2015 Corvette Gets Upgraded Gear Set

June 3rd, 2014 by
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2015 Chevy 8-Speed Automatic

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Chevrolet has announced that the 2015 Corvette Stingray will have an eight-speed automatic transmission as an option. General Motors was previously rumored to be offering up the eight-speed transmission, and it is now official. With the eight-speed transmission, comes a five-percent improvement in efficiency, although the EPA has not released official mileage numbers as of yet. General Motors is also reporting that the up-shifts on the wide-open throttle are, “executed up to eight-hundredths of a second quicker than those of the dual-clutch transmission offered in the Porsche 911.” Better yet, drivers will be able to control those with wheel-mounted paddles in the Stingray.

If the Corvette wasn’t your dream car before, it just may be now. Be sure to keep up with our blog to stay on top of the latest news regarding the 2015 Stingray.