Everything You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Tire Size

September 10th, 2021 by
A close up shows the tire size on a tire sidewall.

Maintaining your vehicle includes more than just changing the oil and charging the battery. One of the most important parts of maintaining a vehicle is keeping the tires in proper order, and part of that includes finding the right tires for your vehicle. Most car owners are aware that they should have certain kinds of…

Exploring Electric? Top Used EVs to Buy

September 10th, 2021 by
A red 2020 Chevy Bolt EV is shown being charged at a Kings Automall used car dealer.

It’s no secret that electric vehicles are making an impact on our travels, and if you’re one of the many tiptoeing the line on whether or not it’s finally time to make the switch to electric, you may be wondering where to even start. For many drivers, it’s preferable to buy used due to the…

All About Chevy’s Advanced Safety Features

September 10th, 2021 by
A close up shows the gauge and driver assist on the cluster of a 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV.

If you haven’t purchased a new or used car in recent years, the increasingly popular advanced safety features might be new to you. Chevy continues to develop some of the most innovative safety and driver assist features in the industry. What you may not know is the Chevy car you’re looking at in the Chevy…

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