Chevy is through proper maintenance and repairs that you trust to an experienced service center. It is not enough to pull out your phone, search “car service near me,” and hope for the best. Your vehicle deserves the best, and that means bringing it to a certified Chevrolet dealer that knows how to take care of it properly.

Other garages and service centers work on any vehicle that comes through the door without a second thought. Here at McCluskey Chevrolet, we live for Chevys and everything they have to offer, which means our service professionals specialize in taking care of them. Whether you have a Silverado, a Camaro, a Malibu, a Blazer, or anything in between, you know that our certified technicians and service experts have seen it before.
Whether you simply need routine maintenance, or you have a serious issue and are in need of repairs, we are here to help you. Our service center is open seven days a week, so we are always here to help you with whatever you need. Bring your Chevy to McCluskey Chevrolet and know that we take the trust you place in us seriously.

Lube and Oil Change

One of the most common reasons a lot of people come to us for car service near them is for a full-service lube job or for an oil change. Changing your oil is quick and easy, but absolutely vital to making sure your vehicle runs properly. Failing to change your oil regularly can result in serious issues and damage to your vehicle, which can not only cause a dangerous accident but also require expensive repairs.

A lube job focuses not only on your engine oil but different fluids throughout your vehicle, such as coolant and brake fluid. This kind of routine maintenance might not be very exciting, but it is necessary to make sure your vehicle runs smoothly and keeps you safe. You can check your Chevy owner’s manual to see how often you should come in for an oil change or lube job to keep you on the road.

Tire Service

The tires on your car, truck, or SUV can need different kinds of work, and as the car service center near you, we are happy to help. If your tires are in good condition, then we can rotate them to help spread out wear and tear on them more evenly. We can check their pressure and the depth of the tread on them to make sure they are still safe and inform you about replacements you might need soon.

When the time comes, we are also happy to put new tires on your vehicle to make sure you are in control when you get behind the wheel. We have a lot of different tires to choose from, so whatever you are looking for, we can help you with. While we are at it, our certified service professionals can also check and adjust your alignment, making it easier for you to drive on the road and maintain control.

Other Maintenance

We are also happy to help with other kinds of routine maintenance, like replacing a burned-out headlight or putting new wipers on your vehicle. A lot of our customers can handle these things, but not all of them are comfortable doing so – or lack the tools to do them properly. We can get you in and take care of any maintenance you need, then get you back on the road in a timely and efficient manner. That is why we are the car service center near you that you should choose.
A mechanic is under a car in Cincinnati, OH performing a car service near me.

Brake Service

The brakes on your vehicle are, arguably, the single most important part of your car, truck, or SUV, since they are what let you safely come to a stop once you are in motion. They also take a lot of abuse just from regular driving, so make sure you come here for car service near you to take care of them. We can inspect your brake pads and other components while changing your tires or doing other work to make sure they still look good. And when anything gets too worn down, then we can replace those parts to keep you safe on the road.

Electrical Service

Modern Chevy vehicles have a lot of electrical systems in them, and even small computers that are involved in day-to-day use of your car. We can check your electrical systems to make sure they are in proper running order, and make adjustments as needed. The reason you should choose us over another car service location near you is due to our commitment and experience with Chevys. We know how to properly care for all of their electrical systems and ensure your vehicle is in the best condition possible before you drive away.

When Should You Come to Us?

This is something we are asked a lot by our customers who are unsure of when they should come in for work. In general, your owner’s manual will give you information regarding how often you should visit us for routine maintenance on a regular timetable – such as getting your oil changed or checking your alignment. If you do a lot of driving, then you will put more wear on your vehicle’s components than someone who drives less, so keep that in mind.

Pay attention to how your Chevy usually feels, sounds, and smells when you are driving. When something seems wrong – such as new shaking or vibrations while braking, a strange sound when you shift gears, or the smell of gasoline – then come to us right away. We offer all kinds of car service near you so that we can handle just about anything that arises. Fixing a minor issue now can be faster and a lot less expensive than letting it turn into a much bigger problem in a few weeks or months.

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