Exciting Local Events to Fix Your Car For – Cincinnati, OH

July 26th, 2019 by
A mechanic is holding a bottle of car engine oil for a quick lube service at a local Cincinnati, OH garage.

August to November can be busy months, but McCluskey Chevy is proud to be the go-to for those looking to save time and money, especially compared to other quick lube places in the area. Whether it’s service, sales, or the body shop, we have you covered, making it easier and less stressful to get to…

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Online or Not, Expect the Best – Cincinnati, OH

July 26th, 2019 by
A 2019 Chevy Trax is driving through the city near Cincinnati, OH.

If you’re in the market for a new car, we’ve got plenty of cars for sale for you to choose from to make sure that you are getting the right car for you. Here at McCluskey Chevy in Cincinnati,OH, we used all of the technology available to make sure that your purchasing experience goes as…

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Paging Dr. McCluskey – Cincinnati, OH

July 19th, 2019 by
The engine of the 2018 Chevy Colorado is shown. A quick lube in Cincinnati, OH could be done at a Chevy dealer.

  There are certain things in life that we as humans come to dread. We are creatures of habit, and when these things pop up, they change our schedule. They are important, and must be done, but they tend to be irksome. Things like going to the dentist, doctor’s office and changing our vehicle’s oil…

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In A Pickle? We’ll Pick You – Louisville, OH

July 19th, 2019 by
A red 2015 Chevrolet Malibu is driving fast down a road after leaving a buy here pay here Louisville dealership.

There is no worse feeling than that of needing a new car but not having the money available to purchase one. Not having an operable car to commute to work and back comes with its own tornado of anxiety. How can you save up money if you can’t make your daily commute? You can ask…

What to Look for in a Great Work Truck or Van For Sale – Cincinnati, OH

July 19th, 2019 by
A 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500HD towing heavy equipment near Cincinnati, OH.

  Entrepreneurial work is thriving throughout Cincinnati, and if you’re one of the many small business owners in this great city, chances are you’ve seen plenty of advertisements that mention great work trucks and vans for sale. Whether you’re a contracted plumber or have started your own delivery service, having a reliable work truck or…

Why McCluskey Chevy Should Be Your First Choice for Discount Tires in Cincinnati, OH

July 17th, 2019 by
A close up of the best discount tires in Cincinnati are shown with a black background.

  Your tires are arguably the most essential component of your vehicle. You can think of them as the foundation of your car, supporting the weight of everything and everyone inside. Not only that, your tires are tasked with providing traction with the road. Your tires use an intricate array of deep grooves or tread,…

10 of Our Favorite Family Restaurants in Cincinnati

July 12th, 2019 by
A happy couple is eating at a restaurant.

When you’re hungry and looking for a new place to eat, our car dealership is probably not the first thing you think of. And yet, we have customers every day ask us where they should go to get something to eat – whether they just finished getting our discount tire service and they’re looking for…

Quench Your Thirst at Our Favorite Cincinnati Breweries

July 12th, 2019 by
A close up of beer being poured into a glass is shown. Check out the best of Cincinnati Breweries to learn more.

Cincinnati might not be the first word on people’s lips when they talk about breweries in the US, but we’re making a name for ourselves. The explosion of breweries throughout the country has been no less huge here in Ohio, and we have some of the best places to enjoy a craft beer anywhere. Of…

Chevy Crossovers and SUVs – Cincinnati, OH

July 12th, 2019 by
A 2019 Chevy Equinox is shown parked in a parking lot with a blue cloudy sky in the background. Searching for crossovers and SUVs for sale in Cincinnati, OH can help you find this vehicle.

In the next few years, you are going to see fewer and fewer cars on the roads. That does not mean cars as a generic term for all vehicles, such as crossovers, sport utility vehicles, and pickup trucks. We literally mean cars, as in sedans and vehicles of the traditional car model. Many of the…

Cincinnati Construction: Projects and Progress – Cincinnati, OH

July 12th, 2019 by
A white commercial vehicle driving down the street in Cincinnati.

On any given day, whether it registers to your conscious mind or not, you’re bound to encounter almost as many commercial vehicles in Cincinnati as you do vehicles for ‘personal use.’ It’s common sense, right? But even in passing, we probably give little thought to where they’re headed – or what they’re headed to. Of…

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